The purpose of this post is to give you reasons why to vote Republican.  However it will also explain why not to vote Republican.  Let me say at the beginning that I am a Republican party member, however, I have voted both Democrat and Libertarian.  I do not want to let my views influence your choice how to vote. Let’s first look at the issues around voting Republican.  I want to be objective as possible.

The world is a war of ideas – Schopenhauer

Top reasons to vote Republican

  • Republicans believe in small government.
  • Republicans believe in low taxes.
  • Republicans believe in small and big business translates to higher pay for you.
  • Republicans are pro life.
  • The economy usually grows under Republican administrations.
  • Republicans are for legal as opposed to illegal immigration.
  • Your personal freedom is maximized, such as school choice over ‘public schools’.

Why not to vote Republican

Now look at some of the reasons why people do not vote Republican.

  • Republicans are weak on environmental issues. I am a global warming skeptic to some extent, but of course climate change is real based on our data.
  • Republicans do not restrict guns.
  • The Republicans often favour the military and imperialism.
  • The world views Republican presidents less friendly than Democratic presidents (debatable)
  • Establishment Republicans are influenced by special interest like, business as much as the Democrats. For example, they support GMO food companies which means your family consumes more pesticides.
  • The Republicans are just as much wheelers and dealers as any other political party.
Democrat VS. GOP why

I am a skeptic but humans affect the balance of the environment.

With the Pros and Cons of conservatism – freedom is the best choice to the alternatives

On the whole it looks like there are as many negatives than positives with regards to the Republican party. I want to be honest and put it out there.  However, I agree with its underlying premise that:

The government that governs least governs best.

The whole idea of the USA is based on John Locke and the enlightenment philosophers that saw the tyranny of big government and how government will abuse power. It is crazy that people in this modern world with all of history as a testimonial believed that government is the solution.

Government is the problem – Ronald Reagan

If there is one non republican that disagrees let them speak. This history of mankind has been a tale of oppressive governments from the kings and queens of old to feudalism to communism. It is only in America today do we have the chance for freedom.

In this spirit, generally Republicans are more connected with the origin of the United States in terms of the understanding of the founding fathers of the U.S..  The Republican party represents a constructivism understanding of the constitution.

What does this mean. It means they try to go back to the original intent of the founding fathers.

The GOP’s stance on social and moral issues

Republicans represent family values and loyal to moral issues, rather  then base their issues on  polls.  Examples of this are issues such as prayer in school, or pro life. Family matters and morals are the fabric which hold society together.

On the extreme, Libertarians may have a very positive viewpoint regarding less government intervention and low taxes, however they’re very loose in terms of moral stances.

Dems are not as pure as they make themselves out to be

The Democrats are more of a populist party. They represent a rainbow coalition of special interests. Democratic presidents often are not president’s which promote economic growth or take strong moral stances on issues.  However the stock market usually goes up during Democratic times.  Recent Democrats have given more money to big business and Republicans ever have. Democrats position themselves as morally and intellectually superior but the reality is they are elitists and do not understand the philosophical underpinnings of the America.

I don’t want to be pro Republican or even conservative, even though I am registered Republican because there are many issues I disagree with.  I’m not writing this to sway you to vote Republican.  However if I put all the issues on the table it looks like the Republican party has a  issues that are more important when creating a happier freer society.

Issues that are important to me:

  • Environmental issues – Democrat
  • Less interventionist military – Democrat
  • Less guns – Democrat
  • Less Taxes – Republican
  • Less Socialism – Republican
  • More personal freedom – Republican
  • Pro life – Republican

However, each issue is not weighted equally.  Each person has different utility curves.  I believe if you maximizes personal freedom, society as a whole be better off.  This was the idea of the enlightenment.  I believe people are innately good.

Why I vote for the GOP

Most issues are not black and white, but politically this one is.

Defining issue to vote GOP

I think the most critical issue is the Republicans are pro baby.   The Republican party was the anti-slavery party even though it is not an easy stance at the time.  The Democrats were pro-slave.   This is the same with the life issue.  It is not politically correct to be for life, but it is a moral issue that each person has to answer.

Why I am a one issue voter. I believe in God, therefore pro life. Taxes and guns and all the other hot issues pale,  in comparison to protecting a miracle. And if you are a man or woman in American reading this, lets be honest feminism has messed with your head so much that babies are second to convenience. I love babies, all babies don’t you?

I’ve given you the reasons to vote Red rather than Blue in the election, I am curious to hear your feedback on if you think deserve valid, bias, partial, objective, interesting or whatever.