Political-Economy.com is an economic blog which uses insights from great economists of the past for today

If you understand the way the world works you can enrich your life. This is the practical application of economic theory.

I have a unique perspective on economics because:

  • I am an Economics professor.
  • I am financially independent (do not need a job).
  • I survived, worked and thrived economically in a developing country on the other side of the globe.  I just hopped off the boat and started to make money. I did this in a country where I did not speak the language and with no help from the government.  I am not an economics professor teaching theory (many whom I respect). I teach real life economics.
  • I used insights from past economists, particularly Adam Smith to change and enrich my life and become financially independent ( download Wealth of Nations in PDF for free here, it is my gift to you).
  • I have a Masters in Economics from Trinity and some post graduate studies and teaching here and there.
My family political economy

My family is my dream – St. George’s street in St. Augustine on a Sunday afternoon in June.

I am living the American dream not because of any special place of birth, title, but following a few simple ideas:

  1. From  Plato – That in each of us resides an infinite ability to know, it just needs to be drawn out.
  2. From the Enlightenment – That man is fundamentally good and given freedom to act on our own enlightened self interest, we can bring a greater happiness and good to all.
  3. From Norman Vincent Peale – Believe in yourself.

From there I could go on and on and philosophy is one of my passions. Hans Kung being my favorite modern day thinker, but also Martin Gardner and Mortimer J. Adler. Develop your own reason for being and you will find that if you know the ‘why’ in life the ‘how’ is easy. The answer will reveal itself to you.



Mark Biernat's Economic blog

Mark Biernat – a windy day my hair looks kind of funny. And boy I look serious, but it is sunny day that is all.

Mark Biernat Europe

This is me in Europe. I live in two worlds. It is one of the advantages of not having to work. The question is which do I like better? This is actually outside a University in Lviv.

You can do anything you set your mind to. This includes such things as making as much money as you like or helping the poor and the environment, it’s all up to you. You must look only to yourself to change your situation.

My name is Mark Biernat. I have a particular passion for the history of Economic thought. Economic classics give a clearer view of current market conditions than modern commentators whose judgement is fuzzy or cluttered by too much information. By looking at economic theory you can become rich.

I am living proof that this works.

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