Fast ways to make money – I have tried and work

Do you need to make 10,000 dollars fast? Do you want to try to add income to your main job for fun? These are ranked in order of effectiveness based on my own personal experience. Again these are fun ways to earn cash.

  • Have a blog –  If you want to make money this is very popular. You can earn money with advertising or selling your own products or services. Research how people make money with a blog. The downside is it takes about 100,000 words before you start to get respect. This is far and beyond the best way to make money, however, it is not a fast way like a week but a couple of years. Do not read too much about tricks on how to make money online, this just takes your time. Simply choice a topic you really love. It could be anything and write passionately about it.  Start a WordPress blog with an SEO theme and a few plugins. Next write about 1,000 words everyday.  After you write you When you have your first 100,000 you can star thinking of ways to get an income stream from it. If you need help with all of this I can give you an hour or two of consulting if you contact me.
  • Tutor the English language – Many foreigners are looking for English lessons. Put up announcements on online classified or signs around town if you live in a city.  Use Murphy’s grammar and English conversation, specializes in medical English and earn more. It is easy to get students and when you are good it pays well.
  • Sell consulting services on the Internet (IT) – Very good money here but need technical knowledge. You can even sell this remotely via Skype.
  • I have Sold things on e-bay  – Works well if you can find a niche. I sold old currency. I love in Eastern Europe and bought it very cheap and sold it to the Americans. It is win in as the value I offered was very good.
  • Life coaching services – Only if you have your own act together, you can charge a sliding scale based on need.
  • Resume writing services – This is similar to making money with consulting. If you were a decision maker in the past with hiring people then you can do this.
  • Created an ebook – I believe this is infinitely better than selling someone else’s e-book. The problem if you have to write something good, compelling and not recycled information. Information based on your personal experience.
  • Free lance writing – Your a native speaker in English.  This is very valuable, if you write for others you can have a nice cash flow. But why? Why not write for yourself. No one will pay you what you are worth?
  • Reflexology – or any other type of holistic treatment for fun.  Buy body shoppe oil and offer spa or treatments for people. You have to be  well organized with a table and a few things to be legitimate.
  • Sell vegetables in the farmers market – Buy it from a wholesaler and sell it in the market. Many immigrants do this as it is easy and fun.

If anyone has tried anything else let me know. I am always open to idea, but these are the ways to make money I have tested.

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