Do you have a job? Then, take a minute and think how hard you bust your hump at your place of employment.  Think what it takes to keep this position. You are there because of years of practical experience and real world struggle.  My question is, if you are in a real job, that is, in a free market competitive environment, would you hire Barack Obama as one of your employees, from the oodles of resumes in your e-mail box?

work hire Barack Obama job

I mean if you could hire anyone you want, to help you in your current job, would it be Barack Obama?  Than why would anyone vote for him?

When you apply for a job – remember every interviewer is basically looking for the same person. That is someone hardworking, creative and shows initiative and will do what it takes to get the job done.  For example,  I hired someone with music background for an accounting position because I knew that person could do the job.

Whatever profession you are in, would you hire Barack to be your wunderkind and transform your workplace? The guy makes a nice figurehead for those with pent up collective guilt, but he is milk toast.

Obama could not develop a creative idea that would impress a department of IT  geeks nor reconcile spreadsheet to add value to an accounting department. Maybe he could maybe work in a small HR department, like the character Toby in the TV show the Office. Yeah that might work. However, Barack Obama is not an expert in anything. And beign a real expert is what the workplace is about.

Jobs Barack Obama could do

  • Used car salesman – This is a good job, and he could be a salesman of autos as he is likable and persuasive. I mean George Clooney is secretly in love with him.
  • Teacher – I think he would be OK in teaching some political theory class with no real world practical application. Of course the students would have to a skull full of mush after a semester with him. It would take years for the students to deprogram from his class, by the real world school of hard Knox, before he would be exposed as useless.  However, his ‘resume’ would get him hired.
  • Golf shop associate – I could see him working in a golf course, he is well-travelled, friendly and good-natured and a reasonable athlete, maybe as a caddy.
  • Radio announcer – Not the debate type where he would have to think on his feet, but doing voice overs or on a light music program like Delilah.

Jobs Barack Obama could not do

  • Entrepreneur – Starting something with intellectual capital using his own creativity rather than connections and handshakes and people lending him capital. To have intellectual capital, you need creativity. I do not see this spark manifest in him.
  • Accounting or finance – The man could not balance a budget if he tried. He has disgraced the country by driving us into and endless void of debt that will crowd out private initiative for th next two generations.
  • IT – Beyond downloading iTunes apps, I can not see him programming C# or designing.
  • Not for profit – I think he believes in social government, in fact I know it, so I can not see him working for anything that involves free will giving. People exercising their own liberty and freedom to do good for others is not what he believes, that is why we have government to force it. He took the Nobel prize yet did no great contribution for anyone. What a zeak.
  • Medical – I would not let him operate on me. I medical care requires both compassion and technical expertise. I think he as the former but a limit ability for the latter.
  • Business leader – He is public sector man. Some people call him lazy, I would just say that I can see him in some cushy job in public service with lots of vacations, but the real world no way. Can you really see him in a competitive environment with a large degree of accountability and anything that requires real hard work?
  • Physical labor – He would not know how to do any skilled work like electrician, and does not look like he has worked a in the real world like at a hustle and bustle company like UPS.

Why can I be this way about work? I am the author of this article, and I could do the above. I worked hard physical labor to pay for my school (economics) and have disc problems as a result. I worked at companies like UPS and Price Waterhouse, in the  IT field and write my own software starting my own company with my own creativity; also working in business leading fiance and accounting teams for large companies. I am poking fun at him for a reason, he has not earned my respect and I would not want him in my department or hire him. Think about your own life work, and compare it to Obama, never having a real job.

So my question is why the heck do people want to see Barack Obama lead the greatest country on earth, if they would not hire him to be a leader or worker in most professions and does not expect as much from himself as you expect from yourself when it comes to balancing your budget, working and paying the bills?