Who will win the 2016 Presidential election?

It will be a Trump versus Clinton contest.

The main difference between the two candidates are:

  1. Trump knows business and Clinton knows government.
  2. Under Trump there will be an expansion of jobs and wages.
  3. Under Clinton there will be an expansion of government and taxes.

I will vote for Donald Trump, as he promotes economic prosperity in America though a free market and individual liberties.  Both Clintons has a track record of public dishonesty and serving foreign special interests.  We are voting for a leader and honesty matters.  Hilary Clinton in being investigated by the FBI and supported by the political establishment. As of October 29th 2016 that investigation is on.  Donald Trump will shake things up and stand up for the middle class. Clinton will continue to pave the road to socialism. The mainstream media will paint Trump this way or that, but he has ideas about lowing taxes and helping this country that will have a positive impact on your life.

I will not vote for Hillary Clinton as she will continue to drive up to the US Debt past the 24 Trillion mark (which is the point of no return), promote socialistic policies and decrease the security of the United States and decreases freedoms for Americans.

Hilary Clinton  aspires to be the Angela Merkel (Germany) of America.  If you like how Europe has opened the floodgate for Middle Eastern immigration, and is wallowing in debt, this will be the future of America after the Clinton coronation. Clinton could even lead to a separatist movement as we see in the EU. For example, would Texas ever have a referendum?

If you prefer a street smart entrepreneur who is a leader and has common sense approach who will champion people who work and stand up for Americans, vote for Trump. I saw Donald Trump in Saint Augustine, Florida. His sincerity that he really wants to save America from its slide down hill impressed me. His intelligence and down to earth approach was clear. He will make America great again. I voted for him in early voting.

The election polls go up and down. However, Trump will ultimately win based on the issues and the intelligence of the American people.

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Hillary Rodham Clinton – Democrat


Hillary Clinton Marxist

After Clinton’s coronation she will continue to trickle Marxist ideologies into the US (social medicine, more taxes, raise minimum wage but not help real wages), flounders on Islamic terrorism and opens the doors for questionable immigration (e.g. Syrians who are mostly men in their 20s with no families or adequate ability for a real screening).


The world will not collapse if Hilary Clinton gets elected President in 2016, however, it will not be a better place and I recommend you consider the reasons.

An  elitist waiting for her royal coronation – Are you telling me, in all of the US, there is not a better, smarter more talented choice than a career politician and the wife of a former president? She put up with Bill’s cheating so she could get her turn to play queen and ruler in power. The US has endless amounts of talented women, I have seen them in business and all walks of life, Clinton is not one of them.

Debt – You can not spend your way out of debt. If you are in debt you have to fix the leak. If the USA crosses the twenty-four billion dollar mark, that is the end of stability. This will happen with Hilary Clinton as President. Henceforth it will become mathematically infeasible to ever get out of debt, and soon the fixed payments like interest will exceed tax revenues.

One solution would be for the US to start printing trillion dollar bills. Of course we would all be wearing barrels when hyper inflation kicks in.  People do not realize how serious having a Clinton Presidency would be based on the debt alone.  Economists argument that the debt to income ratio (GDP) is what really matters.  However,  if there is an economic downturn the cycle will be exacerbated as this crowds out private investment and drives up the real interest rate.  The reality is except for WWII, which was an exceptional circumstance, debt too income has never been higher. Furthermore, after the war, the US was the only economy that was not destroyed, so we were able to bounce back. Now we compete against the world on a level playing field.

President Obama has increased the debt more than all other presidents combined.  As a continuation of this policy, Hilary Clinton will cause a serious financial situation. If anyone disagrees please comment and speak your objections. I have been a life long student of economics and it is simple mathematics. If you spend more than you have and your fixed payments exceed revenues, this will create financial shocks in that have an impact in the real sector. This is a classic Austrian Economics business cycle. However, this time, the end game is bleak.

Inviting more foreign workers –  This equates to decreases wages for Americans. In my workplace a significant portion of workers are on visa and they do affect wages. Clinton will expand foreign workers in the USA with some lame excuse.

Endless illegal Immigration –  With 94 Million Americans not working and and more people living off the system than ever in US history, it will drain America. Why not follow the written laws?

Focused on changing America’s demographics – Immigration focuses on Syrians and Middle Eastern immigrants, countries which do not have a strong democratic tradition.  I believe in democracy and I want to live in a country with others who do also. Heavy restrictions on strong US liberty loving allies such as Poland.  My family in Poland, to even visit me for a week, in the US have a lot of visa hurdles to jump through. While illegals and Middle Eastern immigrants have an open the gates policy. At the very least more people means more traffic.

Dismantle the Free market – Clinton wants to engineer and control the market, get tough on private initiative and regulate and tax  entrepreneurial activity and replace it with government spending.  The factual evidence is her voting record to vote against a decrease in government spending in 2005 and an increase in government spending in 2008. In contrast I believe anything the government does, free enterprise and people can do more efficiently. Her health care program is just the start of socialism.

Health care  –  Universal health care is a joke. It has become more expensive and did not fix anything. Her healthcare system is good for having you support other people using excess pain killers, but does not cover something like ethical stem cells which fix your body. Premiums have increases and more people are living off the system.

Education –  Sees private school vouchers and school choice as drain on the government run training centres and school.  Evidence of this are her comments in 2015 that vouchers are unconstitutional. Instead of school choice or private and proctorial schools,  Hilary pushes for expanded governmental education. Government training and lofty feel good words. Clinton does not get that, Private and religious education as well as home-schooling works, the public schools are often a dangerous place to send a child because of the wrong ideas.  Mark Twain said ‘never confuse school with your education’.

Questionable cognitive function –  Although Hilary has a high level of native intelligence, it is my opinion something has changed. I do not write this lightly, but she seems to have clinical deficient associated with trauma or stroke. Observe her carefully and make your own conclusions.  I want someone sharp as our leader.

Bengazi – “what difference does it make” was her reply.  In 2012 Islamic militants over ran the American diplomatic compound and Clinton was the secretary of State. I am not going to rehash this, but people questioned her integrity and ability to lead before and during this situation.
ISIS – Does not have a clear policy.

Secretary of State  – What did she accomplish?

Crime and no punishment – Scandals and lies – Think of any TV series drama from ‘Dallas’ to ‘Revenge’ where scandal and lies are the norm and this could be the Clintons. Come on the thing with the Hillary’s private email server. How slippery was that. Her husband Bill and Monica Lewinsky. Also consider Mary Mohane,Vincent Foster, C. Victor Raiser, Jerry Parks, Kathy Ferguson etc., these you can research. I guess before and after her coronation she is above the law.

Hilary Clinton is an insider – She will offer nothing new to the politics of Capital Hill.

SmartPower – Failed. Dumbpower – Showing honour and respect to your enemies does not work. Neville Chamberlain before WWII tried this and the result was World War II.

Feminist – In the negative sense of the word.

Bring dishonour to women – If she is the first woman President she could very well have a scandal. The Clinton’s signature is doing things that open themselves up to scandal and dishonour. This would not play into the confidence of women in business and politics.

Anti life – Based on her voting record, including US tax dollars, Clinton has the party line to propagate the elimination rather then the defence of the innocent. What was that tax payer funded organization selling body parts? Wow, that money would have better been used for something like prenatal nutrition education for example.

Increase the minimum wage – Sounds great, but not the solution for a real economy as some jobs are just not worth 15 dollars an hour and someone will have to pay.

Creates division – Too many people despises her. She is not a warm and fuzzy candidate with a middle of the road following. She will polarize the USA. if anything, Obama had a more uniting quality than Hilary Clinton.

NY senator – Promised to create 200,000 jobs in NY but when she lefta net of 20,000 jobs decreased

No path to victory with ISIS –  I personally do not like troops on the ground as an American philosophy, which I have seen since I was a child going back to Vietnam and the cost is a high budget, more debt and loss of Americans. Yet, ISIS needs to be defeated.

Bad Boss –  If you ever had a really bad boss, perhaps who obtain the position by nepotism or just being in the company forever, that will be what it is like rule by Hilary Clinton. The country will have a bad boss.


Donald Trump – Republican


Flamboyant big mouth – We know this about him. We know what we get, but he is a leader and will help the US return to real prosperity.

US President Donald John Trump

Issues: 1) Stop the US debt before 24 Trillion (point of no return) 2) Stop flood of illegals, foreign workers and immigrants from high risk security areas.


Not a Washington insider – America you want someone who is not a career politician.  Trump is your candidate.

Simplify the tax code – This alone is a reason to vote for Trump. If you make 50k or less and are married, you pay no taxes.  If you make up to 100k you pay 10%.  I want that. I could put a new roof on my house with the extra money and a new project every year until my house would be good as new. What would you do?

Not enough Americans are working – Despite his non-traditional nature, his focus will be to defend American jobs and job creation. There are two futures for America. One with a creeping unemployment rate under Hillary Clinton and another with a rising wage rate under Trump.

Negotiate with countries for a US advantage – We know how the US has been sold to China and other countries. Trump’s skills in business will reverse this.

Will balance the budget – and start on the path to pay off the debt. Wow would you not like your debt including your mortgage paid off? It is a real possibility for the USA if we make the right choices.

Pro life –  Jump up and down and scream if you want, but the defense of an innocent life is a real moral issue. It perplexes me that people who defend animal rights are often the ones that are anti life when it comes to the innocent. I mean come on in the USA so many people would love to have children and wait years to have a foreign adoption.

Trump is an American leader –  standing up for he American people first, in contrast Hilary Clinton wants to be like Andre Merkel, a leader that is sensitive to even to the world at the expense of the people who she is leading.

Terrorism – Trump will take a no-nonsense approach and stopping the influx of people that are security threats. Homeland Security is more important than diplomatic parleys (Clinton) or military action aboard.


This post will be updated as the election develops.