My name is Mark Biernat and I am a Professor of Economics.  This site is about Economics as it affects your life. I am also a fourth-year Ph.D. student in Economics and Finance (my thesis is on the Natural Rate of Interest and Money Macro Equilibrium).

On this I stress Classic Economic ideas. Ideas from the great minds of the past, often have been neglected or misunderstood.

A common fallacy is ‘people ‘back then did not know as much as people today’. I would argue perhaps it is in today’s time we have been distracted by the modern economy and have lost the insights from a time when reflection on the ideas of Political Economy was both subtle and powerful.

Great Knowledge is often forgotten. I want to make sure that does not happen.

Specifically, I provide the words and books of:

  • Adam Smith
  • Karl Marx
  • Knut Wicksell
  • Ludwig Von Mises
  • John Maynard Keynes
  • F. A. Hayek

in economics, as a free resource to download so, you can read or the original ideas yourself.

  • Great minds as these economists come around only once every 100 years or so.

On this site, I also have personal commentary on Politics and Economics that you will find interesting. These are not academic articles that have been peer-reviewed, more for fun, but no less relevant.

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I recommend my video on the Causes of the Great Depression to start.