Which is better the presidential or parliamentary system of government? I am both an American and an EU citizen and see the advantages and disadvantages of both. I do not want to compare these two systems as this has already been done. The purpose of this post it to tell you based on my experience which works best. This will answer the question which is better a presidential or parliamentary system. I also have a poll to ask you which law creating government system is better.

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Presidential vs parliamentary government

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Parliament or the President

You can not just say one system is better than the others as both work. Both are democratic systems with a long history of success. There are even two forms of systems a consitutional monarchy (what a waste to keep a royal family on the payroll, some figure head based on heredity and entitlements) and the parliamentary republics. Some countries combine the two. I like the parliamentary republic system because it has minority representation and is more democratic.  I like the presidential system because the president is like a mini king which is moderated by the house of the representatives.The argument is more things can get done.

Reasons I prefer parliament to a mini King called a president

  • I prefer the parliamentary system over the presidential system as it in my opinion it is more democratic. The representative body has more power.
  • Parliamentary system has less concentrate power. It has proportional representation. I do not need a mini king Bush or Obama or whoever. I prefer safety in numbers when it comes to democracy. A prime minster does fine as a leader. Think of Tony Blair or Margret Thacher.
  • It does not matter as much unicameral or bicameral legislation is easier to pass. I prefer bicameral as it is even more liberal. Think how the US has such long battles and debates that go nowhere, when the President does not have support, years of stalemate can result.
  • I believe in free movement of labor and capital and democracy. Basically more freedom the better with some limits which is balances by the ideal of justice.  This is my political economy in a nutshell. I think parliamentary is more represents the ideals of the enlightenment. The presidential system came about because people were still attach to the idea of a King ruling. I do not like concentrated power as choices are often made rash and leaders base their leadership on charisma instead of the issues. People rally around the leader rather than the ideal.

My experience with history and government

Living in the USA and being passionate about US history I understand why the founding fathers did not want to break so suddenly with the idea of a king. However, the states held most of the power at this time, so even with this system there was decentralization until the end of the civil war where it became a federal system. The cause of the north was necessary but the result is what we have today, gridlock and a lot of political nonsense with big government.  Special interests lobby for power as a replacement for minority representation in the senate or lower chamber.

I also live in Poland, although a smaller and poor country for reason connected with being betrayed at Yalta an served to the communists. This emerging countries parliamentary system works pretty now that it has cleaned up the its legacy system. Some people of course complain and there are of course political joke, as this is politics. However, the fact is the government and budget and debt and special interests are much smaller in proportional comparision.  I believe that a small government is the best government.  This is my experience in comparing these two systems.

I am curious what you think is better and why? What are your thoughts about either legislative system?