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  • An Economist’s 2020 Presidential Election Guide

    An Economist’s 2020 Presidential Election Guide

    This is an objective guide to the US 2020 Presidential election from an economist ‘s standpoint. Since the economy is the number one determinate criteria for people voting on the margin, and will swing election results, I think a guide to US economic issues is relevant. I also have a brief candidate guide to the […]

  • US Presidential Election 2016

    Who will win the 2016 Presidential election? Update: Trump won. Even if he is not perfect, Clinton would have destroyed America with socialist policies. I do not like Trump’s spending and debt, especially on the military. This will unfold in another economic crisis. However, Clinton would have been worse.  Trump needs to win in 2020 […]

  • Recession this year

    The US is 23+ Trillion in Debt, we have pumped money, and the magic show will come to an end. Perhaps at the end of 2020 after the election. Why? Washington can not stop spending. The Fed can not stop printing money. Corporations are in debt and have used this to push up their stocks. […]

  • 101 reasons Obama did not save the US economy

    One of the arguments Obama supporters say is “Obama saved us from an economic depression”.  They usually say it with a simultaneous gaze to the heavens and a voice tone turned slightly higher. Obama supporters then get a serious look on their faces and in a deeper voice say, ‘Without his injection of 1.5 Trillion […]

  • I dont care about politics

    When I hear people say ‘I am tired of politics or I do not like politicians or they are all bums and crooks in Washington, I raise an eye brow, you know like Mr. Spock used to do, and say ‘fascinating’. This is the way I feel: Washington is ruled by a small elite who […]

  • Would you hire Barack Obama?

    Do you have a job? Then, take a minute and think how hard you bust your hump at your place of employment.  Think what it takes to keep this position. You are there because of years of practical experience and real world struggle.  My question is, if you are in a real job, that is, […]

  • Social state vs. Multi generational households

    Many people write me hate mail saying I do not understand. Without the social state people will suffer. They rant how I am heartless.  I think quite the contrary, it is they whose eyes are closed and hearts are aimed at promoting greater human suffering. Their rants give them feelings of moral superiority because they […]

  • National health care is bad – a personal experience

    With health care people are looking at the benefit side, like it is all free. The real story is, it cost more than it helps. Let me explain. Must read – Examples of how government health care fails This is the way I see it. The people in my condo complex, living in the unit […]

  • Guns or Butter

    The old political economic argument of guns vs. butter has come to the forefront of the 2012 election.  Those running for President, did not use those terms, but this is what is going on. I was watching the GOP debate last night and I almost fell off my chair when I heard, the GOP nominees […]

  • Economics of US militarism

    The Soviet Union was a super power in terms of military and spying, but economically is was burdened with debt and the economy collapsed. Now the USA is no Soviet Union, but lessons can be learned. This post argues the economy of the US is being destoryed by American militarism. Lets first take a look […]