With health care people are looking at the benefit side, like it is all free. The real story is, it cost more than it helps. Let me explain.

Must read – Examples of how government health care fails

This is the way I see it. The people in my condo complex, living in the unit below me are on disability and smoke two packs a day and I think drink too. The lady down the street is also is taking money from he government and has free government medical. She has 1/2 million in the bank, a house paid off worth 350,000 dollars and out in her yard gardening. Explain to me how, I working my tail off and using my creativity has to pay for their health and benefits, when I have a family to support?

  • More people than you can imagine, cheat the system a little and it is unfair and unjust

I beg someone to explain that do me?

When I prepared taxes this season for extra money, I saw repeatedly the same type of thing. People who were in better health than me, collecting from the government and benefits connected to medical. I have health issues and I pay insurance, would go to the free clinic or pay cash. I do think medical care needs reform, but man, enter government and you enter abuse like I mentioned above. Not a little but a lot.

free medical care

Instead of a blanket plan from Washington, it would be better if people including state or government agencies supported and helped medical clinics for the poor. This is a free medical clinic in my town of St. Augustine, Florida. It covers everything except surgery of course.

A personal lesson in health care and cost

I have had a brain lesion, just bleeding in my pons, nothing serious. It has caused me great pain and suffering. But the truth is nothing in conventional medical care helped, except in the diagnosis. I will not die from it just a pain in the neck so to speak. On the other hand, the natural things I have tried have helped a lot. I had to try natural healing for savings of cost. I take things like anti-oxidants and exercise and do yoga and breathing for pain. I go to the doctor when needed, but change in diet and lifestyle worked magic in reducing the symptoms.

In contrast, my friend who has something similar has more money and is taking the VIP route, takes high-powered medications and considering a gamma knife. He is addicted to the medication and waiting for his doctor to heal him. I think after several years now I am healing he is not. Explain this to me? Throwing money at an issue does not solve problems.

Think of all the people who got spinal fusion twenty years ago,  and now the conventional wisdom is to exercise,  unless you are crawling into the doctor’s office.

My point is, when people take more responsiblity for their own personal health, it is better for them and for the system.

My experience in a socialist country with medical care

I lived in socialist Europe and I admit, I like some level of healthcare for the poor and children, but it was horrible care. Silver filings for teeth and high radiation x-rays for the brain instead of safe MRIs. It was poor medical care in almost all cases, with exceptions. The people were rude and the care was all procedures and documents. I felt lost in the maze.

In contrast private health care was clean and cheap. The US needs reform, in terms of market reforms not government reforms. The more free market it can be the better as the cost will be less.  Think of perception contact lenses and how the price has fallen with less government, as has phone charges. Remember the old days?

How much does medical care cost if you shop arround?

I had ten staples in my head from a fall, and it cost be 35 dollars to get it removed.  That is not a lot of money, from a doctor who spent 45 minutes examining me and from a good clinic, I paid cash.

I mean explain to me how these people get away with it when I have health issues and I work my butt off?  Because when the government gets involved it is not good for the health of the individual or the nation. I try to do natural healing and take care of myself, while the people on government health smoke their lives away and never leave the house except to get more cans of brew-haha. It is unfair I pay and support their actions.

I did just get a 1,300 dollar bill from the hopsital and will have to think how the heck I can pay that.

Government regulation slows or stops healing

Another example is, I can not get medicine from Europe I might need because of the FDA. The drug I need works and is effective, but the FDA for some reason keeps it out. The neurologist in Europe that prescribed it really saved me.  He was an Army doctor who treated veterans with injuries from shells in Iraq.  He was an amazing doctor. He was a very old doctor, by the way and worked out of his living room. A guy like that would be retired in the USA or could not do business in his house. Dr. Grzgorz Gardela is a genius and in less regulated Europe in the private sector, he really helped people.

I went also to the best University government supported hospital and they did nothing.

If I need to get that drug again, I need to jump though a lot of hoops in the USA because of the government, I called  a score of government offices until I gave up. In Europe in th private sector, it is a lot easier for whatever reason. I think it is politics. I know it is politics.

National health and personal health free market solution

Nothing beats taking care of yourself for health care. Yes we can have a safety net for the real poor and children, via a negative income tax or something.  I mean of course if someone has something horrible, help them. But also promote free medical clinics. There is one down my street and they do dental also. But treating illness the old fashion way with regulation, and government payments, is not optimal for your health or the health of the nation.

If we introduce social medical care, think of all the people who will milk the system and in a sense hurt themselves. It will happen.