Living your dream means living a life of meaning

It is beyond me why some people are afraid to live their dreams. I know life is hard and you have pressures from all side, money, parents, fears but why do you not live your dream? You have to be strong because this is the only life you have. ‘It is because we will never be here again that life is so sweet’. Yes, I believe in God and see this life fragment of our existence in eternity. However, this life is important in itself and you are here for a reason. This life means something and if you are not dreaming and then living your dreams you are not discovering the meaning of your life, It will be a wasted life.

It is very hard to do when and most people are afraid to make a wrong choice. Here is a trick to help you overcome this fear: remember there is no such thing as a wrong decision in life as everything in life is a learning experience. Just make a choice. Exercise your freewill.

I know one friend of mine who has been in a bad relationship for many years. It is not that bad, just not the real deal. It is just not the moon and the stars. Why he does not go for what he wants in terms of love is beyond me. I think it is fear.

I know one girl who has a great job, interesting everything going for her in the right direction, but no guy. She tried Internet dating but really is settled in her job and habits. She will not get married.

I think again it is all about fear that people do not live their dreams. Fear of failure or something bad will happen. You know what, maybe something bad will happen. Maybe everything will be wrong and then it will be the end, you will get sick and then then end, but so what. At least you lived your life.

Do you remember the movie Papillion (he was stuck in captivity on an island)? He has a dream:

Judge in Dream: I accuse you of a wasted life.
Papillon: Guilty I’m guilty.

Do not waste your life. Be free from your fears and live the life that you are suppose to live. Whatever that life is. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

The first step is to dream

If you are not dreaming of something, that is anything, I highly recommend you start. You need to have a vision. If you do not have one start thinking about what you really loved when you were a child. Maybe it as travel or going to France. For me it was learning languages. But whatever it is you should really start dreaming this is the first step to living your dream.

Do not be afraid to live their dreams step two

What is the second step? Start dreaming about what is needed to achieve your dream, that is concrete logistical steps. Thinking is the hardest work there is that is why so few people do it. Think, dream and plan, if you do not have the strength ask God to help you. Read books like the ‘Power of Positive thinking’, whatever it takes. What the movie ‘Yes man’ – the man who said yes to everything everyone asked. It is based on a real story you know.

People are destroying their lives working at whatever jobs and relationships.

I have scores of stories like this, people ‘s whose minds are free and they are living their dreams and they have a wonderful life. Look at hippies, many of them became very successful people because their minds were open and free. They were not afraid to live their lives. For example, I had this friend who worked in a coffee shop and looked like he crawled out from under a rock. I was an investment guy. My parents where always said ‘look at that boy he will never amount to anything’. I said he is doing what he loves in life. They shock their heads. You know what, his mind was open and free and he started his own company and he is a millionaire today. I think that is the rule, as you know from the ten richest people in the USA, only two graduated from college.

I have another friend at 55 years old was unemployed so he started a company and now is living his life. His friends who got laid off are still complaining about their life.

I have scores of stories of people who are afraid to live their dreams and are mildly depressed.

If you  need any motivation write me. Whatever is blocking you I might be able to point you in the right direction.  I would not talk so big if I had not done this all myself. My message is do not be afraid to dream and then to live your dreams.