No US economic collapse

I can say with strong confidence the US economy is not done and there will be no economic collapse. In short despite the doom sayers, the economy will not fall apart. Why? I am an American living in Poland. In Poland in the 1980’s you could only buy vinegar and imitation lemonade in the shops. Nothing else, no paper, no food. Nothing. That was it. Poland was a desert. Because of the war and communism.
People watching the news and on the news talking about the US economy need perspective.

Economic collapse the reality

When the first ‘Mars’ candy bar hit the shelves in Poland after the fall of communism, my Polish friends looked at it and could not figure out what it could be. They literally had never seen something like that, a candy bar.

During the 1980s you would normally have 8 people in one bedroom in Poland (Polish people are not spoiled). This was reality. Today, Poland has everything. It is a modern wealthy EU country, with a Lexus and a BMW on every street corner, luxury homes and vacations high quality food,  foofy wine and cheese shops and gallarias  etc.

In 20 years it went from nothing to everything. Built up by an excellent work ethic and intelligence of the Poles.

Now people around the world are calling for the end of the USA. The economic crises will bring the USA down. And many jealous people are glutting and waiting. But they will have to wait longer, maybe forever. Why? Poland. Look at Poland, a country that in 20 years went from a desert, to now is a developed high tech high quality EU country.

Are you telling me all the wealth and highways and buildings in the USA are going to go away and be sucked into the earth? Are you telling me the USA will fall back to the conditions of Poland in the 1980s? No this will not happen.

What is there is an economic crisis again

Even if it did. So what, Poland rebuilt in 20 years and the USA would as Americans are hardworking people. But the USA is not going backwards, its going through a economic slowdown (not an economic collapse) but its only going to come out stronger.

I promise. The USA is not going to fall, and The USA is not going to look like Poland did in the 1980s. The Americans are similar in work ethic and cleverness to the Poles.  The US economy will take only one small step back but two large steps forward and reinvent itself as it does every decade. There will be no US economic collapse and anyone who says so lives a very spoiled life and does not know the reality of real economic hardship.