101 reasons – Why President Obama is a failure

Poor President Barack Obama. A man with good intentions, but did not have the ability to bring the change. I am not anti-Obama, a nice man to chew the fat with at the water-cooler, but as a US leader, his is a (fill in the blank).

For me, I think Obama is a failure.  And below are 101 reasons why I think so.

Lincoln Obama Lenin comparison
Although compared to Lincoln, ideologically Obama’s class envy and government redistribution are aligned with Lenin.

But first:

A little history and philosophy President Obama

Why do I believe in ‘individual freedom’ over ‘government control’?  Because I believe human nature is innately good. Let me explain.

The ideals from which the United States were established, come from the ideas of the enlightenment. The enlightenment thinkers believed, as did our founding fathers, when individuals are given the freedom to act on our own enlightened self-interest, the effect is, society as a whole benefit in ways government could never envision by itself. This brings all kinds of blessing on society in terms of creativity, charity, hard work, etc. Empowering the individual with liberty brings riches to all. More important it allows us to pursue happiness unfettered. To be trusted with freedom is like a weight that is lifted from your shoulders.  The great life we have in America a testament to that.

This was ideal outlined by Adam Smith and John Locke but championed by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson when forging our great country.  Empowering you, instead of the government allows society to move forward and the economy gets fixed. Government re-engineering from above shackles you, while freedom empowers you.

In contrast: Obama believes in more government and more taxes and forced redistribution.  Obama is saying people are not good. Left to their own choices they do not have the wisdom of some government bureaucrat. In other words, he knows better than you. How does that make you feel? I believe Obama’s ‘government – serf thinking’ is contrary to the political philosophy in our US constitution and human nature.

Need concrete evidence? Read on.

Alert! 101 reasons why Obama is hurting America

  1. The world laughs at his weakness and it could cause war -Putin took over part of Ukraine and Obama did nothing. The Russians threatened the USA with a comment about laying waste to the USA with nuclear weapons.  The USA and Russian signed three treaties that recognized Crimea as Ukraine. Now Obama does nothing except restrict travel on a few Russians.  The Russian will not stop.  It very well could be a major war because of his weakness. The USA might not start it but it is so unstable that it could explode as WWI and WWII did. He could be the last president of the USA. Do you think I am joking? Remember the policy of weakness starts world wars, this time with nukes.
  2. Fewer Jobs – Unemployment after 4 years of Keynesian economics is still over 7.8%, and the jobs suck out there. After so many years of Americans out of work, government money squandered, there must be a reason. Obama’s C+I+G=GDP economic model does not work.  My solution: let the markets work. Obama supports taxes and bailouts and the middle class pays. I lived in  Eastern Europe and I can tell you socialism is wrong. And yes Obama is a socialist.
  3. More debt -US debt is over 17 trillion dollars and counting. He tripled the debt. We had a party and our children will have to pay. Yep, he partied and gave it away, and your kids pay. How do you feel about that?
  4. Perpetual fiscal crisis – The budget is not yet balanced and 60 percent of the money goes to entitlements. What about a balanced budget amendment? he just talks big. If he had the courage of his convictions he would have a balanced budget amendment passed.
  5. Lead the world over a cliff – I was living in Europe when Barack took office. They were so enamored by him for some reason? Henceforth, they followed his lead of championing Keynesian economics as the cure to financial woes. The EU got sucker into following a leader who knew nothing about money, markets, and job creation. People think just because a person is good at one skill they know everything. For example, if a basketball player is good at dunking, it does not mean he will be good at math. Similarly just because Obama is a shrewd politician, does not mean he understands economic theory. The result for Europe is prolonged recessions, long-term stagnation, and a really bad debt hangover. The bill will be pasted to the next generation. So much suffering caused by one President. All because Obama is a joker.
  6. The change did not come.
  7. Obama looks exhausted. As a leader, he physically looks like life is a chore. I remember some girls talking ‘oh how good looking he is’. I thought, ‘really’? And even if he was, and he is not, does that determine a leader? However, please hang in there Obama, I think Biden is milk toast.
  8. The Fed – The Federal Reserve created the bubble and is exacerbating the cycle. The US central bank that caused the crisis still has free reign. Monetary shocks have effects on the real world. It the basis of modern economic thinking (Wicksell, Misses, Hayek), yet Obama is clueless about it. I wonder what he was smoking while I was studying economics.
  9. Health Care will go up – Affordable healthcare act is not to be confused with free or cheap medical care. Obamacare is not free health care. Believe me. I lived in Europe (dual citizen). With free healthcare, you basically show your card and the medical service is free. What Obama’s health care is, you must buy the US approved health care and pay out the wazoo. Then there are still deductible etc. Nothing special except, um… a government take over.
  10. More foreclosures than ever – The housing market is far from recovered.  I live in Florida and with all charity, he gave to banks they are sitting on piles of homes with government-supported prices. You want a cheap home, let people make money so we all can afford one.
  11. China is rising faster than in the USA.
  12. US jobs are going overseas. – Still and this rate is accelerating
  13. Pro-family Americans question Obama’s core values. To me as a social conservative it is clear about his abomination of the innocent.
  14. He accepted the Nobel peace prize for nothing.
  15. Still no real business experience, only an academic.
  16. Liberals feel betrayed as he did not follow through with transforming America with a liberal vision. Too much compromise.
  17. Increased taxes. Did you see your paycheck? Yep, the Average family will feel almost a 100 dollar a month increase. This puts the breaks on the economy and takes your disposable income and gives it to someone else. How do you feel about that? Let us say you were going to treat your wife for dinner this month. You can not because your hard-earned money is now going to your neighbor’s wife. Thank you, Mr. Obama.
  18. Half the country is conservative and he gives them lip service with talk of unity.
  19. After the initial honeymoon with international leaders, the global community respects him only for his title rather than his ability to lead.
  20. Tea party ideas of small government have not gone away.
  21. America will return to greatness after Obama leaves the office. Mark my words as soon as Obama leaves office the economy will start to improve and your life will be better.
  22. His party turns against him often, it is not unified, even the libs in Hollywood feel he is aimless.
  23. To save the US from an economic apocalypse, we need to let the markets work.
  24. Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, Alex Jones, Drudge Report, National Review, Freeman, Greg, Mankiw, American Thinker shows the why liberalism understood by Obama can not work and why liberalism shown by Adam Smith and Thomas Jefferson does.
  25. Wikileaks tried to show some truth, he turned his back on the affair.
  26. Jimmy Carter lite. He was elected to restore trust in the office of the Presidency, but ineffective as a leader.
  27. Does not understand economics. Never read the classics from Adam Smith to Hayek to Milton Friedman. Filled with a mix of Keynesian and populous ideas.
  28. Too many vacations at critical times.
  29. Too many bailouts of big US businesses.
  30. Special interest president.
  31. Mysterious past from which passport he used to got to Pakistan to college records, to fake social security number and drug use.
  32. The rich are different. Look at his life compared to what he preaches. Questionable lavish trips for his family.
  33. Some surprises will come out about Obama.
  34. Expansion of government and unaffordable entitlement programs.
  35. US military is being poorly run. Valuable resources are being wasted.
  36. Well rehearsed for speeches, but lacks charisma, poor debater, not the sharpest tool in the shed.
  37. Was basically an anti-Bush blame candidate. But after 4 years of failed policies, it will be hard to blame Bush.
  38. Continues setting presidential golf records.
  39. Putin embarrasses him.
  40. An Asian dictator embarrasses him.
  41. A Middle Eastern Emir embarrasses him.
  42. Chavez makes him look bad.
  43. Lacks support in the congress which is a reflection of the sentiment of the US. If re-elected he will be a 4-year lame-duck president.
  44. Rebuilding Iraq, but not our roads and schools.
  45. Freedom is decreasing and the constitution has taken a back seat to government central control, for example, the TSA or potential regulation of the Internet.
  46. Too many people drawing metaphors to 1984 (the book, not the year). Big brother is alluded to in many headlines.
  47. Comedians will begin to roast him and the youth will lose respect for him.
  48. Food, healthcare, education and oil increases or at least agri-inflation, have you been to the grocery store lately?
  49. Illegal immigration problem never solved.
  50. Drug problem never solved or not even a dent in it.
  51. Violent crimes are much fold higher than in other nations.
  52. America is slipping more as an economic leader and relative standard of living is in decline.
  53. Blatant unrepentant globalist, putting America second.
  54. Minor irritants for US citizens like body scanners more paperwork and forms.
  55. States are in crisis and the is only the beginning and Obama has done little to help.
  56. Latest census shifted the political balance in swing states.
  57. Was not a landslide in the first election nor the second, simply too many brainwashed drones thinking they will get money from the government.
  58. The trade deficit is the worst.
  59. We are still fighting an undeclared war in the Middle East with American men and women on the ground taking casualties with no end in sight. This really upsets me. It is not Obama’s fault but America should only fight declared wars because undeclared wars are a never-ending battle.
  60. Many people I personally know that crossed lines have told me it was a mistake voting Obama, two times.
  61. Lacks the combination of vision and ability to implement, like Ronald Reagan. He talks about united the parties instead of doing it.
  62. America is too divided.
  63. The U.S. trade deficit with China increased by 26% last year.
  64. Independent voter and minor parties are shifting their alliances away from the Democrats.
  65. Obama is getting too much advice from George Clooney.
  66. South Park will produce some parodies that will hit home at Obama’s weaknesses.
  67. Substance wins over symbolism the second time around.
  68. Double-dip recession at the end of 2013 you will see. His first four years did not work.
  69. Obama is no Roosevelt because opposition to Roosevelt usually conceded for the greater good. The opposite is happening in the USA. The Obama presidency is polarizing the country.
  70. Arizona, Colorado, Ohio, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Missouri, Oregon, Washington, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Illinois, California, Nevada, are bankrupt and cannot meet their obligatory payments. The last drips of Federal money will expose the dire economic situation of these states.
  71. Majority of the polls show people are not happy with Obama, yet the voted him more out of class Envy which he promoted during the election. Let us get them mentality. Is that a winner?
  72. The guy has horrible staff picks, mostly for fulfilling political favors, like Clinton.
  73. Exceptions were too high for the first term.
  74. Stagflation. Yes in a strange way, salaries are stagnating maybe the CPI is not increasing but less in our pockets.
  75. Even though states like ND and MI are starting to show life, CT, NJ and FL and CA, large states are falling deeper.
  76. Obama is nothing special, nothing but a symbolic idea, but as a leader, the country is sinking like a boss that does not know what to do.
  77. My friends that have good jobs are in government or military or something close to that. Does that not tell you something?
  78. It is a showdown of Big Government vs the US citizens, I am pulling for the Americans.
  79. Likes to wave his hand and give out bread and circus money to people but that is all it is appeasement not stimulus. Remember cash for cars.
  80. Barack broke the promise of raising taxes for capital gains and dividends for the top percentage of wage earners.
  81. The broken promise of double funding for after school programs.
  82. Centralize lobbying and ethics reporting for US citizens to view, another broken promise.
  83. Phase-out exemptions for high earning taxpayers. Another broken promise.
  84. Repeal tax cuts for the top earners, another Obama promise, but what about your paycheck is it not less from taxes?
  85. Obama promised to end income taxes for seniors making less than 50k. Promises everyone the world. That will work.
  86. A score of other broken promises too many to list. This does not help his credibility.
  87. Is Obama Keynesian or Kenyan? To date, there is still some confusion in some people’s minds. Of course, he is American but that does not mean he understands economics.
  88. Much of the Hollywood crowd that were his darlings in the 2008 Presidential elections are not as zealous today.
  89. Republicans are regrouping.
  90. Has an extreme anti-life voting record. How cruel can you be. Lets through PC aside and be honest, we as Americans have to protect the innocent over some spoiled college girl who can not keep her pants on.
  91. Obama is soft on crime.
  92. Relief for the middle class never materialized and many stimulus injections of cash were temporary and favoring a few rather than the majority who will pay with taxes. Yep, even more taxes are coming.
  93. Obama wants a European style social economy which does not fit the American spirit. Obama is not a socialist, rather more follows the French economic model than the American.
  94. Extension of Bush foreign policy, pax America. The sun never sets on the union jack (make the world England), I mean stars and bars.
  95. Unemployment benefits have run out of federal money for chronically unemployed and people underemployed and out of work are looking for new ideas and answers rather than government money and temporary fixes.
  96. Many good ideas proposed in 2008, but few implemented even with a Democratic majority in the congress. It is really hard to be Obama, as there is a lot of political infighting and most of the US money is being consumed my entitlement spending and a pittance is for these new interesting ideas.
  97. Has done nothing to curb the close ties between the military business infrastructure and government spending.
  98. Bailed out Wall Street not  Main street. I thought he said things would be different. Most jobs are created by small companies, close to 70% as well as innovation, but the large dinosaurs got the funds.
  99. The people who support him want something from government.
  100. After 25 years of the Bush and Clinton dynasties, Americans have less tolerance for legacy candidates and more focused on results. Yet I personally would not hire Obama for a job. If I had a shop, the guy would be smooth-talking not making money. Has he ever really made money besides off you?
  101. Obama thinks C+I+G=GDP he learned economics during the 1970s when the ideas of liberal thinking confused economics. Turn up the dial of G and we all get rich, yeah right.
  102. I will not drink his cool-aid that government is more efficient than free people. The history of the world is about people struggling to free themselves from an oppressive government. The Obama family is bringing it back.
  103. I believe a winner is not about eloquent speeches, but puts food on the table for people for his family and helps those who need it. Obama forces us to give to his special interests via increase taxes and government so we are all dependent on the big ninny bottle of the government.

All the above is well and good and to quote Abraham Lincoln

A house divided against itself cannot stand.

Obama campaigned on being a unifier but the end result is the nation is horribly divided. He is all about playing with people’s emotions of  the rich vs poor. I resent this as that is what Lenin did. I lived in a post-communist country. It is nothing more than the road to serfdom. Talk is one thing but a real understanding of economics and how to fix things is another.

The New Deal I did not work and the New Deal II did not either. President Obama does not understand how money and markets work.

If you want to know what makes a bad President read this: What makes a bad president. If you disagree, I am open and here you can read more about President Obama in a more positive light. But please tell me what you think of these 101 reasons.

Do you think the US economy has done well in the past four years?  Now that we have to compete with China and India and if you think Socialism in America (that is Obama’s vision)  is the solution we will have to wait and see. For all the Obama supporters, the joke is on you.

Fill in the blank with any adjective you think he deserves. Remember mad libs? Well I am a mad conservative. Be creative with adjectives that you think best describe our 44th & 45th President.

What we can expect from Obama

  • Higher unemployment and less real wages. After a little rebound it will get worse.
  • Higher taxes. Check your pay, you see it already.
  • Decreased freedom. You will see the government growing more powerful and centralized. Watch the Hunger Games.

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406 responses to “101 reasons – Why President Obama is a failure”

  1. EgoCrusher

    First of all, did YOU get the ‘change’ you wanted America? Anybody who changes their name from ‘Barry’ to Barak. I wish people would just wake up. This president, in my opinion, is the Anti-Christ. He will not even wear the American Flag on his lapel without being embarrassed into doing so. “Why?” You ask, because Barry, the pot-smoking BaRak, hates our country and will stop at nothing to destroy it.
    I can sit here all night and discuss thousands of reasons why Obama should not be re-elected, but I won’t. It’s already been done. I think most people realize that this country is in heap of trouble and will only get worse if Obama stays in Office. The only reason I will vote is to vote OVomit Shmomit OUT. Give the new guy a chance, maybe we can get our factories rebuilt and put a halt on that ‘Red Army’ known as China.

    1. Camille Huntley

      I am not sure that Obama is the antichrist, but other than that I totally agree with your comment.

    2. Marc

      But other than that Mrs Lincoln, how did you enjoy the show?

    3. Gail

      “Poor Obama, He can’t help it, He was born with a red diaper on him.” The man had only Communist influences in his life, and his chief mentor was Frank Marshall Davis, a card-carrying member of the Communist Party USA. From all I’ve read, Davis was most likely Obama’s biological father. Google in “Dreams From My Real Father” to see an outstanding video that must have gone viral by now, attesting to just this fact. It has great photos (including nude photos most likely taken by Davis of Stanley Ann Dunham (BO’s mother) whom he was involved with while she was in college in Hawaii. Davis was a family friend of the Dunhams. Long story, but fascinating, look it up. In any case, BO’s a total fraud, and drip, drip, drip. This credibility is dying by the day. He’s a Marxist/Communist, pure and simple. We just have to pray a majority of Americans “get it” before Nov. 6 pray to God that happens. Oh, by the way, God wasn’t allowed to be mentioned at the DNC convention. Very telling. And yes, BO’s REALLY close to being the Anti-Christ. He believes in killing babies, even when they’re born alive after an abortion, for God’s sake. What more evidence does one need?!

      1. JoSe

        They could have reversed the letters and say DOG and no one would noticed it.

      2. Snickerdoodle

        I am reading “The Roots of Obama’s Rage”- very insightful. I already knew I wasn’t voting for him this election, but the book solidifies my choice. I have heard mention of his resemblance to the anti-christ. I have a website and one page is pro-life. I am appaled at his stance on killing babies; no conscience, I guess. No respect for God or life. I voted for him last election because he said he was a Christian. I did not do my research nor listen to Pastor John Hagee, who tried telling us not to vote for him.

      3. Kai EL Z

        It’s obvious that you really pulled and stretched to reach ‘101 Reasons Obama in 2012 Will Not be Re-elected.’ It’s for that reason that you were totally wrong by a huge margin. Arrogance will pull the rug from under you every time when what you base your premise on is opinion rather than facts.
        The Republicans failed to win in the 2012 election because unfortunately they believe their own ideas that they make up to poison everyone else’s mind. But who knew they believed it too.

        They are so far up their own behinds that they are out of touch with the ever evolving world around them. They didn’t notice that those they refer to as minorities as from the word “minor” to diminish their power and influence have actually grown and are broadening their reach daily. The people of color in the world and the USA are the majority. Now go try and hide that.

        And for that reason all the money in the world did not save Mitt R. Obama is not a savior or saint; he is a politician with compassion for the people. A leader has to authentically care about the people he/she leads. I think he beat out the current Republican leadership on that hands down. And the people got that.

        How pompous of you. Research and study for goodness sakes if you must write.

        1. Mark Biernat

          An election does not validate or invalidate an idea in the abstract.

          The majority wanted championed the communist revolution in 1917 in Russia or in Germany something else in the 1930s, but that does not mean it is right. Sometimes, the majority is a a very poor barometer of right and wrong.

          This is a free county and people voted that is all.

          However, the ideas behind the election remain, that is there are two paths for this country.

          The Obama path of large debt and spending and government trying to engineering the economy and 8% unemployment is the new recovery.
          Or the Libertarian or GOP path of a free market where America strength is based on individuals not government.

          Do you still feel Keynesian economics is the way to go after unemployment is higher now than when Barack too office, not to mention the debt that he passed on to the next generation for the party?

        2. Minnie Mouse

          Gail, just to let you know everyone is born into this world with diapers and we all go out of this world in diapers as well. If you think your not included, then think again. If you want a special red one, you will have to pay extra. lol The country is facing bigger issues than a diapers, which in terms are really for babies.

          It’s really is sad when our votes really don’t count. It was 100% proven this time around. In Arkansas on Friday the week of the election some of the ballot were still being counted. On Tuesday the day of the election one area ran out of ballots and all of the computer machines went down at the same time. So why ask any of us if we are even going to vote anymore?

          President Obama won fair and square. If Mitt Romney would have not said anything about anyone in the 47% of the country, he possibly could of had a chance. Bravo to the ones who recorded him! He’s not a trustworthy person or let alone a honest person but how many politicians really are these days. So if your going to say things like that, who’s to say he’s going to keep classified information from being leaked out.

          Seriously, what would the next four years be like with Mitt Romney.
          Trying to appeal the ACA, in which he had no specific plans for.
          The one plan president Obama has put into place isn’t really that great either. It’s great for the lower class/poor income and the wealthy and has no benefits at all to the middle class. The middle are the ones who will have to continue the enduring pain of constant inflating high prices because no one will do anything about it. Either you will be getting healthcare for free, can afford it or won’t be able to afford. So in reality, people will not all be better off. The middle class will be the ones left behind to fend for themselves.

          The countries facing bigger issues and we don’t want someone in who’s going to spending extended amounts of time again over healthcare, which will always be a never ending battle with disagreements because everyone views it and sees it a different way.

          Lets just all pray that the next four years are really going to be different and changed for the better, instead of leaving us all high and dry of just change in our pockets to where we can barely afford to live anymore.

          1. Mark Biernat

            Last four years brought us debt and poverty and unemployment did not change, I can not imagine what the next four years will bring when we can not spend like crazy and taxes are going higher. Will we be the next Europe?

          2. Minnie Mouse

            The next four years do not look they are starting off any better. It’s going to be the same issue again with the takes hikes for the wealthy. I have no clue why they feel they don’t need to be paying in enough taxes.

            When your making over a million dollars and paying in 15% and someone else is making under $25,000 and paying in 17%, there’s some serious problems in our taxing system.

            There will always be ongoing issues passed on to the next elects.

          3. Mark Biernat

            Your right on one level. It does seem unfair and of course we all would like to see some more justice. Even me a libertarian feels that some guy with a corporate jet and three summer homes should pay more. It seems unfair he does not even break a sweat and yet controls so much wealth while others are struggling. Yet step back from the issue and see it in terms of the US constitution. See it not based on the emotion of jealously but idealism and why we have this country.

            In the end, I do not care what my neighbor has. I really do not. Good for him. If he is rich, so what. I care about freedom. You do not want to live in an unfree society. That is so important and people miss this. And the government controls people via the tax system.

            Better than more taxes is smaller government.

            America has not see a lot of socialism but it seems to be going to this slow growth European model. I recommend you visit a post socialist country, I lived in one many years.

            The marginal tax rate is 35% on the wealthy. This is the marginal tax rate. There are also a number of other taxes, state, local sales etc. While if you make 25,000 a year the tax rate is 15%. Further if you are a family on 25,000 there is a good chance you qualify for WIC etc and less than that a score of other benefits. It is no fun to make 25k a year, but you can always use your brain to figure out how to make more. You could go to massage therapy school for example and I know a few that make like 80k treating old people. It is a win win. Even me I complain I make not enough but it is my choice to stay in my job.
            Now you are right, it does seem all fair that in the USA one person makes a million and another 25k a year. Even to me this seems unfair. Many wealthy just were born into their fine path in life.
            Yet is it the role of the government as laided out in our constitution to make the playing field level economically? Is that what Thomas Jefferson wrote in the US constitution?
            Do you want another constitution that talks not about freedom but about the government making things equal in terms of iPhone and cars and housing and jobs?

            The question is do you want socialism like we had in Eastern Europe, where the government tried to make everyone closer to equal and everyone was poorer?
            Do you think it is philosophically right for the government to take private property and income and give it to another private citizen? Is this not a form of forced redistribution of wealth?

            It is not again about income inequality in the USA as we all have it very nice here, but government redistribution of wealth.
            I live a good part of my life in Eastern Europe. 25k is super rich. The poor here complain, even I do, but the reality 25k is the top 1% or 1% of the world. Why not have a world government to redistribute the wealth of the USA to all the world and make it all somewhat even?
            I am making a point not a prescription. I think you should think about cutting government spending then going on a crusade to promote class warfare and making people equal by someone else’s definition of fair.
            What is fair?
            I think fair is everyone keeps what is theirs and if they want to donate to charity it is up to them.
            We can have eliminate the nanny state cradle to the grave socialism and replace it with a negative income tax or something more efficient.
            Remember the US did not have an income tax before 1917. It there any reason we need to have one now? If government can not control itself taxing more is not the solution.

            Remember Adam Smith believed the best way to bring happiness and prosperity to a nation is maximized freedom not government. If you increase taxes you get slow growth and poor jobs for all. If you shrink government we all get rich. Why do you think the poor in the USA are like the super rich compared to the rest of the world?

          4. JoSe

            The tax payers should have a right to decide how our tax money will be used and to me I don’t care to feed people that can feed themselves yet they depend on us to feed them, and their families. Tax money is for the use of the Government to provide protection to us and not to feed those that feel we owe them since they are too lazy to work, but ready to breed many mouths for the benefits they can get for making unwanted babies. That is one reason Obama should have been defeated because he loves to give our tax money away to Lazy Americans and Illegals.

          5. Minnie Mouse

            Marc & Jose,

            I totally agree with the both of you. I cannot figure out how Mitt Romney see’s that handing out free birth control is not a gift. Well, he sees it as a gift but not something of a need or of value because to him it would be an “Entitlement”. This is a 100% gift and the greatest gift for everyone, who brings children into the world and cannot raise them on his or her own by means of their own finances, and not the government. This is all our country needs is more children living in poverty. If you go to DHS, for help with child number one and then you come in with child number two you cannot support because this is where I feel that you are to be left with 100% free birth control. You show up with child number three, no help at all. It’s sad for all of these children to be brought up this way. If you know you cannot afford the first one, stop having children.

            In reality, the government just needs to stop with all the free handouts. In today’s day, everyone is needing help because people are working two and three jobs and cannot make it. People working and living in cars. So just because these people are above the poverty level, there’s no help for them but to work your self to death nearly to keep food in your home and roof over your head. How ridiculous is that. If you do nothing and your lazy, it’s a free and different world. This is the year that this all needs to end. So Mr. Obama, start making some real changes. If your disabled, retired or a veteran then that’s an entirely different story.

            On the taxes, we are taxed to death on everything. This is why the wealthy need to be paying in luxury taxes. If you own car collections, boats, yachts, hot air balloons, more than 2 homes etc, then you can afford to pay the extra taxes and you really need to be.

            Enough of being an honest opinionated woman, but why not because one day it may help the world.

          6. JoSe

            I don’t think the rich should pay more taxes then the rest of us because they worked for what they have and why penalize them for not being dependent of the tax payers. I am not rich, but do feel everyone should pay the same percentage and that includes the poor. The Government needs to stop feeling sorry for those that say they are poor because those people have money, but they won’t come out and say it since they work for cash like the illegals, and pretend they are very poor; so they can parasite off us the money we pay as taxes. Maybe this is a good reason why Obama should have lost the election.

          7. Mark Biernat

            I appreciate the feedback but why do so many people say people can not afford to have kids? This is rich America? It does not take a lot of money to have a family here, a happy one.

            I lived in Poland for much of my life and people made a fraction in real income of what Americans do and they had families and they were happy. I think the American way is to work real hard with two parents working and the kids in daycare and expectations about computers and cars and college. Parents are stressed out and grow apart and get divorced anyway and the kids are left in some existential, limbo about life and love, but they have designer clothes a smart phone and a college degree, ready to usher the next generation through the same materialistic empty cycle.

            Newsflash, kids need you not money.

            Better than saving for their university is being home with kids and playing blocks, as everyone knows IQ is determined in the first 8 years of life and innate intelligence not college savings matter in this world. And the same can be said for emotional intelligence.

            Kids need spiritual guidance and emotional love and acceptance. This does not require money.

            Jesus did not come from a rich family.

            Kids do not cost a lot. I was living with my family very well on about 1000 dollars a month in a nice area. Now my expenses have expended but still. In Poland I lived on about 500 dollars a month and things were not much more.

            WIC or the government assistance for food is nothing in the budget. Less than .001%

            Military is between 25% to 50% depending on which think tank calculates it and how.

            Children need love not money. If you spoil them early you destroy the sense of wonder that comes from ordinary things, the magic of childhood.

          8. Minnie Mouse

            Mark & Jose

            Kids are not free, unless your living off of the government. I am not. They take food, clothes, a roof over their head, utilties, childcare (mine $110 a wk during the summer which is ridiculous),healthcare, college education ect… You can love your kids all you want, which I do mine but it takes money to raise them. On top of all the neccesities, then comes toys and my child is not spolied at all.

            As far as the income taxes, these need to be set up into income bracket levels to where it’s on a graduating system based off of what income level bracket you fall into. No one can be paying in the same amount of taxes, because no one makes the same amount of money. This is my views and my opions only and with that said everyone has a right to his or her own views and opinions.

          9. Mark Biernat

            I guess you are an American who has not lived in another country for a long time or seen the world.
            Take a trip to India for example and spend time there.
            You have to give me specifics. Are you a single Mom and what is your base monthly income. From that I can determine about your cashflow and recommend a more realistic budget.
            I think like I said a child at home with their parents playing chess and teaching them languages are more important that any daycare or Harvard degree. Univerity these days really mean little as 8 of the 10 wealthiest people in the country did not finish. Better is to give your kids library books and teach them foreign languages and chess and play in the woods with unstructured play, than all these expensvie programs.

            Look in the USA it costs very little to raise a child. I know I am here and I am doing it and we live on a tropical resport island near pricey St. Augustine, Florida. To feed one more mouth is cost little. We buy produce right from the farmer and grow things and my wife makes homecooked meals only.
            I mean do you buy things in packages when you go to the store? Like canned soup or snacks?
            Instead by from a farmer or organic farmer a bag of carrots and rice from the Indian store and buy chicken locally.

            Trust me Jesus did not have a rich upbringing. Should not he be your model?

            So explain to me specifically how your budget looks.

          10. Mark Biernat

            And that is my point. Why should the government decide where your money goes. Why not just let you keep it and you can donate it to where you want it to go? If you believe and embrace this whole taxation and government idea than it is up to congress, the embodiment of the collective unconsciousness of our society to allocate funds.

            The Government protect us? The government’s role is to protect the liberties of the individual. But the military is a huge organization involved since I was a kid, in endless overseas wars, that did not involve protecting the shore of the US or stopping terrorist attacks on our homeland, but more about generals and politicians sending young kids into foreign lands. I mean homeland security gets a small fraction of the defense budget. Most of the defense budget is about overseas wars which in the end mean little for us anyway, from Vietnam to Iraq. Oh and all that Kuwaiti oil from the gulf war, it is mostly being shipped to Asia now.

            So I would rather have money spend on helping Americans at home, citizens of the USA then some speculative imperialistic venture, drum beating and all.

            Lazy, that is lazy? The poor I know, and I know a lot, work pretty hard.

            So I hear your point and I am listening, but my point is why let government expand and tax at all?

    4. Rescue

      Hey guys, I’m sure you are not a President Obama fan because if you were the 101 reasons are the same 101+ reasons Mitt Romney is the Republicans second choice. Given the support of both parties, the USA would be soaring to higher heights, but with division and negative comments as the one’s we as Americans are so eager to give oppose to support, we are headed for a land of the negative and unsecured.
      Whomever you decide to vote for make sure you understand that the man/woman in the mirror( if you have a mirror) can look yourself in the face when you get up out of bed and say LORD did I make the best choice as well as the right choice. The love of MONEY can and will destroy the rich as they get richer and the poor get poorer. Which one are you?

      1. northville

        When you look into a mirror, what will you see? Will you see someone who supports a liar or someone who has looked for truth?
        He calls himself a christian, but mocks Christians, is in support of killing babies and gay marriage. Thou shalt not lie, thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not covet, thou shalt have no other gods before me, how is Obama doing so far? He is a Marxist, raised in Islam, and not an American. I will not bow down to him.

      2. Ash

        The election is about about our country’s survival.

        It’s more than money. It’s about taking back our country. The bill of rights and the constitution. It’s about America’s values – Christian values on which this country was built. It is about not letting our great nation turn into a socialist or communist country. And to never let Muslims gain any type of hold whatsoever on our country. They have their own countries. Let them live there. This country belongs to us.

        1. Bella

          If I remember correctly, the early pilgrims came to this country seeking religious freedom, which would seem to suggest that anybody belongs here if they want to be a good citizen here – not just people who call themselves Christians, but anyone seeking religious freedom. In fact, if I remember correctly, that’s one of our Constitutional rights – freedom of religion. Of course, once we got here hundreds of years ago we practically destroyed the Native American culture. They were here first. So what’s this stuff about the country belongs to “us?” Seems we took it away from another group of people, who perhaps felt the same way that you do, and they wished all the white folks who were “Christians” would just go back to the countries they came from. It seems we get a little self centered and self righteous when these topics come up. Obama is a Christian. He has said firmly that as a young person he accepted Christ. Who are you to say he’s not? Further, who are you to judge Islam and the entire Muslim religion because of the terrorists, who don’t represent most Muslims? If Muslims want to live here, I’m pretty sure Jesus Christ, the first true Christian, would think it is just fine.

          1. Tom Fatica

            This is a person that has bribed millions of illegals to vote him into office in 2008 and trying it again now. That is not within his Constitutional rights to naturalize citizens without Congress. He allowed an nattackon our soil at that Libyian Embassy. We were given several warnings and further there were requested for added security. He did nothing to protect them and now has been lying about what happened. That does not even address all his economic failures. PLEASE JUST PUT ASIDE EGO AND GET HIM OUT

          2. greg

            Jesus Christ said a Christian shall be known by his fruit. One can say he is a Christian all day long but if he does not produce fruit in his life he is good for nothing. I don’t think open support of abortion, no support or respect of traditional marriage and open hostility towards not only Christian (democrats cheered when they voted God out of their platform) but anyone who does not think the same way he does. in addition, his blatant disrespect for Iserel is unthinkable for an American President. God says in his word that He will bless those that bless thee (Israel) and curse those (Obama/USA) that curse thee.

          3. Shrub Hater

            Religion and lobbying should be banned. Israel (the correct spelling) should be boycotted and most USA presidents have been clowns.

          4. Camille Huntley

            You said, “Obama is a Christian. He has said firmly that as a young person he accepted Christ. Who are you to say he’s not?” Well first of all anyone can say they are a Christian, but if your actions don’t show that you are then you will be judged by others as a hypocrite. That is why I say Obama is not a Christian.

    5. richard

      My mind was already made up before I read this.I can’t believe after the last almost 4 years anyone would admit they are going to vote for Barry. His only gift is lying.Nothing good has happened over the last 4 years,what makes these Barrites think It will be any different! I agree (although I don’t know if Barry is the anti-Christ)with every statement that was made.

    6. Ashley Stevens.

      Too bad you didn’t have time to add the cover up of “Fast and Furious” to your list. I also was outraged the Obama was campaigning in Las Vegas while an a terrorist attack on our Embassy in Libya was going on. Four men including our Ambassador to Libya were tortured and murdered. It’s inconceivable to me that Obama didn’t respond right away in strong terms. Apologizing? For What. Ambassador Stevens let our Intelligence agency know he was afraid something was going to happen at the embassy. No response. It was 9/11, why weren’t their more security there.
      You maybe thinking I’m stretching it a bit but now that we have these Super Pacs that do not have to disclose the contributors, I think that maybe some rich extremists Arab country may have contributed to his campaign. Al-Queda knows how weak Obama is.

    7. William

      I’ll keep this simple for everyone. If your not living in reality, your not really living. President Obama and most Democrats live in the real world. Willard Romney and the Republican base lived in a world only they can see and reside in. This world never existed not even for a blink of a eye. It was only tolerated by people without power who finally came to the conclusion that it was time to put the smoke and mirror message of the GOP to rest probably for the next 50 years.

      1. Mark Biernat

        Explain to me how Obama’s reality is more valid than the GOP’s reality? If you explain it in specific concrete terms than I can address your point, but your making a broad stoke of the brush.
        Start with explaining how Obama’s Keynesian economics makes sense and is fair?

    8. me

      The funniest one was 37.Continues setting presidential golf records.
      I laughed so hard. I nearly choked.

      1. JoSe

        We have him for four more years and he’ll make sure every illegal in this country stays for life in the best country in this World. Also why do the Networks have Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas? This is what is happening to our country because every Network is so scared of people that oppose the Freedom of Expression.

  2. mary ewitt

    Obama doesnt want to be preident again he is worn out, defeated by a government that has stood still and policies that are ineffective in reducing unemployment or job creation. Further, what has his wife done to improve anything in the country, but play the movie star. Obama is not President material, drama king but not President

  3. JoSe

    102: One more thing he’s no good. Like they say a rotten apple spoils your day and he has been rotten since the first day of being our President.

    1. Rescue

      Just like onions, when one goes bad the whole (Bag) goes bad. Think about yourself(an old bag) of onions. Very distasteful.

      1. Rescue

        It truly is distasteful, so be mindful of what you say and how you say it because the world is watching as well as listening.

  4. Jack L. Benny

    I and many other African-American voters will not vote for President Barack Obama in the 2012 election. The President has alienated many citizens within the African-American community, as a result of his position on same-sex marriage. Don’t be surprised if many of these registered voters will not vote for former Governor Romney or President Obama. Let’s wait and see if I am going to be right about this. God Blesses you and the United States of America.

    Thank you,


  5. Paula Zimmer

    America has been the victim of government leaders who have been unfaithful to the American Dream. Excessive spending has not been checked. But, with the Tea Party, solid and responsible leaders such Scott Walker, Christie and Romney/Ryan,Yes I’ll give Romney a chance over a socialist any day.)there is a glimmer at the end of the tunnel. Because of the awakening of America we can now have leaders who will, drill in America, make and buy in America, cut unnecessary spending in America, curtail severely the EPA,the NEA, unions etc. Also, how about the “poor” which is many times the lower-middle class, paying their “fair share” . The poor should not be given the right to take, take, take and never give their portion. The illegals are taking from what is rightfully needed to be given to the poor. The rich? They are funding the government who has been overspending their money? If we don’t have the talent nor the ability to accumulate wealth admit it and stop the jealousy of the rich. It’s a self-defeating attitude.

  6. Milos

    Your commentary is right, however, your conclusion is wrong. He will be reelected because Americans are not bright (or if you want a kinder description, duped). The fact that any poll shows anything over 10% of the country is willing to vote for this America hating, arrogant, lying Marxist punk proves it. Sorry folks, America and freedom are over, and the proof will become apparent in the next year or so, as the country continues to spit on God and the Constitution. The framers new the eventuality of this and wrote about it. Just read what they said.

  7. Amber

    I don’t believe Obama is the Antichrist, but I do know he is anti-religion, no matter how much he professes to be a Christian. I’m not a christian either. I’m no particular religion really. He left out on purposeE that we are endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights. He said we have inalienable rights. He knew what he was leaving out. what could be more clear than that. If he gets re-elected we are doomed and I mean doomed. He will destroy this country with Obama care and all his other socialist policies. He’s already said that next term if he can’t get Republicans to agree with him, he’ll ram it through with executive orders. We are doomed, or as I like to say, Scroomed — just use your imagination as to how I came up with that.

    1. Rescue

      Amber, since you are not any religion it tells me that you don’t have the idea yet. One thing you don’t do is mix politics with religion. I’m sure all of you would like to critique all non white races, you need to leave what God has done alone. When He speaks it is done. Be ye you or me or any other race, color, or creed. Leave that alone.

      1. Amber

        you are very strange you little communist!

        1. Snickerdoodle

          Religion is “man-made”. Following Christ, being a Christian is God-made. I am a Christian. It is who I am. As I vote I vote from my viewpoint and teaching of God’s Word. I cannot separate who I am from how I vote or what politically I believe. They are inter-meshed.

    2. Captain Sam

      Hate and Fear are extremely powerful and can make people believe ideas against their own common sense. George Orwell’s “1984″
      We are only as great as the least of us. Christian, conservative or what ever you call yourself. Our youngest and brightest have given their lives for two wars and conservatives feel its injustice for the wealthiest of this nation to give up some of their earnings to help pay for it. Come on people, get off the hate bandwagon and wake up to the true needs and foundation of this country. We are a land of opportunity where everyone can have a chance. We are NOT a land of deserving wealthy and undeserving poor

  8. JoSe

    He isn’t going to win because we are going to vote him out. He is different then most Americans, so that to me is a good reason to vote him out. You can tell he’s lying by the fake smile on his face as most Politicians smile to get your vote and then work for the illegals instead of you.

    1. Amber

      I just heard he cut funding so veterans can’t play taps at veteran’s funerals anymore – they will be using recording. do you hear that anywhere from the lame stream media? Where do you think the “savings” will be used? Food Stamps? Aid to illegal aliens perhaps?

      1. Captain Sam

        Hate and Fear are extremely powerful and can make people believe ideas against their own common sense. George Orwell’s “1984”
        We are only as great as the least of us. Christian, conservative or what ever you call yourself. Our youngest and brightest have given their lives for two wars and conservatives feel its injustice for the wealthiest of this nation to give up some of their earnings to help pay for it. Come on people, get off the hate bandwagon and wake up to the true needs and foundation of this country. We are a land of opportunity where everyone can have a chance. We are not a land of deserving wealthy and undeserving poor.

      2. JoSe

        Taps will sound the same in a recording and yes it’s less expensive, so this makes some sense to me to save the tax payers money, but to also put it to good use, and not give it to the lazy poor of our country.

        1. Mark Biernat

          Better is to think more libertarian in terms of taxes are unfair as it is a transfer of wealth from the productive to the less productive. There is no dishonor in being poor.

          If we have more freedom and less taxes there will be less poor. Is that not what we all want?

          Expressed in another way, to create a greater good in society we should strive to maximizes the chances that we can all contribute to the greater good by maximizing individual rights so we can act on our own enlightened self interest and the poor will take care of themselves through new opportunities.

          The poor do not want to be poor.

          Humans are innately good and all want to feel self worth including in work.

          In the end if there is

  9. steve draughon

    This was a very good article and the 101 reasons are spot on, but the real reason Obama will lose is because he is not an American. He was grown and molded by anti-American middle easterners and is actually an Al-Qaeda operative who bought the presidency. His 1st term was to brainwash the idiot American Obama sheep i.e.; NBC CBS ABC MSNBC and he overly succeeded in that way. His second term will be to turn the US into a western middle east and Muslim stronghold and to enslave non-believing Obama opponents into submission.

    1. Petro Dollar

      9/11 was an Inside Job. Obama or Romney, it does not matter. The voters spectacle called “elections” is just theatre. People of USA are not in control. 9/11 was an Inside Job – make your own educated research.

      1. Mark Biernat

        Not a chance. 9/11 was carried out by extremists with hatred towards other humans. Innocent Americans are gone and it has to do with foreign extremists not a particular group of people as a whole and not the US government. The US government did not carry this out. The US government did mess up with intelligence and proactive measures to stop it, but that is clean only in retrospect. In 2012 they are much better prepared with a shift from traditional military to homeland security.

        This came from twisted extremists in the Middle East as a reaction to US world policy and US influence in foreign politics.

        1. Petro Dollar

          Mark, you must have read Uncle Sam’s Book about the 9/11. They are capable of brainwashing certain parts of population (about 30%). Please note that there are corrupt people in the govt, but not the entire govt. is bad. Those that pull strings on the backstage are pretty bad. Find some fact and proof based info on the web. There are good videos on the topic and websites such as Architects and Engineers For 9/11 Truth.

          It really does not matter to which presidential candidate you people vote. The problem must be applied to its roots and not to its fingernails, which are rather dirty and will be trimmed pretty soon, so the new one grow and get dirty again. Apply the problem solver solution to the roots, the heart and the lungs and other internal organs. Do not get it onto your eyes, it’s extremely toxic.

          1. Jay Holland

            Every one of those on line vidos are by arm chair fools that dont know jack. There is no proof that the US goverment commited this act. Its sad there are miss giuded individuals such as your self. Its even sadder your able to vote, drive a car, carry a weapon, reproduce and remain at large.

      2. JoSe

        We were attacked by a monster and now that monster is still being eaten by sharks.

      3. Jay Holland

        Its amazing people think 9/11 was done by the goverment. The same people that are responsable for 9/11 are the same that shot Kennedy, they are the same people that knew the Japs were going to attack Pearl Harbor. I mean really get a life. or get some help.

        1. JoSe

          The main reason he’ll lose the re-election is because he may want to be the President of Mexico, but don’t worry you’ll lose for sure and you can go there, and show them how to collect Food Stamps in Mexico once they find out they also can have that Program in that country.

        2. Shrub Hater

          YOU ARE (choose one):

          a) Moron

          b) Paid propagandist (disinfo agent).

          1. Shrub Hater

            This is addressed to Jay Holland.

    2. Bella

      Steve, You seem like one really paranoid and frightened person. It must be torture to live in your head. I send you healing thoughts.

  10. John

    All US Presidents are Liars. They never or rarely keep their promises, this the entire US population thinks it is OK not to keep one’s promises. USA is doomed as Americans have no dignity, no self-respect and they sent their jobs away to China and other countries being softies as they are. One World Order is a failure. We need diversity within each country’s borders, not an explosive mixture. Since 911 was an Inside Job and Chemtrails are rampant, the world is doomed being run by total morons and greedy corporations.

    1. JoSe

      People love to hear lies, so that’s why these dummies win. No one that runs for office tells the truth, so you all should know by now that they are born liars. Obama we know loves the illegals and he’ll bring them all to this country once he is voted in again, so vote him out or become another State of Mexico.

    2. JoSe

      If it was an inside job then it means it had to be someone working that day and they left real fast. My guess is as good as yours. It was a terrorist act and we will never know who masterminded the attacks. People brag they did something, but most of the time it was someone else.

    3. JoSe

      Correction. Everyone is a liar at one time or another and don’t tell me that’s not true. Presidents seem to do the most lying, so in a way you are correct.

  11. Kim

    This yahoo opened the door to give permission to the Arapaho Indian Tribe to hunt our national bird for religious reasons. The bald eagle is a fierce and proud symbol for the strength and freedom of our nation and our president basically spit on it which basically symbolizes his view on the place America has in the world.

    This guy has also had the nerve to pretty much stomp on the constitution by saying he is not going to enforce immigration laws on people of a certain age. So much for laws, Obama seems to think he is the law.

    On a more serious note, we have become the laughing stock of our enemies. Iran continues to have its way with us, knowing full well and good that there will be no repercussions with our sock-washer of a president. He obstructs oil development here, ridiculously aligning his logic with environmental concerns. When the truth is: the Keystone Pipeline, which he knocked down, would have provided 830,000 barrels of oil per day, not to mention all of the manpower and jobs created in the process.

    But no, lets keep giving other countries money to aid them in their oil production. This sounds a little too much like the downsizing of America to me. This guy and his administration are blatant liars and will say anything to get reelected. Shoot, look at all the promises Hitler made and where it got them. See any similarities? There is so much more information out there, facts, that would stump any concerned American. Our safety is at stake. America needs to wake-up and really pay attention to what’s happening here. I don’t know about the anti-christ, but this guy is pretty darn close, if you ask me.

  12. TheRightIsWrong

    Wow, another, I hate Obama comment site. You guys need to get a clue. If you think Mitt Romney is the answer, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.

    1. Mark Biernat

      I am happy to see your comment so lets talk about it.
      First if you read anything about what I wrote the word hate never enters into the conversation. That is your editorial, because you have no real logical arguments. If you do I invite you to open a dialogue.
      For example, explain to me in your own words why Keynesian economics has worked if unemployment has gone up?

      1. sc3441

        There is no way I am voting for Mitt Romney he is the biggest liar I have ever seen, the man has absolutely no core convictions.

        He is running to enrich himself, the Mormon Church and his rich friends. He could care less about the middle class, much less the poor, the sick and our wounded veterans of the two wars.

        He will also start a war with Iran, resulting in more death, debt and destruction.

        I cannot in good conscience vote for Mitt Romney.

        1. Mark Biernat

          Obama and Romney have similar foreign policies. If they did not we would not still be cranking out submarines and such preparing for a WWII style conventional way at the price tag of 1 Trillion dollars a year. We are in 150 countries in the world. Obama was meddling in the Middle East like in Libya. Romney is not attacking Iran.
          Just because someone is rich does not mean he is bad or a liar. Obama enrich his friends with the government programs, 90 billion, in green energies and most of those companies are out of business today.
          Be specific, you are just ranting media driven hype. How did he use government to enrich his Mormon friends. I think he made his money in the private sector and donates 30% to charity. Why are people so jealous of success and try to find reasons to resent people?
          But lets talk about core values. Romney is pro-life. Obama is anti-life. How can you say Obama has values just based on that?

    2. Melissa

      Keep drinking the koolaid buddy. and the bridge in Brooklyn comment is a little time-warn, don’t ya think? Slurp, slurp, lap it up. Yummy, Yummy. all those freebies sure sound good, don’t they? Well, they aren’t free and neither will we be if Marx is re-re-elected

    3. Jay Holland

      Well if we dont get Omama out of office you will be buying that bridge fron China, Or pickng whats left of it out of a river because there wasnt any money to maintane it.

  13. Melissa

    As Clint said it so plainly, if someone isn’t doing the job, you’ve got to let them go. However, I have no faith in the American people right now. They are still drinking the Koolaid of Obama and I fear he will win anyway even with all the devastating facts out there. It doesn’t seem to matter. I think the only way things will ever change is when he does get re-elected and this country goes to hell in a hand basket then FINALLY people will realize what a disaster Obama has been and vote conservative the next time. It’s kind of like when enough people have died at a bad intersection, they FINALLY put in a stoplight but the sad fact is all those people had to die to get them to make the change. It won’t be people dying just our country

    1. Petro Dollar

      And the Shrub was a disaster (especially), so will Obama (a lesser one) and so will Romney (probably a shrub-like one or worse). I had some hopes about Ron Paul, but the US American electorate did not like him and so you folks signed your own country’s death penalty. Now put lipstick and get ready to kiss Corporate rulers.

  14. Regina

    I don’t know whether Barack Hussein Obama is the antichrist but he is so anti-G-d and definitively not a Christian!! Most probably he is a closet Muslim with the way he is licking and bowing down to his Muslim friends and he had absolutely no problem with agreeing to build a mosque on ground zero, now I ask you what sort of real American would agree to such a thing and if the rumors are true that his birth certificate and social security number are fraud who knows to what lengths he will go to be re-elected second time!! The Democrats have removed G-d’s name from their charter [G-d forgive them] and were practically forced kicking and screaming to put it back when told they would lose many voters because of this which is VERY VERY scarey. As for Election Day, it is YOU who decides how you want to see this country in the long run. On election day the choice is quite simple!! YOU either vote for a G-d fearing party or you vote for a Godless party. This will be your heritage to your children and your grandchildren. G-d forbid my children will be raised in a GODLESS Country, therefore I know who to vote for, do you?

    1. sc3441

      Bush used to hold hands with King Abdullah and kiss him on the lips for God’s sake.
      Did you forget so easily what the evil Bush and Cheney did to this country?
      I can see this is a pointless exercise. I will vote for Obama and hope for the best.

      1. Jay Holland

        Vote for Obama and hope for the best? You might just as well jump off the Empire State building and hope for the best on the way down

    2. Marxist

      What mosque on Ground Zero? There isn’t one.

      1. Diane

        Regina and Marxist, you have no right judging anyone on how they believe in God, or what religion they are, or if they are even religious at all, attend church ect..

        Everyone on Gods earth has the right to his or her own beliefs or non beleifs.

        When it comes to judgment time, we will all answer to him and this includes the two of you.

        With that said, be concerned about your own beliefs or not beliefs. If you do believe, make sure you share it to turn someones life around.

  15. JoSe

    He’ll lose because of his ears. They seem to lie too.

    1. Petro Dollar

      In this “election” theater everyone loses, no one wins, since the presidential candidates are just marionettes of the shadow government. Don’t you get it? 9/11 was an inside Job and you are pounded by massive chemtrails from the sky. What is so hard to understand? Did you make your research and if your head is just a pumpkin then stay away from politics. Otherwise use your brain or what is left of it after the massive brainwashing by your fascist government. Intelligent people are screaming their heads of trying to deliver the message to you, Sheeple, that you are in danger.

      1. sc3441

        I keep hearing this but I don’t have any proof. You are probably correct, sadly.

        1. Shrub Hater

          No one will provide proof to you on a golden platter, sadly. Sometimes information and reason (make sense) is all we need to have “proof”.

          By voting or abstaining from voting you folks will change NOTHING. The Puppet Master is the same, be it shrub or Hussein or anyone else. They either are crooks and vassals of crooks. There are other ways to make the change. By making intelligent decisions and following them up.

          Unfortunately people only to wake up once they become poor and abused.

  16. Alan Beasley

    Really President Clinton – squandered your surplus?
    Or did President Bush step up?

    I was struck by the selective memory of President Clinton during his speech at the 2012 DNC.

    I did not expect him to say that he inherited a booming economy adding a million new jobs every 3 – 4 months; adding 3 million in 1993, 6.6 million by Dec 1994, and 8.8 million by Dec 1995.

    I did not expect President Clinton to say that after he left the White House – the U.S. lost jobs 11 out of the next 12 months, and 20 of the next 24 months; 1 million prior to the attacks of September 11th. And that is what created a huge 2.3 million job deficit at the very start of the next presidential term.

    I did not think President Clinton would give the Bush Administration any credit at all.

    I did not expect President Clinton to say President Bush was handed a country in recession, an office tarnished by impeachment, and a nation of Americans frustrated with a decade of terrorism; by an increasingly emboldened enemy.

    I certainly didn’t think Clinton would say he regretted not taking Osama bin Laden seriously throughout the 1990s. Or that in hind sight, the writing was on the wall – the WTC truck bombing, the twin Embassy bombings, the Navy Ship Cole, diplomatic assassinations, and several exposed plots; like the 1995 airline plot by Ramzi Yousef who was the mastermind of the 1993 WTC attack.

    I definitely didn’t expect Clinton to say he was pleased Bush ended the attacks … where he had not.

    Or that Clinton would say he did not intend to leave it for Bush – to respond to a decade of terror attacks including 9/11, to create the Department of Homeland Security, and to ensure that buildings in NYC, U.S. Embassies, Navy Ships, or others were not vaporized – as happened in the 1990s.

    And certainly, Clinton would not admit that his response – at the time deemed “symbolic”, “worrisome”, and “potentially dangerous” – was simply inadequate and would not deter anyone!

    Nobody expected President Clinton to say President Bush was forced to spend trillions to defend Americans worldwide.

    Or to commend Bush for ending the decade long string of increasingly devastating attacks – and not “cheaply” like in the 1990s; which obviously was a complete failure!

    But I was appalled that he criticized President Bush for squandering his surplus!


    Especially since Clinton knows very well that it cost taxpayers over $1.7 trillion (and countless lives) to deal with the recession he left behind, the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, and one of those “un-funded wars” Clinton likes to complain about.

    Yet, for 11 years we have seen no attacks, no embassies have been demolished, no assassinations? And Clinton’s recession alone completely erased any surplus.

    This is what I hear when someone claims President Bush threw away a surplus of a few billion dollars.

    I suppose every president could claim a surplus – if they left America somewhat defenseless.

    Supporting facts (not part of the Op-ed)

    Monthly Job Growth – bls.gov (CES0000000001)

    Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
    1993 310 242 -51 308 265 174 295 160 239 278 261 307
    1994 270 201 462 353 333 313 364 298 355 208 422 272

    Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
    2001 -15 63 -28 -282 -44 -128 -125 -155 -243 -331 -295 -178
    2002 -129 -146 -24 -84 -9 47 -100 -11 -55 121 8 -163

    American officials were aware of Osama bin Laden in the mid-1990s:

    Within one day of the 1998 twin embassy bombings:

    On June 12 (1998), however, the State Department issued a notice warning that Osama bin Laden, a wealthy Saudi exile who has been linked to Zowaheri, had threatened in a May 26 statement that some kind of terrorist action could be mounted against American military or civilian targets. The department advised American travelers in the warning — dated to remain in effect until Aug. 31 — that it had received information “which indicates planning for an attack against Americans in the Persian Gulf.”


    About me: I am a 50 year old part time author (Legacy of Success) and full time Account Executive for a Consulting Company. In 1991, I worked on the 79th floor of the World Trade Center for Progress Software. I spent 30 years in New York before moving to Atlanta in 1994. I bought a motorcycle in 1979 because I assumed it was lighter to push in the gasoline lines.

  17. gaetano

    The democrats slowly put the poor in chains with their give away money, food stamps, bribery, and promises. No one in that predicament will throw their life away to vote for someone else. If you take a starving dog and hold out food for them , they will come to you. That’s what our government has done to the American people, and until they starve again they will not change. I will not vote for Obama, who to me, is a fraud ,clear to the bone. But, my reason for not voting democrat is that Obama is not an a American or a Christian and he has no love for God. He believes in Sharia law and has proven that to me.

  18. Marc

    Looks like I really stumbled upon an extreme right blog here. The views I’ve been reading sound like they were broadcast from Mars.

    Obama a Marxist? Would a Marxist hand over the ACA act to private insurance companies? Giving the business to public companies is as capitalist as it can possibly get.

    Obama is a Muslim? How many hours have I had to endure hearing the right decry Obama’s attendance at Rev Wright’s church for two decades? Had anyone seen him in a Mosque around the same time? You can’t have it both ways folks.

    And then we have the birther’s, who just won’t quit. The whole movement is akin to what Geraldo Rivera said about OJ, that the jury wouldn’t have convicted him even if Mother Theresa was holding a video camera herself filming it. Even if there was complete indisputable proof in the form of an original birth certificate, the conspiracists would not believe it because of the un-compromised hatred and disdain they have for the man. I don’t agree with his policies but I don’t go on the warpath over him. I didn’t like Bush 43 either yet I kept my views civil. What I see here is viciousness like none other. Rabid would be a good word to use. Last word on the birthers, what they seem to conveniently forget (or omit)is that if one of the parents is an American citizen, the offspring is also considered American regardless of where in the world they are born. If my wife and I were on vacation in Japan when my son was born, he would be an American citizen, not Japanese. Why is this fact always overlooked?

    Obama has gone around the world apologizing for America? This one really piqued my interest, resulting in a lot of research on the subject. What I found is that while he was conciliatory at times, he never once apologized. If you want a true example of what an official American state apology by a president looks like, do a search on Bush’s official apology in 2008 to the Iraqi PM when a soldier deliberately mutilated a Quran. I haven’t heard anyone decrying that Bush went around the world apologizing for America.

    About the deficit. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s staggering but I must inform the uninformed about something. When running for office in 2008, Obama said that he will move the Iraq/Afghanistan war budgets from an emergency appropriations bill -where Bush had it placed- to the general budget. He fulfilled that promise and the result was an instant few hundred billion added to the bottom (red)line. For those that don’t believe me, do your own research – you may just learn something, although closed minded people won’t believe or acknowledge it.

    I read a comment here about Clinton giving Osama bin Laden a free pass in 90’s. I guess the person who wrote that comment totally forgot about the guided missile attack on Bin Laden’s camp in the Sudan, as ordered by Clinton in 1998. While a good piece of the camp was destroyed, Osama was not. Osama was most definitely on Clinton’s radar.

    But in summary my friends, you’ll just have to get used to another four years of our communist, American hating, Kenyan socialist president as Romney digs himself a deeper trench with each day that passes.

    As a great American once said, “can’t we all just get along”?

    1. Kelley

      When in doubt read the 101 reasons one more time. It’s clear you’re voting for Obama again that alone gives you and your arguments no credibility. How could anyone with a brain not admit that this guy is in completely over his head. We are talking about Obama here not any other Presidents.

      1. Mark Biernat

        I am voting for Romney. In simple terms Obama is a morally bad man based on his anti-life policies.
        It is beyond me how people still think government economics is better compared to free economics. This race is really about that. The future of the country for the next twenty years or more. Will it be the socialist model of Obama of wealth redistribution and government management of the economy. Or more freedom and personal responsibility in the market with Romney.
        However, I do think both Romney and Obama are similar in the sense they are more focused now on getting votes and not cutting programs that have large blocks of voters. A guy like Ron Paul in contrast, who does not have as much popular support because of that, has a sounder understanding of economics. That is free money and free markets with maximized liberties.

        1. JoSe

          I voted for Romney the first day we voted and that was last Monday, and he got my vote, so it means he’s going to be our next President.

          1. Shrub Hater

            This website is so influenced by one-sided bias as if Republicans own it. And I am not Democrat either, because it’s all the same, one owner.

          2. Mark Biernat

            I am a Libertarian not a Republican and if you have an ideological disagreement, articulate it, for example state how you believe Obama’s Keynesian economics is superior to free market.

          3. Doubtful Righteous

            A bunch of kids. Don’t you get that you are all owned by one puppet master? You can vote all you want,that won’t change anything. The old are about to die, so they are experimenting. Only small government and free market plus regulation of (greed of) large corporations and their plans to rule the world by controlling weather and food.

          4. JoSe

            People have the right to vote for whom they feel is the best and a Republican is the best this time, and everyone else that is a candidate are only dreaming like the Dreamers from Mexico and other Foreign countries.

      2. Mark Biernat

        It is beyond me why so many people do not see the importance of the woulds most ubiquitous commodity, money and how government control leads to economic cycles.

    2. Jay Holland

      I in fact welcome you comments and remarks. I see it as gauge, a way to messure my belives. It reinforces the fact that Obama was voted in by people like you and is one of the most important reasons for voting him out.

  19. ann

    Stop sending money to foreign country if you can not afford to feed Americans, we Americans send billions of aids and money to foreign country like the Middles East but Republicans like Ryan Tea Party base want to play politics when it come to helping America poor feed your family first than feed the neighbors are do not feed any body do not complain about entitlements Americans are getting when you feeding foreign poor.

    1. Mark Biernat

      Compared to entitlements in the USA foreign aid is quite small. It is nothing but a drop in the bucket and foreign aid is better than military action to keep good relations. It is diplomacy and humanitarian aid. Military on the other hand is needed for homeland defense but too excessive. I agree we should not be the policemen of the world.
      But Obama is nothing more than an extension of the Bush-Obama doctrine as he is too much of a coward to depart from from this, for example Libya. He certainly did not deserve the Nobel peace prize.

      So if foreign policy is the same for both it is really about the economy. The economy Obama’s vision is to help the poor with more government. Rooney’s vision is to help the poor through prosperity and growth. Me living in Eastern Europe can clearly see social expansion of government leads to a very unfair, unjust impoverished society.

      American’s are not underfed by the way. I find it strange you say that. Americans underfed?

      1. sc3441

        PBS is a drop in the bucket, yet Romney said he would de-fund it.

        How nice of him. Not everyone can afford cable. Oh, that’s right, those people are not “His problem”.

        Per the secret video. His own words. 47% are not his problem, they are moochers.

        1. Mark Biernat

          I do not have cable. We just got a small TV and instead we read. Libraries, used bookstore are a wealth of information big bird could not convey. In fact I think for children there is an inverse correlation with TV and language skills. Books and children’s books never hurt anyone. In fact if there was less TV and more reading I think the country would be better off don’t you? Children read less books but are on their smartphones and watch TV more.

        2. Marc

          If PBS doesn’t do it, who will?

  20. ann

    As long as you can justify sending money millions if not billions to the Middle East never mention what we do for our own, if you do not have the money cut foreign aid /money first than complain about home.

  21. Obama2012

    Please tell me this is satire. Please tell me I don’t live in a country with this many idiots. “Communist”? Look up the word. “We are not racists” two posts after, “he is not like us”, “he is not a real American”, name one President in the last 50 years who has been questioned (his faith, his nationality) and I will believe this has nothing to do with race. I am not suggesting that anyone who dislikes Obama is racist, so please no more ridiculous “I have a black friend” comments like “I would vote for Keyes or Cain”, it sounds pathetic quite frankly. If you are not part of the dislike crowd, I’m happy for you, but don’t pretend that for a lot of folks, this is not fueled by race, it makes you look incredibly stupid and you really do lose all credibility. Again, you don’t need to prove to the Internets that you are not racist, I know there are some no- racists who just don’t like the guy, which is just fine.

    Moving forward, it is virtually impossible for a person to disagree with everything a president has done over 4 years, check that, it is impossible. If you claim you can’t agree with a single thing, that is the first sign that you have been brainwashed by your chosen media and are incapable of being objective and thus, have zero credibility on this topic. So here is your chance to prove you are capable of thinking for yourself. I don’t expect you to say you loved it when Obama got rid of don’t ask don’t tell, but trust me, there were several things that Obama did over the last few years that would make any Republican jump for joy had Bush Reagan or Mittens done the same thing, can any of you name one?

    Here is your chance to see if you can formulate a thought without Rush or Fox whispering in your ear, anyone want to give it a shot?

    I’ll start. President Bush, who was a disaster by any measure, did an incredible job in the weeks right after 9/11. Seriously, this country will never be able to repay him for that, he got us through it, amazing job. President Bush also did more to stop the spread of AIDS in Africa than any president. He does not get the credit he deserves for this, I hope history is kind to him for his efforts in this area.

    Reagan, one of the biggest myths in right wing culture, especially considering that in 2012, he would not have even cracked the final four in the primaries, too liberal for the tea baggers, ouch.

    Some of Reagan’s best achievements include:
    Granting amnesty to millions of undocumented aliens
    Signing the largest peacetime tax increase in history, which pulled us out of the recession
    Increasing the social security tax rate
    Openly advocated against the banning of gays from teaching in California.

    See, I am one of those “communists” you folks get all hurt about, but I can still be objective enough that I can recognize achievement by presidents that I otherwise did not care for. Of course I have also not ever subjected myself to daily, long term brainwashing by getting my news exclusively from Fox and Rush or whatever their lefty equivalent is. Are any of you objective enough to complete this challenge?

    1. Marc

      I echo the ideas contained in your post. First, I too believe that way too many people feel they need to be in lock-step with the media that they follow. I pride myself in being objective. While I’m a registered democrat, I listen to both sides intently and then make up my mind. I may not be the most handsome guy around, or even tallest, but one thing people will say about me when I’m gone is that I looked at the issues from all sides.

      Your assessment of Reagan is spot on. He couldn’t get elected in this climate by any stretch, yet the right still hold him near and dear to their heart as their savior and patron saint. A funny moment, you mentioned Reagan increasing SS withholding to save the system. About a year ago a “liberal” got through to the Limbaugh show and went down the list of all things Reagan did that would not sit well with the GOP today. The caller mentioned that Reagan signed the bill to increase SS tax and Rush got his panties in a bunch saying that the caller was off his rocker and that it simply wasn’t true. He was fumbling through his words trying to come up with a retort and tried to bring the caller down. That’s what he does best and why he makes $400m. At the end of the day I’m sure when Rush comes home to his trophy wife he says to her “did you hear the crap I spewed out today?” “Yes dear, but you don’t believe any of it do you?” “Pffft, what do you think?”

      1. sc3441

        I don’t think Rush’s “wife” even lives with him. 4 wives no kids. Sorry I’m not buying it.

    2. Bella

      Hello. I’m talking to the white folks on this site (and I’m one). In coursework taken to complete my masters degree a great deal of time was spent in one of my classes discussing the issue of “white entitlement” that shows up among many though not all white people in our society. That sense of entitlement can and sometimes does exist in any country by any ethnic or cultural or religious group if they are the dominant group. Since white people have been in charge here since the beginning of the good old USA, as the dominant culture, we have an unconscious sense that this is the way things are supposed to be. We can’t help it, we’re born into it – until we begin to wake up and become aware of this phenomenon, and then we are responsible individually and collectively to grow and change. Many good folks don’t want to face the race card, so as soon as a black man became the candidate, and even more so after he was elected, we pile all sorts of reasons in our little brains as to why we don’t like the guy – and some of us tell ourselves that none of it has to do with race. Others are just blatantly racist. Obama has been spewed with hatred since he first became prominent on the public scene. No president in modern history has been the object of so much venom, which makes it very difficult if not impossible to exclude race as a factor – since he’s the only non-white president we’ve ever had. Some of the comments on this site clearly reflect this hatred – and underneath hatred is fear, low self esteem, and a need to make ourselves feel better by putting down someone of another race. One of the most telling was the sad comment that “He’s not a normal American,” or words to that effect. What in the world makes a “normal American?” I’ve read a lot of paranoia on this site. If Obama’s skin were white, no one would be saying that he’s not really an American, or a Christian, or that he plans to make this into a Muslim country, etc. etc. Obama certainly hasn’t been a perfect president, and he hasn’t fulfilled everything he said he would (in part because of a concerted and deliberate effort to block this man – at least partially because of the color of his skin). Oh – and cut the nonsense about how maybe he’s a good man but just can’t cut it as president. The implication there, at least with some people, is an insidious secret belief that a black man can’t be a good president – poor guy. You could find just as many reasons why he might (and I hope will) be re-elected. You could try making a list of all the good things he has done while in office, and the lives he has touched, but apparently many of you are way too invested to go there. Take a good long look in the mirror, people. Some of you may be really good and sincere folks, but I hear a lot of hatred, phony sympathy, pretending to give a balanced point of view, etc. from people who apparently assume they are Christians while Obama is not. Wouldn’t you be insulted if you stated clearly that you are a Christian and some other folks declared you aren’t? Ask yourself “Do I need someone like me – in other words white – to be president so that I can feel comfortable?” Look in the mirror and search your souls. I’m voting for Obama for a variety of reasons, and one of them is in the hopes that he will have another shot at doing some of the good he intends for this country despite the prejudice that has dogged him from day one. I remember when he had been in office for just one year, and was trying to deal with the mess he inherited, that one of my Republican friends said “He is the worst President we’ve ever had.” Really? No kidding? After just one year in office? Look in the mirror. God gave all of you life, a brain, and hearts to do better than the sad stuff showing up on this sorry site. If you genuinely believe that Romney will make a better President, then fine and good, but look in the mirror and at least acknowledge that just perhaps some of the viewpoint of at least some of you is based on fear or hatred of someone who is “different” from you. This man is an American and he cares about you. One last thought – Democracy thrives on differences of opinion, and aren’t we glad that we have at least a two party system rather than living under a dictatorship in which everybody agrees with you, since you have fallible perceptions and views? If we all thought alike with so much fear and hatred around it could be dangerous.

      1. Camille Huntley

        I think that Christ would let the Muslims know that they are worshiping a Pagan moon god. As for Obama being a Christian, I have my doubts. He certainly doesn’t act like one especially by the way he leading our country to ruin. As for our forefathers taking the country from the indigenous people. I am a combination of both and I am not asking the government for anything extra to appease one side of my ancestry. If it wasn’t for both sides, I wouldn’t be here. Obama has not helped me in any way. He has hurt this country far worse than any president I can remember (I can remember only since Kennedy). I hope he is not re-elected, he is not good for America.

        1. Bella

          I’m not sure where you got your information about the Muslims worshiping a pagan moon god, but it’s absolutely false. Jesus never taught bigotry, or that people of other religions should be persecuted, labeled, or tossed out of the country. His biggest message was one of love. My own background is Christian, and I have gone through a two year program which studies all the major world’s religions. If you’re really interested in truthfully understanding other people’s religions, a wonderful book is “The World’s Religions,” by Huston Smith. As far as your Native American roots and not wanting a handout from the government, good for you. I don’t think any thinking person in this country believes it’s a good idea to give people handouts. People should be encouraged to stand on their own two feet and to use their God given talents and gifts. On the other hand, a responsible government with integrity supports the well being of all of its citizens, particularly those who are the most struggling. Such a government seeks to correct imbalances in which some people are suffering far more than others. Greed and a narcissistic attitude of “everything I can get for me” is a major problem in this country. Black and white, rigid thinking would try to suggest that reasonable and compassionate support that sees people’s worth and treats people with dignity is the same as a “handout.” This is very limited thinking.

          1. Camille Huntley

            Concerning Allah being a pagan moon god
            See this link (there are many others also, you just have to search them). For many years I believed that the Muslims worshiped the same God I did, I was wrong, they do not.


          2. Bella

            Hello Camilla, To really understand any religion, you have to go to an unbiased source, such as “The World’s Religions,” by Huston Smith, and not just sources that back your own beliefs. This book acknowledges the riches and wisdom of each of the major religions, and does not have a fear based agenda of putting down others. Sorry, but the moon god teaching is utter nonsense. Huston Smith is considered to be one of the world’s leading authorities on the major religions.

          3. Camille Huntley

            I disagree. It is the same as the Roman Catholic Church incorporating many pagan beliefs/rites into Christianity to recruit more believers.

          4. Shrub Hater

            My opinion: all believers (religious) are brainwashed people that haven’t had enough education on how Universe works. Do you folks believe that Bible was written by some old bearded man called “god”? I had better takes told to me when I was a toddler and even then I just laughed them in the face.

          5. Camille Huntley

            Quote from you:”I don’t think any thinking person in this country believes it’s a good idea to give people handouts. People should be encouraged to stand on their own two feet and to use their God given talents and gifts. On the other hand, a responsible government with integrity supports the well being of all of its citizens, particularly those who are the most struggling”.
            The above is exactly what Obama is doing, he is acting like a modern day Robin Hood to an extent. The problem is that the struggling people are the middle class not just the poor. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer and the middle are the ones that pay for it. I am tired of paying more so others can sit on their ass and collect. I am not talking about ones that truly need help, but I see every where that many, many people milk the system and do not try to better themselves.
            As for correct in the imbalances you mentioned, incorrect them and move on, don’t continue to give handouts (free cell phones for one).

            I also attended college and took an in-depth “Religions of the World” course. Of course Jesus did not teach bigotry, persecution, labeling, or being tossed out of the country, BUT, he did teach that he was the way, not Allah, Buddha, Dhana-Lakshmi, Bramha, Adi Purush, or Abaluyia, etc. So again, what is right for me may not be right for you.

            As for throwing people out of a country: Illegal is illegal and illegal is against the law, period. While I agree with offering programs for persons to come to America legally (or making available a way to let those that are here illegally but have been here for an extended amount of time) I do not support having an open door policy. There are steps to take to coming here that should be followed. Again my opinion and it is right for me even though it may not agree with yours. Coming here should be like going to any other foreign country, you have to show income levels or employment status. You just can’t move to (pick a country), go there and expect that the government will provide for you.

          6. Bella

            Hi again Camille, I appreciated your tone of respectful dialogue with me, and your comment that “What is right for me may not be right for you.” I certainly agree with that. Lots of the responses and attitudes on this site are pretty venomous and disrespectful to other’s points of view, both those of President Obama and people like me who write in with opposing viewpoints. This is democracy in action – the conversation you and I are having. So, to response to everything you said . . . I think Obama truly cares about all people, and has a specific interest in helping those with incomes under $250,000 – in other words the middle class and the poor. Cell phones are given away not as a handout but as a marketing tool or gimick. Once people have the cellphone the company makes that up by charging people every month for their use. In other words, the companies profit. Also, they count on the fact that people will want upgrades, and then they buy more expensive phones. My comment about not throwing people out of a country was in response to a pretty bigoted remark someone on this site made that suggested that Muslims are terrorists (only a small percentage of them are) and that all the Muslims should leave and go home to their own countries. In truth most Muslims here are American citizens just as much as Christians are, many of them were born here, and have just as much right to be here and enjoy freedom, including to be respected for their opinions, as anyone else in this country who claims to believe in freedom. I agree with most of what you said about immigration to this country. People need to follow a legal path to citizenship, and many of those who don’t should be deported. However, I’m also glad to hear that you also believe that illegal immigrants who have been here for a long time should be allowed a path to citizenship, especially children who have grown up here and consider this their home and country. Many of these people came from countries that don’t have nearly the benefits of this country, including job opportunities and a better standard of living, and some people are desperate to create a better life for their families and perhaps didn’t see another way to get here. That doesn’t make it right, the way they did it, but perhaps a little compassion is in order. I don’t see any evidence that people who come here this way are looking for a handout. In fact, sometimes they’ll take menial jobs that the rest of us Americans think are beneath us. Sounds like we share a mutual interest in religions of the world, and both of us, I assume, love Jesus. In my particular program we spent an entire month on each religion, so Christianity got a month, Islam got a month, and so on. During each month we were required to do a lot of reading and write papers, and try out one or two of their spiritual practices. It was a serious program. For example, the Muslims pray five times a day to Allah (their name for God, who by the way taught his people that Jesus was one of the great spiritual leaders of the world) at specific times, and I took that practice on during the month of Islamic studies, although I prayed to God as I understand, not to Allah. Some Native American tribes greet the sun and give thanks to the Great Creator upon arising every morning, and I took that on. We were also highly encouraged to visit the synagogues, churches, temples of these various groups to better understand them. This dispels a lot of superstition and misunderstanding about various religions, and did not dispel my love for Christ. I believe that we fear and condemn most what we don’t understand. Well, I’ve blathered on long enough. Be well.

          7. Bella

            I’m leaving this site with a few comments, a question and a challenge for you all. MSNBC is a liberal, left leaning tv network. Fox News is a right wing conservative network which has an amazing ability to twist the news in ways that would make me laugh, except that unfortunately they influence a lot of people. You can tell a network is questionable and untrustworthy when they constantly only push one philosophy and one agenda, and always have to have the last word. That means they are arrogant or biased, right? The CHALLENGE – For one week I dare you to watch only CNN, no matter how mad you get when you think your guy is being criticized. CNN is careful to have speakers and presents the news from a variety of angles. Sometimes I get upset because they can be just as critical of Obama as they are of Romney, and they also point out the strengths of both men. They truly try to show all sides, and the commentators give polite attention to their guests. If all you want is to hear opinions that back up your stance, then stick with FOX, but if you’re willing to hear truly from a network that at least tries to be fairminded and balanced, and doesn’t just say they are, then I dare you – switch to CNN for one week to get a fuller understanding of this network. Finally, a question for all of us: Do we truly believe in freedom, or do we only believe in freedom for people who think like us, and basically wish everybody else would just leave or go to hell? Keep looking in the mirror, Folks. So long, have a nice life.

          8. Camille Huntley

            Good news, I watch both already and Al Jeezera.

  22. Kelley

    You two that claim to be so “open-minded” and “enlighted” you still don’t get it? Or, maybe you do and that’s why you love to go on and on about past presidents and you love to label people as racists or “teabaggers”-(talk about drinking “your” media’s koolaid). It all really boils down to one thing – you either want big government (if you’re such a big history buff see where that’s taken us) or you want personal freedom, which is what this country was founded on-(look it up that’s your challenge for the day). Vote for the candidate whose record mostly aligns with what you want. You two prefer big government, which is fine, just admit it and go on and stop belittling and talking down to those of us who don’t.

    1. Mark Biernat

      It is about freedom. If you maximize a person’s liberties society as a whole will be better off as people acting on their own enlighten self interest will create a society better than any government can possibly envision. There are of course example where rules are needed, even Adam Smith would agree with this. However, there is no way you can steer an economy better with government than entrepreneurs can do on a micro level.
      Government is nothing more than a transfer of wealth from the efficient, hard working, creative, and good intentioned to a bureaucratic black hole in which assets are not transferred to the needy in the most efficient way.
      What if you gave the Trillions that government wastes to high quality good rated charities, like the free medical clinic in my town, then you would really see economic change and hope in America. Not with government as the deep pocket middleman.

      1. Kelley

        Amen Mark B! And that my friend is why America will not vote for another 4 years of tax and spend. November can’t get here fast enough.

        1. Mark Biernat

          I lived in Eastern Europe for many years. It was not until capitalism and freedom came did charities and prosperity start to arise. Now charities are big in Poland.

          If some starry eyed liberal thinks they are helping the country by voting for Obama they are not.

          For example, compare life in North Korea to South Korea. I know it is extreme but look, if we take this country down the road to serfdom motivated by class envy or even paved with good intentions, the end result will be there will be debt, and Byzantine bureaucracy, which I believe betrays the ideas of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

          If any Obama supporter can articulate one argument why Keynesian social engineering economics works better than free economics just reply.

          1. sc3441

            You lived in Poland. Guess you never heard of the “Solidarity” movement.

          2. Mark Biernat

            I lived there I am a Polish citizen. Solidarity of course was an anti-communist movement. Poland the only country in Europe and North America not to have this crisis is strongly free market and when you talk to a Pole about socialization or expansion of government they look at you like you are from another planet. Obama style economics causes poverty because government crowds out private initiative. It is called the crowding out effect in economics. Also he does nothing about the reckless monetary policy the cause of these economic cycles.

    2. Marc

      You’re point is valid when you said “Vote for the candidate whose record mostly aligns with what you want.”

      But the problem is each candidate offers a combination of what I want. As a self employed person who can’t purchase health insurance at a reasonable price on the open market, I support Obama and the ACA as it’s my only hope. Yet Romney scores points for smaller government (as if he could actually do something about it) and deficit reduction.

      So how do I reconcile this conundrum?

      1. Mark Biernat

        I am basically self employed and feel the same way. But my thinking is if markets are freer and the economy is roaring our disposable incomes will be many times higher and health care will be a smaller part of our incomes. I remember when the economy was better my home business did many fold of what it does now. It is Obama’s borrowing from China and wasting that makes our income less.

        When Obamacare kicks in the economy will screech to a halt and I will pay for it. Business will be down and one way or another we will all pay for it. Socialism never works. Never has.

        Now on a personal level, I found a solution. I did buy health insurance from Europe as I am dual citizen.

        However, the other alternative is to go to Blue Cross and buy a catastrophic health plan with a high deductible. It is like 100 dollars a month and then pay out of pocket. A company I work for now offered a plan for 957 dollars a month. Yeah right. I do not use that much medical care. I am 49 and thank God I am healthy.

        I bought a low cost plan from Europe (would have choose a low cost Blue cross plan as a back up). I would also consider medical tourism as often times treatment is better and a fraction of the cost. A full back operation might be 1,000 dollars in Poland, maybe up to 2,000 dollars with everything included and the technology and doctors are the same. In the USA it would be 20,000 dollars. So in a global market I would shop around. You do not buy American clothes or cars or computers. Other countries have doctors too. It is a myth that you fall of the edge of the world if you leave America.

        Also if you pay cash in the USA you can negotiate.

        My small town has a free clinic also. It is not bad either, clean and modern. In my town also antibiotics are free at a lot of pharmacies. The free market is making in so because they are offering promotions to get people in.

        I also think natural alternative treatments are very powerful for everything except very grave illnesses.

        But the main thing is if the economy is better we all get rich and medical care is less of our income. Science advances and adult stem cells are cheap and a reality and this is better than any social medical plan as it regrows your injured parts. I think under Obama care Adult Stem cells will not be developed as fast as the profit motive is less. So more people will suffer from Obama care. It will hold back science. Cures will be delayed and prices will be higher.

        Romney believes in state medical care rather than Federal. I think Romney is the best choice anyway as the States will help out like in MA. The state has social medical care before the USA. Romney just believes it is in the States realm not the Central D.C. bureaucracy to parse out medical care. Small is beautiful.

        Romney is not perfect but generally if we have Romney the USA will turn around. With Obama we will fall deeper into debt and recession will come back. And we will have social medical care, but not money. It is like in Eastern Europe during communist times. Everyone had a house but everything was poor and falling apart. That is not my vision of America. Do not let history repeat itself. Vote Romney.

    3. Bella

      It’s interesting that you say people either want big government or they want personal freedom, as if there is no middle ground. Wow. Talk about black and white thinking! In psychological jargon that would be called borderline personality thinking, in which some people or situations are perceived as totally right and others are totally wrong, or as totally good or totally bad. This is how we wind up demonizing those whom we perceive to be different from us, or wrong in their point of view. Many people want and are deeply grateful for the personal freedoms that we have in this country, and yet also recognize that all people, at least in an economic and having advantages sense, are not born equal, and thus justice and integrity in a civilized country require that our government play a supportive role to equalize the scales at least somewhat. It’s easy for someone who has lived his or her life with a silver spoon of wealth and opportunity all their lives to tell other people that they need to lift themselves up by their bootstraps, even though they themselves didn’t have to do that. It’s also easy for folks who have high energy and some kind of personal vision to look down on those who don’t have the same level of drive. There are rich folk and poor folk who have compassion and deep concern for others, and there are rich folk and poor folk who mostly think about themselves and like to get off on putting people down who hold different points of view. We all need to keep looking in the mirror.

  23. Veronica Jojola

    I think that every one in the white house, including President Obama and our future president need to get all their facts straight and stop lying to one another and promising Changes that are not even happening,like getting money for more Education, Hiring more officers, teachers and getting people of unemployment. I think that there should be a program built to teach people like me with a new skill. As a nation we should help one another move forward, help each other not fail. Only if the world could work as one. Only if there wasn’t so may liars in this world we live in. There are to many leaders and not to many doers.

  24. Sturmm

    Obama is not my first choice to be elected as President, however, I do believe he is taking us (albeit slowly) in an upward swing. I agree the spending needs to be cut, but I do not believe Romney will be any better(and likely I will pay for it if he gets in.) However, whoever gets in I will support fully.

    This Country is free to choose who will be it’s leader, we’re the ones who limit ourselves to only 2 options so we have no one else to blame for those choices but ourselves. I tried reading the comments on here before posting, but the sheer hate and vitriol is just disgusting and those who type it should feel shame. Disagreeing with someone’s choices does not make them a horrible person, it makes them someone who made a choice.

    Does Obama have some ideas I dislike? Certainly, but in the end I do believe he has tried to keep his personal beliefs out of his Presidency, Equality is for everyone.

    1. JoSe

      I also feel you can vote for anyone that you desire and who cares what other people think because your vote counts for your candidate, and I don’t care who it is as long as you vote. I voted for Romney and I also voted for McCain in 2008, and as you all know he was defeated, so maybe this time my vote will help elect Romney over Obama.

  25. JoSe

    I won’t vote for Obama because he knows our Mayor and the President may have suggested to him to have a sales tax increase so the children of low income parents, and children of illegals get to go to a special Pre-K paid for by those whose children don’t qualify to attend Pre-K. So, I will vote two times ( No for Obama ) and ( No to the sales tax increase ) in our city. God Bless This Country.

    1. Shrub Hater

      With Ron PaulL gone, I don’t give a rat’s something who will be the next puppet in the whitey house with a dirt road in front of it. DemocRAT or RePUBlickAN, no difference, as the puppet master behind those is the same. Gladly I am not a citizen (by my own choice) and so I won’t have my hands dirty by voting for any of that scum. They all want to destroy the country, the economy and to have all the money and power in the world to themselves. Now the wrong Paul please stand up and screw the country up more. Humans – fail.

  26. Shrub Hater

    I wrote “whitey house” but I am European, so to speak. I did not mean to spread hate against any racial group, including “whites”. I met very very greedy people among all races.

  27. Camille Huntley

    I will blame the people who voted for him and their ignorance.

    1. Bella

      To Camille, I seem to be enjoying responding to your comments today. You said if Obama wins you will blame the people who voted for him for their ignorance. That would seem to suggest very black and white, either or thinking. You seem to be saying that you are absolutely right, which is rather arrogant, and anyone who votes for Obama is ignorant. It seems to me that personal growth and happiness, as well as the ability to have an intelligent point of view, requires a willingness to really listen to and respect other viewpoints than your own. Open your heart and your mind, friend.

      1. Camille Huntley

        I stand behind my comment that I will blame the voters for their ignorance if Obama is reelected. That is my opinion, so it is right for me, while it may be wrong for you. Many of the reason I have heard for his reelection are,IMO, ignorant. I do not agree with his handling of the country, again my opinion, so it is right for me and again may not be for you. I do wish there were another overwhelming candidate for the presidency, but there isn’t. Obama said that if he could get done in 4 yrs what he promised to get done, then he would be a one term president, his words not mine, and he hasn’t lived up to what he promised. If you really require examples I will give them, but they are numerous.

  28. JoSe

    He won’t be elected because I say so.

  29. JoSe

    He should have not won in 2008, but he made promises he didn’t keep and it gave him the votes to win, but now that we know he lies a lot he’ll lose to Romney.

    1. Shrub Hater

      Perhaps BHO was told by the Puppet Masters that if she tried to keep (some of) his promises he will end up dead. Is that a possibility?

  30. Mfellows75

    Reason #103 – the idiotic cover ups of the Fast & Furious failure via executive order and the cover up of the Benghanzi attack being an attack as opposed to a riot based on a video.

  31. JoSe

    One main reason why he’ll lose is because he went behind the back of the American people and let the children of the illegals stay, and take the jobs of those that were born here and he also didn’t specify the parents had to go back to their country in order for their children to stay here. That would have been accepted by all of us. Do you want him to do it again? He has shown us what he can do and he knows there isn’t a thing we can do about it except make sure it doesn’t happen again by voting him out of the Presidential House.

  32. Diane

    This is the exact reason that we need to elect a woman president for 2012.

    Obama cannot budget and spends beyond his means. Our countries debt is way out of control. He’s doing nothing to keep in under control.

    Neither Obama or Mitt are doing anything about the environment. Recyling is the best thing for our planet earth.
    I don’t believe a word either of them are saying. Mitt Romney won’t speak the truth and Obama vowed for change. Now nearly the enitre country is having to live on “Change” because that’s all we have left to live on.

    No one is doing anything about the wages.

    I think a woman would do a great job. They are flexible, strong, leaders, role models, great moms, great budgets, excellent mulitaskers ect…

    If the country wants real change, then prove it by electing a woman president. This is the only way the country will ever prove that woman are treated equal and that we will also get equal pay.
    There are to many problems in the government and this country cannot have another 4 years of people in the government who don’t like the president or just flat our don’t want to deal with him. So with that said, nothing is getting done. It’s uncalled for.

    If a woman, who had a regular life and non famous person would be the perfect person because she would not come in with any baggage or agendas. She would turn this country around and give our country a fresh, new look and see to it that everyone is treated equally and live in quality to where no one is poor, no one can remain rich. She will bring this country down to the same level to where we are all living in proserity.

    Every person will pay his or her share of equal taxes, no one person will be paying in no taxes in any bracket at all, those who are getting taxes breaks will no longer get the breaks because he or she will be paying in more taxes. The tax system would be on a graduated income system.

    There is no way this country can continue to think of themselves in the government anymore. You are elected in to do a job, so do your job. No more long vacations or breaks. Your not school teachers, you are elected in by the American Public. You all have to get along, learn to live with each others and like each others regardless to who you are, what party you are, or what you income is. You have a job to do, it is just that simple. Your job is to put the American People first and not your selves first. Everyone in the government, you can already survive because you have great income with great benefits.

    You need to step into the shoes of the American People,we do not. We are all sacrificing something in our lives to get another thing in our life to just live from day to day. It’s time for the government to sacrife for once in our lifetime prove to us that your in the job for the good of the American People and not just for yourselves.

    There are numerous folks working two and three jobs and cannot survive. Do you seriously think that’s OK?? Some of them are even living in cars, who have jobs. So there are not enough jobs and the jobs that are out there, do not pay enough for anyone to survive on but the wealthy.

    This is why the country is going to tax everyone on luxury items. The states and cities need this income. If you can afford to buy more than one house, boats, hot air balloons, yacht ect.. then you need to pay in the taxes. If you don’t need it to live, then it’s a luxury and that’s just the way it is and how’s it’s going to have to be.

    Women just have better ideas and are way more creative than men. We can draw up plans just as well, and stick to our plans on top of we are always honest. As men, you won’t ever tell us the truth.
    You always tell us what you think you want us to hear, just because you are afraid of the end results. This is why a woman would be the perfect president. Men fear, they don’t want to hear us bitch. We know what we want and we know how to get it. This presidency has absolutely nothing to do with money.

    It’s about who has the best visions for our country. I can tell you right now, that it is a woman. A good looking one!
    This is the year to elect a woman. The ridlock will continue on with President Obama, and if Mitt Romney gets elected then all hell will break lose because we have no clue what his real intensions are for the country. He can’t speak the truth!

    This country cannot survive another 4 years under Obama and epecially if he’s not going to budet anything. You cannot keep adding to the debt and bailing people out, who can do just the same by filing bankrupcty like everyone else has to.

    This country cannot afford to put millions of American’s on medicade either and then have millions of American suffer financially by paying high fee in insurance premiums. It’s all or nothing. Everyone has to pay for his or her own insurance if not then you need to put the entire country on medicade and then raise our taxes on medicade to pay for it. On everyone, don’t leave out the 47%. We all have to pay. Nothing in life is free. That’s what president obama, doesn’t get. You keep giving out free help, that’s supposed to be only temporary then no one will ever do anything for themselves.

    Everyone needs to learn his or her own independance and not depend on the government. When you depend on the government, you are only limiting yourselves. Why not just go to work and pay for your own food, kids ect… People do it all the time and everyday!
    The government needs to also do the same, stop depending on other coutnries, stop borrowing and stop loaning out money if you have no clue if, when or how it will ever be repaid.

    America could be a great country, if everyone wants to put in his or her share of 100% and all of the time, not some of the time. That includes all of the people in America and all of the Government. I don’t care what your gender or race is that has no relevance. If your living in America, then do something for yourself. Try it because you will be 100% more happier!

    God Bless.

    1. Enlightened Luckylicious

      Diane, yet another perfectionist talking. It is not an issue whether the puppet will be a Wrap-pub-lick-an(us) or a Dam-oak-rat. It is an issue of the Puppet-Master and the Corpo-rat-ions being out of control and being too greedy. Their plans are not ‘change’ but ‘destroy’. They want ‘war’. There’s nothing you can do without an out rite revolution. And to make sure it does not turn to become soviet style communism, but a free market with regulated size of corporations and controlled greed and universal fairness.

      1. Diane

        No, I am not perfect. President Obama will never be a good president until he lives by his own words. His constant words are everyone needs to be responsible, accountable and pay his or her own fair share, as well as he’s going to bring change into our country.

        He needs to pay attention to this because he’s not doing his fair share on budgeting, cutting the deficit. In fact he’s doing nothing to either one but adding trillions of debt to our country with no plans on how to correct the problem. The only change that he can bring into this country is do your job.

        90% microphone to 10% office is the wrong step to move this country in the right direction. He needs to be 90% at his office and 10% microphone. That’s what he has a Vice President for and Assistants. This is also one step to a huge cost saving to our country. All of the trips that he’s making to speak into the mic, is costing our country in large dollar increments and it’s also costing the people who are elected in because they can’t do his or job either if the president is holding up a microphone and never around to speak to his own people.

        You can’t accomplish anything for our country by speaking into a microphone. That is not why he was elected into office. Anyone in this country can speak into a microphone.

    2. JoSe

      Women do get equal pay. I worked as a bus driver and the women there earned the same pay, when they began to work, and sure they made less to begin with since the company gave yearly raises and some drivers made more and that included the women that had been there many years. The starting pay was low, but much higher them most companies, so the more years you stayed there the more you earned. $.70 an hour raise every year wasn’t bad, so that’s why they never complain because their
      pay was similar to the men’s pay. Firemen ( women too ) and Policewomen also get equal pay. This is one reason Obama has to go.

      1. Lisa

        When you go onto a national forum and try to explain why the president needs to go, you really should at least look at some of the data. No one said all industry is biased in the way they pay men and women, but historically speaking, women make less than men. Thank God President Obama realized just how unfair that was and put legislation in place to try to prevent it from continuing. He has kept his word pretty much on every area. He can only do so much since he has to work with Congress to get anything passed.

        1. Mark Biernat

          Let the markets work. Women do get less pay on average but for various reasons. For example, women usually take a ten year break in their careers to raise kids. Yet some and many women get paid more than men. Government’s role is not to equalizes everything in the country. Do you really want that, we had that in Eastern Europe during communism and believe me it was the worst.
          Its because we all are different that makes life interesting, I certainly do not measure one’s life success by income by the whole. If a woman raises a family this is more successful to me than an extra few thousand dollars in a paycheck.

          1. Diane

            I think in general, a woman would make a better President. We have more ideas.

            I feel President Obama, will win only because no one wants Mitt Romney to win.

            Obama, has done nothing for the middle class. Even thought he says he’s fighting for the middle class he’s not here for us at all.

            My family is paying nearly $140 a week for insurance premiums and then allowing thousands for American to be put into the medicade sytem for FREE, when the Affordable Care Act all goes into effect. How is the even justifiable?? By the time 2014 gets here, my family won’t even afford to pay for insurance and even though we 100% need it. If he wants to do something for the middle class, he needs to get on the ball and starting finding ways to regulate the “Healthcare Industry”. The costs will continue to rise. If nothing is done, then the country will be in the same position again on healthcare. Except now it won’t be the poor who cannot afford healthcare because, these folks are all going to be put into the medicade system. It will be everyone else, beside the poor and the wealthy that will not be able to afford health care.

            He doesn’t know how to budget, cut costs, negotiate, work with people across the aisle (all of them), draw up plans that are attainable. If he did, the Affordable Health Care Act would not have gone to the “Supreme Court”. This was out of his league.

            I firmly believe that everyone needs healthcare as to just like everyone needs auto insurance. In the real world, everyone needs to be paying for his or her on way.

            Just stop it all with the free hands outs to the 47% because now it’s more than 47% of the country that is needing help. If you can’t help everyone that needs help, then don’t help anyone. Let everyone figure out his or her own problem. It’s not the governments problem to feed people, who end up having numerous children that they can’t afford. This is why birth control is out on the market. Which is cheaper? Montly birth control or paying monthly for a child.

            All of these programs need to just be deleted out. The money needs to be put into other places in our country that truly needs and deserves the help. We need to stop helping the folks you can physcially get up and move and themselves.

            The way I see it, if you are not disabled, a senior or going to school getting an education (minus college students), then you need to be working.

            Don’t contiually expect the government and the tax payers to pay your way. For one, you will have a better life in the end by doing something for yourself. when you become dependant on the government, you get what you get and that is all you get.

            I am 100% ready for a woman president. Someone who is honest, has intergrity, has no agenda and no baggage. This is exactly what our country needs is real change and a change in everything.

            As the goverment, you have done nothing in real change. Thousands and thousand of Americans are struggling and having to sacrifice and give up things in order to feed the kids, keep a roof over his or her head. Some people who are working are living in cars, some are working two and three jobs.

            If your seriously ok, with all of this then you are the 100% problem. I am not ok, with our world living like this. Its to where all Americans can’t even get “Gods” provisions and keep it.
            Which is life’s basic necessities, food, water, clothing, a home, sanitation. You know how ridiculous that is but it is the 100% truth.

            I am a woman and I am telling you the truth. Men elected into office, that’s the 100% problem you cannot tell the country the truth. You tell us all what we want to hear, and what you think the real problems are. When in reality you actually know what it is and what the solutions are but you don’t want to man up and do it.

          2. Camille Huntley

            I agree with almost everything you said, except that no one wants Romney to win. I know that I am only in one state but the majority here want Romney over Obama, as do many, many others.

          3. JoSe

            What,if a woman becomes President and she gets pregnant three times in four years? Is she going to be able to hold office, while she’s in labor? A man is best suited because they don’t get pregnant. I would vote for a male President even, if he was from another party. Call me a racist or someone with common sense. You be the judge.

          4. Diane

            Women need jobs, regardless to if they become pregnant or not. If men carried babies, that’s if possible but it’s not and it’s a good thing because you would not be able to handle it. You whin about having a common cold ect…

            You have to also remember that not all women can carry a child and not all men can make babies.

            So if a woman can or cannot have a child, has nothing to do with a woman being a president. If they become pregnant, it would be just like any job they are working on. You take a leave of absence,your time allowed and then back to work. You do realize that the country would run on, because that’s why every president has a vice president.

          5. JoSe

            Every Vice- President is nothing but a Puppet for the President, if he’s not able to be there.

          6. Diane

            Jose, Maybe the “White House” should have checked out the “Woman in the Binder” and past three years plus of data. This is the person who had real drawn otu plans, and is a real person with true intentions to motivate everyone and to turn this country around.

            No one in this country is a puppet, a gender, a race, a income class ect…. We are all human beings brought in to the world through the grace of God. We all have hearts, soles and feelings, on top of deserve to be treated fairly.

            God loves us all and he would have no problem with a woman running the country either. Especially since he was the one giving the ideas to the woman. The person could not do it on her own, only through the grace of God.

        2. Diane

          President Obama, has to work with Congress, the Democrats, the Republican ect..to get plans passed and move through.

          It was all over Nation News, and this is not my saying that he has gone 4 years without talking to some of his people.

          So what is another 4 years going to look like? Is he going to go 8 years without talking to some of his people.

          If you cannot relate to everyone, then he is in the wrong line of work. You have to relate to everyone of your people that you work with and you have to be able to relate to the entire country.

  33. JoSe

    Obama will lose because we are tired of him going behind our backs and allowing the parents of the children that are now being allowed to stay, and work; but what about their parents that have been here as illegals from day one ( that they ) brought their children and themselves to this country.

  34. Mark Biernat

    If you like the unemployment and spending in the last four years you will love the next four years.
    If you likes the value of your assets decreasing in the last for years, hold onto your hats for the next four years.
    If you like raising gas prices and prices you pay for everyday things, hope for the best and expect the worst.
    Has your income increased in the last four years?

    1. Marc

      Sorry Mark, I think you are wrong on all accounts:

      You are right that the economy is sluggish, but I think that it will slowly improve over the next four years. If not, it would mark the first time in American history that the country was in a recession for over eight years – and I just don’t think that will be the case.

      As for asset values, since I bought my house in the early 90’s and was never tempted to buy a McMansion for zero down and at zero percent, my home is worth 3x what I paid for it at the time. Of course during the height of the bubble I could have sold it for 5x what I paid, but I knew the next house would be bubble priced. One more thing, my portfolio is now worth 2.5 times what it was in March, 2009. So in summary, I think you are off-base here as well.

      Gas prices? The president has no control over that as it’s strictly supply and demand. Somewhere on this site I posted a link to a video that showed during the summer of 2008 (defending Bush) all of the Fox zombies (Cavuto, BillO, Hemmer, Varney) stating that the president had absolutely no control over gas prices. I urge you to find it and study it.

      I consider myself extremely fortunate. My income has actually gone up over the past few years and I am grateful for it and don’t take it for granted for one minute. I am also squirreling away as much as I can.

      Things could be worse. All of the people that made outrageous predictions here weren’t nearly as bad as the predictions made by Dick Morris. Why Fox keeps this guy on the air is a complete mystery to me, especially when he predicted a Romney landslide as late as last Sunday.

  35. Marc

    Well, it looks like I was right and everyone else here was wrong. You all predicted an Obama loss but I (and a few others) held fast here. My prediction was not based upon meaningless polls, but statistician’s such as Nate Silver (but not the GOP joke Michael Barone)who look at the election in a totally different, mathematical way.

    Sorry to all of you who were passionate about a Romney landslide. America spoke and as bad as some people think things are, they aren’t quite as bad as all that.

    1. JoSe

      The only reason he won was because his kind voted for him and the Hispanics that think he’s still going to allow every illegal ( their family members ) to stay in this country. If votes counted he would have lost, so it’s time to win by actual votes and not by States.

      1. diane

        Mar and Jose, President Obama won by popular vote and the Electoral Collge Vote. So he is the true winner, regardless to how anyone feels about it.

        1. JoSe

          Last I saw was he was leading the actual votes, so I guess he did win. I didn’t vote for him against McCain and against Romney, so I struck out both times. May he change and stop helping the illegals because they really need to go back to their countries or get in line to become legal in this fine country. I wish Obama good luck for the next four years.

          1. Diane

            In the end, I am glad Romney did not win. He would have started the battle of “Healhtcare”, all over again for years. His plan was no better than Obamas, if not worst because it was a “Clueless” one. He had no specifics, in terms had no real plan.

          2. Marc

            I agree Diane. As a self employed person I have to pay for my own coverage and it now costs me a few dollars under $2k per month. I’m praying the new exchanges will help me out.

            The Republican mantra is for the citizen to keep as much of their money in their own pocket. Seems to me they would be in favor of Obamacare since lower premiums would give me discretionary money to spend on other things. But I guess that’s just not how they see it.

          3. Diane

            Marc, it may end up not being such a great deal for any of us in the end result. It’s not a fair plan. Either your getting on Medicade (which means no cost to those eligible) and then there are those in the middle class who will continue to struggle paying the high constant rising costs.

            If it were me, it would be all medicade and everyone’s taxes will be raised to where everyone would pay for his or her own healthcare or regulate the healthcare industry to where everyone is paying a set flat rate for a single person, for a person with one child, and then for a family as regardless to how old you are or what your health conditions are. Millions on Americans smoke and drink and today, I am stil trying to figure out why these folks are not entered into the pre-existing system for not to be covered. Does this country not realize all of the problems that come out of drinking and smoking on top of innocent people end up dying on the road. I don’t feel you all deserve a break at all! People with life-time illnesses are the ones who deserve a break because people who drink and smoke, can stop and prevent it. If you start it own your own, then you can stop it own your own. No one makes you do it.

            Said enough about that. In the end if the healthcare system is staying as remains that the ACA is the law of the land then it will not be long before all of the Middle Class Americans will be suffering because we won’t be able to afford healthcare. The only ones who will be covered will be the weathly and the ones who are in the lower income bracket who are qualified for medicade. You can’t help some folk, and alot of these folks can help themselves and to not help the others at all is a totally unfair system. If your a senior or disabled, that’s a totally different story because you all need and deserve the help.

            God Bless us all.

      2. Marc

        You know JoSe, I’ve had it up to here listening to every damned excuse under the son today why Romney lost, and yours is no exception. I expect people like you to say that Obama brought in a contingent from Kenya to vote for him as well as other absurd statements. Excuses like yours, and lame ones at that, are getting old real fast.

        Sour grapes will give you a sour face, so the faster you come to terms that the election was fair and square, the quicker you can get on with your life.

        1. JoSe

          I just like to make people mad because I really didn’t care who won since the Government doesn’t give me one thing in life. Whatever I have in life I worked for it such as my two pensions and it keeps me in the Middle Class. He got the votes of the low income because he won’t take away their Food Stamps and you know that’s the truth. Oh, Romney lost because he told the truth and people love to hear lies, so they are stuck with Obama for the next four years. I am ( not mad ) just sick of what is coming the next four years and it’s the same thing that came the first four years. ( Nothing ) for the American citizens, but plenty for the illegals in this country.

      3. Michelle Key

        Oh Sheesh, What do you mean His kind. Are your referring to African Americans? You know he is multiracial so his kind includes more than just African American if your pulling the race card.

        Also his highest support was from whites I believe they said 73% of whites who voted for him. Also all votes do count and whoever gets the most votes in a State wins that State and hence gets the electoral votes. You add up all the electoral votes of the States they won and whoever gets the 270 needed wins.

        All votes count it is just each area they win brings in a different value of electoral votes. That is why they always try to make sure they win the big ones!

    2. JoSe

      We lost and they will have a sales tax increase in our city, but the Supreme Court ( look at what they did to the Arizona Immigration Law ) may say it’s unconstitutional for cities to run Pre-K, when School Districts have been paid by taxes to do it since it was approved by our Government. That one reason Obama should have lost the election.

  36. Maestre Ouraesou

    The conservative theory of economics is a modified Monetarist theory. Milton Friedman opposed the gold standard, but people like yourself demand it. You must know that Karl Marx and Adam Smith both advocated for the gold monetary standard. Supply side economics have been proven as a failure, because time and again, supply-side economists propose items that have no long-term value, and are not interested in enriching the host nation but are interested in only in individual wealth without taking into account the national response required to maintain the wealth of these individuals. There is no individual that can individually afford to maintain the legal, economic and military protection required to maintain wealth gained from a global scale over the long haul. National association of some substantial part is required. National association with the USA creates more opportunity of great wealth but additionally may require the possible relinquishment of your entire fortune to the betterment of the nation. This is the trade off for the geopolitical stability created by Patriotic efforts of Americans soldiers. If you do not agree with the trade off, then leave.

    1. funddi

      Your comment, while including the names Milton Friedman, Karl Marx and Adam Smith, has nothing to do with Marxism or economy.

      The Comment literally says, economies don’t work. The reason they work is because of war. If the United States wants an economy then the “soldiers”, that don’t have to actually fight to protect the nation from harm, have to fight in a war to ensure geopolitical stability.

      That’s crazy. Conflicts happen, and sometimes US troops have to intervene, but if you think that the United States needs to fight for freedom then you are a lunatic. The United States of America has so much power that it doesn’t have to push people around to make it’s economy grow. The only thing that stops the economy in America is the fact that business’s don’t pay their employees enough, and rich people don’t lose money on investments (isn’t that odd?). As a result the poorest of the population have been the only people supporting America.

      PS-That’s why Obama won.

      1. Mark Biernat

        I work for a small business. I do not think I get paid enough. But the true is the owner does not draw a salary. She does it to create a great place for people to work. I know many companies like this. If you do not like your job or pay just quit and find a job of better pay or one that suits you. If there are none here you can look around the whole world as it is a global economy. The issue is not that they do not pay, they can not. I am talking small business which employes most of America. The big fat corporations on the other hand do have more retained earnings but if these guys can be owned by anyone by buying stock. For example, if you think Walmart makes too much, by a few shares of the stock and participate in the growth and earnings of it.
        Or better yet start your own company. If you think working for a company for a decent wage is a right you need a time machine to transport back to the mythical 1950s when the US did not face global competition.

  37. The Troof

    I’m hearing that a lot of people are threatening to leave the country because of Obama’s re-election and America’s liberal turn. They’re free to do so if they wish but there are a few things people should know before they pack their bags: Canada, Australia, New Zealand and all of Europe have Universal Healthcare (aka socialized medicine); they all have higher taxes than the US; Evolution is taught in ALL their schools; private gun ownership is banned or heavily restricted in each; gay couples have legal recognition in all, can marry in most and will marry soon in all; abortion is legal in All; All are racially and ethnically diverse and, in the case of Australia, they have a leader who is an unmarried atheist woman living in sin with her boyfriend.

    On the other hand Saudi Arabia and Iran have no taxes, and very low taxes, respectively; Neither allows the teaching of evolution; Both require prayer in schools; Neither allows gay rights, especially not gay marriage; Neither allows abortion; women in both countries know their place and don’t complain about it; everybody and his brother owns a gun; BOTH are theocracies run strictly by the laws of the old testament; and BOTH have populations with very few Black people and NO Mexicans. It’s practically paradise! A Conservative Heaven on Earth!

    Unfortunately even Saudi Arabia and Iran have Socialized Medicine, but hey, Nobody’s absolutely perfect.

    1. Marc

      Outstanding points Troof, simply outstanding.

      American’s are quick to denounce their president and country, but your points hammer home that there’s no place better in the world than right here in the good old US of A.

      1. Mark Biernat

        The USA is a great place to live. The freedom and even the political debate.

  38. Michael

    “You do not and I defy any Obama supporter to explain why Keynesian economics is the way. ”

    1) Obama is not Keynesian

    2) All the major countries used Keynesian stimulus in 2009, including countries ruled by right-wing parties

    3) If you want to understand Keynesianism, start by reading Keynes’ General Theory

    1. Mark Biernat

      Obama’s New Deal two lead the world over the edge, that is spending and debt we will now have to pay for with slow growth as the new reality. Europe bought into it because of this new American leader and look where they are now. They looked to America for ideas and were swept up in the hysteria and took the Obama prescription.

      Obama is a Keynesian, in the post Keynesian synthesis John Hicks, Paul Samuelson and Franco Modigliani and formalized the ideas in the General Theory in a different way but still the essential message was correct. To fight things called ‘liquidity traps’ and depressed demand.

      For example, Christina Romer, Obama’s economic adviser does not use the Keynesian language but she believed in ramping up demand with ‘investing’ in failing businesses. It was a stimulus based on the ideas of Keynes. How can you way the 4.6 Trillion dollar spending package by Obama was not an attempt to juice up the economy on the idea that government intervention was needed to rescue the economy which was stuck in a low gear.
      How was that not Keynesian in your opinion?
      Big government spending = crowding out, none price rationing and dampening = slow growth for years to come = Keynesian economics does not work.

      Why not just let markets work and prices adjust. If we did that we would be on the road to recovery by now. Prices would have deflated, I would own a house and the poor and middle class would be talking about the roaring 20-teens. We would be looking at a different future than going over the financial cliff or becoming the new Europe.

  39. JoSe

    When people have children knowing they can’t afford to provide for them then they should abort those children before they are born otherwise we the tax payers will have to support them along with their breeders. This is America and we don’t want to be the supporters of babies we didn’t breed, so these people need to stop, and hold hands and never have relations without protect because we end up paying for the consequences.

    1. Mark Biernat

      I do not know how to react to that. I mean you are supported by my tax dollars in so many way, the roads, the school you went to the Social security you will collect and the military. Believe me I pay for you.
      Yet you would hurt an innocent for the sake of money?

  40. JoSe

    I meant to put down without protection.

    1. Mark Biernat

      I delete comments that use caps and other chat like forms.

      The general ideas is in a society we are all interconnected. For example, I would ask you to stop using the roads and airports which I have to support. Do not collect social security or medicare when your older as I have made a lot of money in my life and paid a lot more than I will ever get back.
      Do not buy a home because my taxes went to pay for your banks lower interest rates.
      I bet if I knew more about you I could find a score of ways I pay for you.
      I subsidizes your use of the mail.
      What about the vitims of the storms we should not help them?
      You can expend your logic to anything. If you choose guns instead of butter (its an old economic argument you can research) then you will have a society that will turn out like the old Soviet Union that collapsed not on the social programs but on the military.
      So it comes to would you rather have your tax dollars pay for guns or butter?

      1. JoSe

        I would rather not pay for others to eat better then me or my family. I have paid taxes all my life, so I too have paid so others can enjoy our roads and other things in life, but you don’t seem to understand I don’t care to feed the poor because most of them have more then us since they work under the table and get cash for any work they do. Women these days don’t get married because it pays to be called a single parent, but most of these women have a breeder living with them and that breeder earns a good income, but they never report his wages; when she applies for benefits. I have insurance for my home, so many people should also have insurance especially those that live in an area that has those kind of storms often. I collect social security and a pension since I paid into both systems for over 45 years, so you aren’t paying my social security. If I was collecting: ( Medicaid ) or ( SSI ) then maybe I would agree with you, but I don’t qualify for the benefits the poor qualify in this country.

        1. Mark Biernat

          I am with you. I have worked since I was 16 and paid taxes since then. I am 49 now. I have paid a lot of taxes. That is almost 35 years of taxes which are a large percentage of my disposible income.

          I did not mean to pick on you personally of course. But I am not a fan of taxes. Taxes invite big government as when people, including the government get things for free it is often wasted.

          Yet even most Libertarians and conservatives like MIlton Friedman who spend his life championing the cause of capitalism and freedom and small government would concede in a modern human advance society we have to provide help for the poor. He might offer a negative income tax or incentives for charities.

          Even Adam Smith the father of capitalism wrote that people did well in life because of childhood development. Implying that we all add up to 100% but the way we start in this life is important.

          We should give opportunities to the poor to take care of their children. This is a fraction of the budget. Almost nothing. Look at the budget even in Wiki and you will see most goes not to the poor but Social security and defense and medical care for the retired and the problem is the people who worked their whole life did not pay in as much as they need. That is the problem.

          They think they did, but the benefits the receive are more than current value of their contributions.

          Also I think many people give themselves too much credit for being ‘all set’ in life and attribute it to ‘hard work’. Yes this is true, but it was a specific time in the USA when we had little global competition and the USA had build economic proparity on the backs of generations before.
          So it was hard work but the work environment was ideal and those times are gone.

          The poor I konw work very hard. I know a lot of poor who are creative and work many jobs and will not ever get pensions and retire because life is different now.

          I think God blesses all people in different ways. I know a lot of people that can afford to have kids but their kids are so messed up becaues the parents are just bad parents.
          Rich people and middle class have many messed up kids.
          I know a lot of people who are poor but are wonderful parents.

          In fact there might even be a correlation there. So no I do nothing money determines who is a good parents and if frankly with all the broken homes in the middle class – I think society will pay one way or another for parent mistakes. Money is not a factor.
          These kids from all classes add to society.

    2. Mark Biernat

      I have noticed many people who talk like we can not afford to feed another child so we should terminate, are usually more than 5 lbs overweight. I think the USA is the land not only of plenty but excess. Maybe I am wrong and this is not about you. But I do think the USA is the land of excess.

      Take the totaly tax dollars you paid in April last years. then divide it buy the budget for WIC for example.

      Non-defense discretionary spending is very small compared to Social Security and Military and Interest on the debt and more Military.

      For example, take your taxes paid last years and then times it by .000015 and that is the amount you paid to feed these babies you complain about, the budget of the WIC program. And even if it was that, does it not make you feel better to help some innocent in need? is that not what the Bible teaches?

      Before you grab for that bag of chips, remember you paid less to help a baby than that next bag of chips last year.
      Or if you really feel that way about babies go to China and join the party there, that is the way they think.

      Come on think about the military waste. we fought that Kuwait war to have a free flow of oil and it is not going to fuel the Chinese economic machine.

      You want to cut the budget stop building old fashion conventional military weapons that are useless in the new world.

      1. JoSe

        I only feel a parent should not expect others to feed their families because we had nothing to do with the making of their children. I could have done the same thing and expected the tax payers to support my family, but you have to be real lazy to do something like that, and believe me we have these people in the good USA.

        1. Mark Biernat

          Since the poor make up most of the military, or the lower middle class at least as the front line soldiers they should not be expected to defend anyone but their own class.

          The soldiers on the frontline pay with their lives to defend the USA and statistically they come from the homes ‘you do not want to support’ you they defend you with their lives.

          Why not just say lets have a smaller government.

    3. Mark Biernat

      The richest countries in the world, richer than the USA have no problem with social programs, Sweeden, Switzerland, Norway, Findland, Luxemburg etc. Many countries give parent money for having kids. You I think want military over life?

      1. JoSe

        M.B: May I ask, where do these countries get the money to give to the parents for having kids?

        1. Mark Biernat

          They have a fraction of the military spending we have. The USA has military soldiers in 150 countries in the world. This does not sound like the defense of the USA as much as Ron Paul would call the special interest of the Industrial military complex. We support not children and parents but rather, the military industry. That is Ron Paul a great American patriot.
          I lived in Poland and Poland is a great ally of the US and involved in all Middle East operations when other countries would not. But the military is proportionally much smaller. Even though it is not as rich as the USA all citizens have medical care and families get money for having children. Sweden has this so does Norway. I am not a socialist mind you, rather a Romney supporter and a Libertarian tea party guy.
          I am just realistic about where the US spends its money, and that has been every since I was a kid on wars from Vietnam to Iraq and stationing troops in rich countries like Australia and German and Italy.
          Guns or butter? How do you want to build our society, supporting families or big business. There is a lot more corporate welfare money than WIC money in Washington.

          1. JoSe

            I feel every man and woman should support their own families since I do it myself, and remember I am not rich just someone that cares to support my family and not expect the tax payers to do it for me. The Government uses our money, so that’s why I always say our money because the Government wouldn’t have money to give, if we didn’t pay any taxes.

          2. Mark Biernat

            Agreed, this country was founded on rugged individualism. The government owes you nothing except to protect your freedoms.
            I am pretty much libertarian that votes GOP, yet, I still think we have things like unemployment insurance and Social security as a safety net. As well as disaster relief or medicare for a reason. Even the post office which we all use is subsidized, you do not only use UPS do you?
            Do not get me wrong, if it were up to me I would privatize social security and most government entitlement plans.
            Yet I still think life happens to people beyond their control. I do think there is a role in government to help people.
            Everything can not be prepared for on an individual level or foreseen and life is more stable when you have a safety net.
            My point is like Ron Paul says, lets go after the big fish and the big hits like the waste in military and entitlements and bureaucracy before we cut some kids food assistance.
            If we did that there would be no need to help the poor as opportunities would be everywhere.
            So first cut government. Once this is done lets see where we are.
            But you are going after a section of the budget that is less than 1%. WIC is 6 billion dollars while the budget is over 4 Trillion soon to be 6 Trillion. To me that is 1/1000 of the budget. While like I said Military waste is like 25%.
            Oh and the wars we fought in Kuwait and Iraq, for the free flow of oil, that oil is going to Asia now. Yep and by 2030 over 90% will be pure Asia. So yes there are much bigger problems in government than you think.

          3. JoSe

            I know many people would love to stay home and not work, but not too many do it because they want to have a good life, and not be begging for help from the tax payers since it’s our money they get in benefits. I too would have loved to stay home for 45 years and not have to go to work, but I am the kind of person that believes you have to work, if you want to have a family. Many think differently and feel we should pay for them to stay home even though there is nothing physically wrong with them from preventing them to look for a job. I know there are people that can’t work, but why do they breed so many children knowing they have no money to support them? I am not against helping those in need, but I am referring to those that have no hands or feet and someone has to look after them because they are the ones that need the most help.

          4. Mark Biernat

            I appreciate the dialogue. But don’t you think the Republican party lost because most of the people in the nation perceived it as the less compassionate party. They were painted as favoring military over help for the poor.
            Remember I am a life long GOP-Libertarian, but the GOP is not in control of the Senate nor the Presidency (with a weak President like Obama). It was not that Obama is better than Romney, he is not. It is the GOP is seen as not helping the people of the country.

            Why go after the boogie man of these so called ‘lazy poor people’ who are holding the nation back?

            The truth is this idea is a boogie man, because it is not the reality of what holds the nation back. It is not the poor who live off the system, and there are some. This is in all societies. There are some people who just do not work. But this is nothing in terms of the whole economic picture. It is a small fraction.
            When people say they do not want to support these people, I think man you have idea how much people in the government get paid. They get paid over $100,000 and full benefits and something called a pension (something left for the elite). The poor are not the problem, the government is.
            If you take your tax dollar less than 1/10th of a penny goes to help those poor. I would not worry about.
            But also, I also have never meet anyone, who lives their life off the system and I have known a lot of poor.
            Rather I know people who would love to better themselves. I also think if there is a ‘lazy poor’ do you know think like Marcus Aurelius said – ‘if a man acts wrong teach him otherwise or blame yourself’?

          5. JoSe

            We need to have a strong military otherwise our country will be invaded ( as it was in 9-11 ) and it will be too late to protect our country. Many small countries don’t have a strong military because they know the good USA will be there to protect them with the loss of many lives of our military people. I prefer a strong military over giving our money to people that will never try to improve their life since they know our Government will not allow them to die of hunger. There are families that need help, but since they earn a little more then most poor people they don’t get any help, so to me that’s not being fair to them since they do pay taxes. The people that work for the Government most of them are hired by winning in an election, when they are voted in to their position, so they tend to forget the reason they were put in their job. What would happen, if everyone decided I want to be poor, where would the Government get the money to feed them all because remember no one can force you to work?

          6. Mark Biernat

            Do not confuse Military spending with the defense of the USA.

            For example the Virgina class submarines cost 5.4 Billion dollars. When was the last time submarines where engaged in disrupting the merchant marine supply of weapons in the a supply chain? I think basically in the Pacific in the 1944. This is made right outside of DC is a huge special interest.
            This is a corporate hand out welfare.

            On the other hand the whole department of homeland security is only 68 billion out of the 1 Trillion dollar budget. This does not include all the State guard units etc. If defense is what you are concerned with, then we need to focus on the USA not foreign wars. We waste our resources on foreign wars. We drain our energy and it drags the economy.

            When the economy is dragged down we lose our edge than this includes technological development. This includes the potential to be one step ahead of the the enemy. So strong military means weak economy.

            If you are talking about an amphibious assault invasion on America it will not happen even in Sci-fi as it is not going to happen. The world is different.

            If you are talking terror attacks then cut the military to a fraction and put it in homeland defense.
            Close the big military bases in rich Germany and rich Italy.
            9/11 happened with a big Bush military.

            What we need is a small military but strong intelligence and big homeland defense with high tech and a strong economic based to carry us forward.

            Oh and did you know, not one commander in Iraq or Afghanistan really got replaced. In WWII George Catlett Marshall, Jr. fired soldiers left and right until he found the man for the job. That is why we had such a good force in WWII. Now the military is a place to have a job.

            After 9/11 George Catlett Marshall, Jr. would have fired everyone. That did not happen in this USA today. No one got fired. So do not confuse the military with the defense of the USA. We need a guy like Marshall again for a new defense plan of the USA.

            What makes a military weak? A weak economy but spending all our resources on nothing, but WWII style military operations.

  41. JoSe

    I remember this woman that told me, when she boarded the bus I was driving that Mexico was the best country in this World. I looked at her and some passengers were waiting for my response since they knew I was the kind of person that had a response for anything I heard from someone. I asked her what was she doing in the this country, if her country was the best country in the World? She went and sat down, and never boarded my route from that day on because she knew our country was much better then her country. This is one reason Obama should have lost the election because now more of them will come to the best country in this World.

  42. I guess I could agree with you in terms of political beliefs and obvious signs but to call him the anti-Christ is preposterous, I mean don’t get me wrong the is a bad influence for the economy and yes he refuses to do anything but lets just observe and study him for future beliefs on how he runs the economy, we do that and then make our decision come next election.

    1. Obama is a division monger he democrates party’s demogogery to get in he is left wing loon not saying there are right wing loons that are worse like one of the speaking heads on foxnews who’s a millionaire and doesn’t want to pay dime in taxes and assumes the wealthy will take care of the poor I guess the extreme right wing wants feudal europe back were only the poor pay taxes and get slaughtered. golden rule to much of anything is a bad thing freedom with your money or taxes or more government or less government the golden rule is if you can’t afford it dont pay for it or tax for it. The north is a great example of both things gone wrong in all examples of abuse from the rich abusing the poor to the poor squeezing every once of life out of businesses thru unionization to under taxing to over taxing with education. Also thru white guilt sending money to irresponsible countries and hoping it gets to the people when it only goes to the dictators.

  43. Thomas Dye

    Hello There ! Pay Attention Here, I want to ask a few questions ????

    I see a lot of bickering, Which i expected, But do really know whats
    really gong on here?

    Question#1 Have you ever wondered why we are constantly fighting wars ?

    Answer= Our Federal Reserve makes money by funding the war machine.
    Our banking in the United States was hi Jacked in 1913 by
    the European Banking Cartels. They use our printing presses
    to fund our war machine “”Or Their War Machine” And charge us
    Interest ! Pretty Slick Huh! Challenge me If You Like !

    Answer= Did you know that the voting machines can be hacked and the
    algorithm changed to whom ever they want to be the president !
    Your vote may or may not be safe .

    Answer= Have you ever asked yourself why the Congressmen can remain
    in congress for many years ? I think they are in the elite
    part. meaning they are the greedy part of that” Funded By the
    Rich & Powerful “” to take care of them. You see Garbage In and
    Garbage out. That Old saying. That’s what you got “”GARBAGE””
    All though all of them are not corrupt, Just most of them !

    Answer= Alright now ! the next thing is if you do not change the next
    President and get the best one for this job.This corruption
    will not go away and you will pay a very””HIGH PRICE-Your Liberty””
    Think About That, This country will Fail without a doubt, Is
    that what you want? I guess you wouldn’t want to be a statistic?
    “”Would You”” !

    Answer= Look ! Most of our lineage is from Europe and or other continent’s
    I’m talking about our relatives came from Europe & Other
    places that’s where we all derived from. So our relatives
    back in the earlier centuries were called money changers,
    Short Term, Now called Bankers Check That Phrase out.
    “”Money Changers “” <<<=== Centuries Old !Google it
    The Rothchild's ""Richest People-In The World "" They
    have been financing wars for centuries <<== Google it !

    Answer= Right now I'm going stop for now,And ad more later.

    Thank You- Thomas Dye

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