How to make money with inspiration from Adam Smith

Plato wrote about a city-state, a country that was ruled by a philosopher king.  This was a metaphor for a man, a man ruled by his sense rather than his appetite drives.  Adam Smith wrote about nations and countries and an optimal way for countries to get wealthy.  From this you can also extrapolate to your own personal situation based on the system which countries get rich.

Adam Smith’s How countries get rich

Adam Smith’s countries make money by creating something of value.  Actually creating something, not just services.  The Austrian economists did not agree with Smith on this point.  Austrian economists believed services were an integral part of the whole production process.

However, lets start with Adam Smith.  Smith’s basic idea was a county should create something and sell it internally or externally, something of value.  So what does that mean for you? It means that you should not focus on ‘how to get rich quick’, how to make money on the internet’ by selling someone Else’s product, you yourself need to produce, to create to make something of value.

Adam Smith and the value of work

Adam Smith always talked about value and service to others.  Since Smith was a moral philosopher, he believed people acting on their enlightened self-interest would benefit people as a whole.  Eng lighted self-interest is not Ann Rand selfishness.  Enlightened self-interest, self-interest with the ideals and principles inherent to all humans.

How to make money

Use your own imagination and creativity to create.  Then sell this to others.  Do not simply sell other people’s things or be a service oriented worker. To create does not mean something like a computer, with a long multi step production process, it could be simple things like pencils or cards or write a book, but create something that other people could really use. Then sell it.  If you do not have an idea, think about what you really love.   This is how you will get rich. Adam Smith and Plato and other philosophers have in my opinion more wisdom than any modern-day books on how to make money.