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  • If You Want to Make Money in a Capitalist Economy be a Capitalist

    If You Want to Make Money in a Capitalist Economy be a Capitalist

    ‘If you want to make money be a capitalist’. It is that simple. My father told me that and he will be 92 this year and remembers The Great Depression and his parents fled communist and feudalism. He has some wisdom. I am getting a PhD in economics. I will give you specific examples of […]

  • The Economics of Growing your own Food

    The Economics of Growing your own Food

    ‘I wish I could grow money’. You can. Growing your own food works. If you are trying to save money or improve your diet from a culinary perspective nothing beats growing your groceries. In this post, I will give you a plan that I personally implement. It saves me substantial after-tax disposable income. This is […]

  • Cryptocurrencies – the next evolution of money

    Cryptocurrency investing is like choosing Democracy over a King. That is, you are investing in an idea. You believe in decentralized currency and the freedom of economics and money.  Even with the collapse of the Crypto bubble, the idea will resurface in another form as the market determination of the supply and demand for a […]

  • Currency competition – Stop the government monopoly of money

    Competing currencies is the idea that anyone can create and trade with any form of money.  Sounds great does it not? You can mint your own coins in your basement. You can print your own money in your workspace on your new HP printer and digital editing software and spend it, and make your own […]

  • My expanding economic lifestyle – Car – TV

    Lifestyle upgrade I recently upgraded my lifestyle.  I went for many years without a car, TV and still do not have a cell phone. It is not that I am a Luddite, rather, I tend to be a minimalist. I like to read books from the library, play chess and do outdoorsy things like shoot […]

  • Mob Rules – Louis Ferrante – book review

    I do not like reading about the mafia,  I only saw one Godfather and I  never saw the Sopranos. However, when I can across Louis Ferrante’s business book about ‘legitimate business lessons learned from working in the mafia’ it intrigued me. Who do not like Horatio Alger rag to riches and prodigal son stories? Ferrante […]

  • Small business idea for the US market

    If you want to try to be an entrepreneur, but do not know where to start consider the websites like  It is like a Chinese eBay for small business designed for people who want to access suppliers, manufacturers and wholesaler.  You can sort by country, and type of product you are searching for. The […]

  • Ways to save money on a tight budget

    How to live on little money My family lives in a paradise, with a good standard and on a tight budget. Four years ago we came to the USA with two suitcases and no car. Now we are doing well, not because of the income but because of our savings. A wealthy person is one […]

  • What is a good income for a family

    The question of can a family survive on 50,000 dollars a year is something I hear only in the USA. I can answer with a strong yes. Fifty thousand is a lot of money, people need to put things into perspective. What is a good income for a family in the USA less than you […]

  • Free stores and the Freecycle network

    Did you know that anywhere in the world you can get things for free?  The other day I was walking though my town of Kraków, Poland and I saw a sign that said “free shop”.  I was like what is this? It was filled with nice items that are totally without price. You just take […]