America will not collapse and America is not doomed. Pessimism and talk of crisis are always the biggest news getter than stability. This is why you hear about the end of America. Here is a fact, you can not argue,  I live in Eastern Europe and you have no idea how rich America is in terms of land and resources and people. In fact, you could say Americans are spoiled for not seeing this.  Short of some natural cosmic disaster there is no way America will collapse.

Perceived threats against America

  • National debt – This is real and is the greatest threat to the United States, but in the end it is a paper financial threat of collapse. The buildings will not disappear nor will the people.
  • Immigration – Will change the landscape of America but not destroy it and America will not collapse because of it, even if the population doubled as long as the people are productive and adding value there will be no Malthusian doomsday.
  • Global competition – will lower the USA’s relative wealth but not absolute.
  • A virus – Unlikely despite the Hollywood hype, as humans have been on the earth for 100,000 years and if anything we are strong and more advanced.
  • Terror threats – These are senseless acts that hurt innocent people but do nothing to the moral or spirit of America.
  • Capitalism is evil and Americans will be punished for their greed – This ridiculous, capitalism is good for the poor and made all Americans rich, if you think I am wrong, check out the post Soviet lifestyle.
  • Can you think of any doom-sayers threats to America which might make it collapse?

What do you think is the greatest threat to America and do you think there is any chance it would collapse in the coming years? Is the US over? I think not by a long shot.