Reason to vote libertarian in the next election

Who is this post for? This post is for those looking for a summary of the Libertarian views.

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The libertarian party is not as formalized as the Republicans or Democrats. However, in their platform there are some basic ideas that can be summarized. They can also be a list of reasons to vote libertarian in the next election.

  • Low taxes or ideally no taxes. The US did not have an income tax for the first one-hundred and fifty years of its existence.  This is when the country got rich and great.
  • Taxes simply represent a penalty on the productivity and hard work.
  • Anything the government bureaucracy can do, people can do more efficiently, why have a middle man? Why work half your day for the government?
  • There are pro-life fraction in the Libertarian platform (Ron Paul).  They are called libertarians for life, however, they are split on this issue, at this point more are in the life camp but its too much gray area to tell as libertarians are not a structured as the other parties.
  • Free speech
  • They are the closest to the original founding fathers idea of the United States. Each person should fend for themselves with the ideal of rugged individualism as a guiding principle.
  • Free speech including free Internet.
  • Free religion and reduced IRS monitoring of religious organizations.
  • No draft registration.
  • Gender free marriages.
  • Privatization or Social security and medicare and medicaid. These mandatory payments represent most of the budget and the deficit and the reason the US has any debt and not a surplus.
  • Mandatory payments in the future will drive the US to bankruptcy and out children will have to pay for the party bureaucrats of our generation are having (average US worker makes about 41k a year while the average government worker makes 71k a year).
  • Elimination of the social state.
  • Voluntary military with avoiding overseas conflicts and existing only for domestic defense.

The state should exist for the people, not the converse.  Libertarians have small representation in the US as we have a two party system and there is little room for minority representation, like in the European parliamentary system.

‘The government that governs least governs best’ – Thomas Jefferson. Actually I do not have proof he actually said this.

Libertarians focus on minimal government involvement in people’s lives. This is based on the ideas of laissez-faire markets (Adam Smith), civil liberties, free movement of labor and capital across borders, including immigration and non-interventionism in foreign policy that respects freedom of trade and travel for all nations.

Why I am not a libertarian

I personally like the ideal of Libertarianism however, the life issue is the critical issue for me. Libertarians are too lose on this issue and lose votes. Nothing is more important then defending the rights of the innocent.

Further, Plato talked about this same issue. In a state there is a balance between liberty and equality.  I the center is justice.  Liberty is not the ultimate good.  You can not and should not allow children to drink or have guns.  There is a balance of liberty that has to be maintained.

We live in a post enlightenment bias on the individual and some of our laws get out of whack.

Libertarian – Republican connection

Ironically although Libertarians are similar to Republicans, Republicans to not appreciate the drain on votes that would have ordinarily gone to the Republican party.

There are about 1/4 million Libertarian voters in the USA that are registered. They usually get about 1/2 million votes or about .5% of the voters.

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