Americans are Spoiled

I am American and see how spoiled Americans are since I have lived many years in Eastern Europe and around the world. I am writing this not to cut on Americans, people who I respect, but rather put life in perspective. Forgive my title, as I am a patriot, but lets look at reality.

I want to give people a sense of how good life is in America, even if you are losing your house, have no job and no car, life is good and to say otherwise just tells me you are one of the spoiled.

  • Poor Americans are living like the rich in areas where I live or have been.
  • I have even heard poor Americans even own radios and some TVs. – Wow that is rich in my mind.
  • Poor Americans have shoes and water to drink – Americans are very spoiled. In Lviv, Ukraine a city in Europe of over a million there is water only a couple hours a day. Try getting up in the winter and fetching water from the well for washing.
  • I have seen Americans that have houses with more than one bathroom and certainly not an outhouse, like I see in villages in Europe.
  • Americans are very fat, I am sorry. I love America and am a patriot. But I am embarred when I see these fat Americans waddling around town. America is spoiled and soft.
  • Americans are spoiled, where I live people can make less than 1000 dollars a year and live. On the other hand I have heard in America people make 15,000 dollars a year and complain.  That is a lot of money. Trying living on even 500 dollars a month.
  • Americans eat in restaurants more than once every few years. Wow that is more than most people I know. Americans are spoiled.

Read some more rants why I think Americans have more money then they every know. Take this and put life into perspective and stop complaining about the economy and take some entrepreneurial risks. Your life is not ruined by the economy or anything else. Life is very easy in the States even if you are in poverty. Change your mind and be a rugged entrepreeur instead of hunkering down and worrying about your job in corporate America.

See for yourself how rich America and Americans are by looking back at history. If you went back 50 years we would still be OK economically, you would still be richer than most countries in the world.  If the economy collapsed and went back to the dark ages 50 years ago, Americans would still be condidered rich.

The economy has boomed and now its a pull back, a natural business cycle that will last another  year, if the government is not too socialistic we will recover.   I  see America as a very rich country like you can not compare to anywhere in the world and to say this is a crisis is not doing honor to all the poor suffering souls of this world who have nothing.

When I travel back to the United States and the incredible homes and cars and people in restaurants it amazes me, I hope that it does not ruin United States and their value system. In comparison to home in other countries, Americans live in mansions, and I am talking about middle class Americans.

I was in the USA a while back and I saw this very large lady in a SUV pulling into a restaurant it looked like the same lady I saw on the news saying ‘it is so bad here in America with this crisis and all’. In Eastern Europe people will go out to eat maybe once a year or every few years. Entire families live in 300 square feet apartments, sometimes many generations and this is normal. Things are changing and the new EU zones are becoming rich but Americans are ruined by wealth.

Not to long ago where I live people would wait in line for hours for bread. My wife remembers when she saw her first Mars bar. She did not know what it was. She studied it and could not figure out what it could be. She walked away puzzled. There was nothing, it was  like a desert. People were living on potatoes they grew themselves.

I had some Ukrainian friends stay with me unexpectedly a few years back and they slept on the floor, hard wood and no blankets.  They said it was a very good nights sleep.  This is Europe, can you imagine how poor the rest of the world is?

I do some consulting and a lady I was working with asked for a discount. She said she has 8,000 dollars in expenses a month and it’s really hard. I told her I was living on 800 dollars a months and I thought life was great. I wanted to tell her to get a life.

Crisis mentality will ruin America

Bird flu, rice crisis, mad cow, global warming etc all crisis that come and go but Americans are so rich.  So do not worry about the economy. At worst America will go backward and become like France. But the French are rich too!  My point is there is no crisis in America.  Ah you say, what if someone loses their job and home?  Well then they live like the rest of the world in a small rented flat and use their brain to find a better way of life. This constant crisis mentality will make people believe they things are worst then they are.  What is this 1944 in Russia when people were taking wooden beams from their homes and glue and making bread from it to survive? That is a crisis, not America.

Short term pain for Americans – Americans are spoiled

Look how bad it was in history for the world and most people in the world today. Study history, travel around the world.  No way. Europe and America is so rich and spoiled most people do not understand this.  Americans put more money into their lawn care than many people live on in many parts of the world.
Pessimism and crisis makes headlines, but this is not the 1930s.   the world is more complex and the economies will not go back to bread lines.
America will have 1 year of bad growth but 18 months max.  But maybe less.  The US is so rich people have no idea. What poor is.   1 year of negative growth for such a rich country is nothing that an insult to the real poor of the world when you put labels like crisis on it.  This is why Americans are so spoiled.
Look, I studied history. I know how poor the world was.  It is not going back.  I studied business cycles.  they happen every 7 years like it or not.  I live in Poland people tell me how back communism was, how poor corrupt police state with threat of  invasion from Russia.  No way will it be anything like that.
Companies in the USA are innovating and creating new things.  Google and Microsoft will become old companies and new one will appear. I love America (I was born there) for the innovation and hard work not the crying about crisis when there is none. Do not let the media ruin your mind by letting you think things have gone bad. Become unspoiled by having some appreciation.

Americans are spoiled and there is no crisis in the US. Stop being afraid of losing what you have and start counting your blessings. Instead of hunkering down during these economic time, go on the offensive and take an entrepreneurial mindset.