Stan Weinstein

The stock market master, Stan Weinstein wrote the book “How to make money in a bull or bear market”. Its a classic. Maybe people may discount it or say its out dated or there are more advanced techniques for making money, but in my mind it is one of the best books on investing in the stock market.

Stan Weinstein’s idea

The trend is your friend.   Build into the price of any stock is expectations, insider information, knowledge that is not perfectly distributed to the public. Stan Weinstein says use this to help determine turning points.

Stan and the 200 day moving average

Stan Weinstein uses the 200 moving average to look at

  1. Market as a whole
  2. Sector
  3. Stocks

For me this is too hard and too much work.

My variation on Mr. Stan Weinstein

Perhaps Stan Weinstein was right, I should look at all these factors. However, I use simply the 1 year moving average, a broader indicator of the index as a whole.  Then I choose stocks I fancy for my own reasons.  I know he would not approve and even writes about this in his book, however, for me its a system that works. 

On a personal note, Stan Weinstein is retired down in Hollywood, Florida, and a very personal and friendly guy.  His book is entertaining.  He is a man I respect both in terms of stock market investment theory and character.