I will make three points of why not to vote for Obama within the context of Aristotelian analysis of persuasion.

The problem with having Obama as President for another four years is this he destroyed the economy and is not morally a good person, and is creating an atmosphere of class resentment and envy. Each of these three points appeal to an aspect of your human psyche. The question is how do you make your decision to vote, and which issue is most important? This tell you how you are motivated in terms of life and the election.

Aristotle methods of persuasion

Aristotle said there were three ways to persuade people via connecting with their: Logos(Logical), Ethos(Ethical),Pathos (Emotional). I think with the three points outlined below there is something for everyone. Each major election issue point appeals to a different group of voters.

Beach or work

If Romney wins economic prosperity will allow me to buy more toys and a house, but the opportunity cost of leisure will be higher. If Obama wins the benefit of working will be less, so paradoxically I will be poorer but spend more time with my family on the beach. However, I can not vote for Obama because I am pro-life, I am an ethical voter.

Money, Life and class

Dollars and sense voters base choices on logic or Logos. Moral issue voters like those who support ‘life’ are motivated to vote on ethical issues (ethos). Emotions (Pathos) come into play when politicians pit ‘us versus them’. This could include class divide, immigration or an array of other economic social issues that are emotionally charged.

Strategies of each campaign

Romney’s plan of attack has been on the economy, or Logos. In contrast, Obama has been hitting hard on class divide and the social injustice of economic concentration of wealth. This is actually an emotional appeal not an economic logical appeal. People who are emotional vote for Obama. People who are logical vote for Romney. Ethical people are divided depending if you appeal to a universal understanding of good or ethical relativism.

Obama and the economy (Logos)

Why the economy has not improved with four years of Obama? I mean did China or India stop providing the USA goods and services? No ,Obama threw cash at the economy to window dress it. However, the fundamental problem of the USA being able to compete more effectively in a global economy has gotten worse under Obama. That is a fact.

  • Unemployment is actually up with four years of Obama and that is not all. It was 7.8% when he was integrated and 8.3% now before the election. Some argue that Obama saved the economy. He did not. If he is re-elected we could go into a severe double dip recession. You do not want to be out of work do you?
  • Why the debt has increased to dizzying highs with Obama? The debt went from 10.6 Trillion to over 16 Trillion under Obama. He partied with the bankers and your children will have to pay for it.
  • The economy of the USA will be permanently impaired if Obama is re-elected. Now the USA is not doomed and will not collapse, it is just that being Middle Class will be destroyed as the next twenty years the USA will become like a large Greece or Spain, an economy based on government entitlements rather than innovation and freedom.

The Social issue of moral importance (Ethos)

On a personal level, do you really find the anti-life position of Obama morally OK? Just look at an ultrasound of a baby developing. If you are Catholic or Christian, I would find it a difficult to see you holding an ultrasound of a baby and say terminate this. That is heartless, life is a gift.

In particular the largely Catholic Hispanic voters in Florida and around the country have to see this and rise to the occasion and vote their conscience. For this one point alone I can not support Obama.

I find it distasteful when people mix religion and politics. Yet this is a moral social issue, and not about supporting a state religion. So all you all you angry feminist out there, understand the difference of freedom of religions and freedom from religion or moral action.

Obama divides the country on class warfare (Pathos)

Class warfare is the center of Obama’s campaign argument

I think this is pretty clear. The communists in Russia used this propaganda and most of Obama’s campaign ads paint a ‘us versus them’ mentality. Are you really that naive and can not see his ‘class warfare campaign strategy’?

In conclusion, I appeal to your mind, your ethics and emotions not to vote for Obama. Maybe I did not need the Aristotelian analysis but it puts a different spin on  2012  Presidential election, and make it a little more interesting than just Democrats vs. Republicans.

There is no good reason to vote for him. If anyone can articulate in an intelligent, ethical or emotional reason to vote for Obama I will debate you on it.  Please tell me in a specific list of reasons in the comment area. I am open-minded are you?

Lastly, I know some of you will go in the voting booth and maybe on an impulse want to vote for Obama, but resist. Others of you are on the fence and are trying to decide. However, consider my points and if you find any flaws with my reasoning let me know. Please do not vote for Obama.