101 reasons Obama did not save the US economy

One of the arguments Obama supporters say is “Obama saved us from an economic depression”.  They usually say it with a simultaneous gaze to the heavens and a voice tone turned slightly higher. Obama supporters then get a serious look on their faces and in a deeper voice say, ‘Without his injection of 1.5 Trillion dollars in fiscal spending coupled with Bernacke’s monetary policy, the US would be in deep economic trouble’. Or they say in a cliché flip tone – ‘He helps the poor and middle class’.  My reply is ‘because of the Obama bailouts and stimulus we are in trouble, big trouble’.  Are people nuts? Obama nuked the economy.

Please take a minute and scan my list of 101 points below, and spread on the Internet.  They start below the old fashion image.

basic economy is not a bad economy
My immigrant grandparents who lived through the great depression, conveyed, they lived simple happy lives. They did not want to turn the country from self reliance to government reliance. What is Obama doing to the spirit of America? – Can you imagine your grandparents saying ‘ just get some government money’.
  1. One of the top search terms on the web is “How to get government money” – or some variation of that. That alone should tell you something. I discovered this while researching keywords for my political economy website. Is this what you want the USA, the home of the free and the land of the brave  to become?
  2. ‘Just spend’ was Obama’s economic stimuous plan,  then why not spend more? – If government spending really helped the economy, why limit the government at all? Why not just triple the spending Obama has started? Why not increase the debt 100 fold, we will all be rich. Does not work on an individual level, so why would it work on a state level?  Keynesian fairy-tales perpetuated by irvory economist and politician in Washington (the richest area in the country now). You can not spend your way to prosperity.
  3. 500 billion in tax increases is not a balanced approach – Obama claims a balanced approach. Nonsense he partied, now someone has to pay. Well actually it pays for little as in 2012 is 1.1 trillion deficiet according to the office of the CBO. This is the leak in the ship not the debt mind you which is like 13 Trillion. Obama destroyed our future. It weights down on future generations without their consent. Debt crowds out job creation.
  4. A civil service career is now a respected on par with a private charity worker or entrepreneur (which is now a dirty capitalist) –  I polled my friends in school and 3/4 of them believe being a civil servant is a position of honor. In fact, they got excited at the prospect of working for the government, like it was a way to extend their adolescence. One of my friends just dreams about getting a new assignment in the foreign service, can not image her functioning in the real world. I know a lot of people just taking up space in civil service jobs.  Civil servants are mostly for people who can not compete in the real world and want to live a life of ease. I took a letter to be mailed to Poland to the post office today, the guy was rude as anything. Do we want to push this frontier out and create a class of government workers?  We have, the government was the biggest employer in the Soviet Union and not the USA. I saw this when I lived in a post communist country. It takes several generations to get rid of civil servant jobs. Thank you Barack.
  5. Government creates positions not jobs, they create positions that need to be financed by you. For example, in my county of St. Johns  in Florida , according to the chamber of commerce official website, the top six biggest employers by a long shot are: the public schools (3,449 employes), military base (1,300), the county government, (1,206 ), hospital (1,689), a defense contractor (900), and  a state school (650).  That is messed up. The largest private employer has 636 workers . Can you see the difference? Government controls the jobs and they tax private people to pay. In the USA the government is also the biggest employer in our land.
  6. Obama is effective in selling interventionism to America – ‘The players are driven by the spoils which includes power and control over people’. – Bill Butos – Economist
  7. You are working for your neighbors wife – The stimuous is based on helping some, but not others. For example, you work and pay taxes, so your neighbor’s wife can remodel her bathroom on a housing upgrade credit from Obama. Think about it when on your next commute to work.
  8. 147.7 billion dollars increased spending on health care – Gulp. My neighbors on ‘disability’ are drinking it up on cheap beer and smokes. I kid you not. In fact I am paying for it and they are rude to me usually because they are hung over. Is that personal responsibility for health? My other neighbour on ‘disability’ is at the gym pumping iron everyday;  while I have horrible pain in my back, but work day and night. Yet, I pay for his life of leisure.  That is messed up big time. More government more mess I promise.
  9. Save economics of the USA farms
    My wife was a farmer in Eastern Europe, my great grandparents had a farm in Southern Pennsylvania. Even though economics life was not always easy there comes a sense of self-worth from not looking for the government to help you; but rather, growing your own food and living on your own wits. Everyone in the USA can do this. Life has a beautiful quality if you realise this.
  10. The Obama commercials are not true – They paint him as saving the middle class and taxing the rich. Untrue.  He did not help me. We all are taxed  especially the poor and middle class, as the economy is on a long-term slow growth path,  because of the negative externalities of the expansion of government.  Obama looks at accounting magic to promote his position of saving the middle class, but the reality is we are on a long-term slow growth path now, with Obama and that is fact. That will take more from your budget than any accounting tax magic by Obama will ever. If you get a job, a good private sector job, paying 20,000 dollars more a year, created by a job creator called an entrepreneur, who cares about a 453 dollar a year tax savings from Obama. Promote job creators not government ‘bread and circuses’ as the Romans called it.
  11. Why you can not pull the wool over my eyes about ‘poverty’ – I lived in Eastern Europe for a good part of my life,  and the poor in the USA are like the super rich in other countries. The mantra ‘help the poor’ is really a code expression for ‘enrich the bureaucracy’. Sound heartless it is true and look at my next point.
  12. Is it about money always or does liberty have to be factored into the equation of economic success? I mean what would you do for money? Would you sell your body? I would not. Why sell your ideals and the ideals of this country for peanuts to an opportunist politician. What about the ideals of the revolution and the founding fathers? I mean government could achieve full employment by declaring martial law and everyone must dig ditches. Economics is not about some aggregate number. It needs to consider intangibles like liberty.
  13. ‘A thinking persons translation for – Yes We can’– translation:  We = I + Obama’s government institutional help.  In stark contrast I believe:  We = I + God + family’.  What do you think ‘we’ means? Values of dependency replacing self-reliance?  His policies have a huge psychological dampening effect on Americans. In the collective unconsciousness there is a shift from ‘I can do it with hard work and self-reliance’ to ‘you just can not do it without help’, blame is a big factor in this’ Do you know what that will do to the American spirit.  Is this not what Obama ment by ‘we’? We meaning you and him? What about. We meaning ‘I and God and family’? It is a subtle shift but it is happening and people do not see it.
  14. No evidence – What evidence can anyone one give me that Obama’s stimulus created jobs that would have been greater than if the markets were left to adjust?  To be honest you need to compare two economies one free market and one Interventionist. Yes you can create jobs out of thin air, but again Ceteris paribus, is this a better way than simply creating jobs in the private sector? It is not about job creation, but the “crowding out effect” on private economic activity. To say that Obama’s economic plan created jobs, you would have to have two economies side by side and compare (like North Korea and South Korea). One with a free market path and one with the Obama way and track it over a period of say twenty years. However, to say “Obama save the economy from a deep depression” is a reckless statement.
  15. The New Deal did not work in the great Depression, why do you think it is working in the great Recession? Can anyone out there economist or Obama supporter show me statistical evidence? Zero. He gave money to the rich and I pay a lot in taxes and not we have debt. Why not bail out every failing pizza shop? Who is he to play central planner?
  16. Let the markets work– Markets need to adjust, market distortions like government intervention leads to prolonging and deepening of the pain, though non-price rationing.

    Obama's economics is based on class divide
    Obama economic and political campaign is based on US vs them – make them pay – class divide – It was tried in the Soviet Union. In my personal ethic envy is a sin and yours?
  17. Monetary stimulus is counter productive to long-term economic growth. The Fed’s reckless polices created the Internet stock bubble of the 1990s, the Real Estate bubble of the 200os, the great Depression etc. It has not fixed the crisis here or in Japan after years of pushing against the wind. Why do people still have faith in the Federal reserve?
  18. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – Looks beautiful on paper.  Even I am dazzled at first glance. Really, more money for the everyone. I really do like the idea.  Answer this question, how is that different from you going out an maxing out your credit cards?
  19. Help the poor mantra of Obama – I did taxes this year for people. I did them for rich and poor and did not see any evidence that Obama helped the poor. He helped the elect or a select few who, but not the poor people I did taxes for, at least not in a meaningful way. On a case by case basis if you were to analysis it, it would have been better to create jobs for people by freeing markets. I only saw the poor, and no help from the government. Did he personally put money in your pocket?
  20. Contrary to the fake smiles on real estate agents faces – The housing market is still over priced relative to earnings. If the his HUD and Federal housing programs did anything it slowed the market adjustment in the housing sector. Deflation is a good things if you are floating in a bubble. In the 1940s some lady working for the phone company as a switchboard operator could buy a house that, you as a professional can not.  I can not buy a house today for my family because of Obama’s housing stimulus. How is that fair?
  21. Aggregate economics vs real economics – Obama’s eggheads advisors are looking at things in aggregate and trying to push out the C+I+G curve on some macro economic model they learned in the 1970s from their Keynesian economic professors. The economy is me and you. When you start to treat it as something to be manipulated it is a dangerous idea and will result in a less just society most of the time.
  22. Ideologically less freedom – Even if the stimulus helped some people by taxing and spending and increased debt the economic policies of Barack took yet another step to erode the personal freedom of the Americans. The USA was founded on rugged individualism, but a welfare state from the cradle to the grave.
  23. Military is no stimulus – Each generation has some old foogie saying – ‘the best to stimulate the economy is start a war’. It is so untrue because eventually you crash and burn and die by the sword. Germany in the 1930s knew they were on this path. They wanted to take a little more time before the war started but economically they were about to collapse.  They start the war to prevent collapse. But what kind of stupid thinking is that. People at home suffered to feed and supply the troops abroad. You create bombs instead of innovation to push out the frontier of technology in the private sector that would actually help people. We now have a generation of huge mandatory payments connected payments to soldiers who are disabled and gave up their lives for what, defending our shores? What a mess. It was not Obama’s fault of course but he did not help anything, rather he continued the Bush-Obama doctrine. Military is no stimulus except for the arms dealers which are called ‘defense contractors’, yeah right.
  24. Debt is a tax and he is raising it on the middle class – He talks about tax decreases but because of the crowding out effect debt is tax and it does have to be paid off. Obama is destroying the country with debt (FV tax). Obama is raising taxes on the middle class by way of increased public debt which is a future payment of tax with interest
  25. Government funding for education helps the economy and our future – Public school teachers are paid more than private school teachers. I went to a public and private school and the education was eons better at the private school. Explain to me how the warm fuzzies Obama generated from ‘spending more on education to help our future’ can explain the above mentioned paradox? Education stimulus would be better spend on liberating the minds of the young by encouraging private not public education. I have taught in private schools and the quality in my experiences is excellent. I applied to some public schools,  the application process is Byzantine and bureaucratic. A lot of forms and papers to show something is being accomplished when I see a lot of students not up to par.  That is my perspective as a teacher on the Obama educational stimulus. Smoke and mirrors to create warm fuzzies and get votes but private education is better and more efficient than public. Home schooled children perform better on test and are not corrupted as much by the stuff that goes on in the public schools. And if you are a parent you know what I am talking about.
  26. NASA and the space program – I love science and space exploration.  Some of my friends are Trekkie to this day. However, what about private ventures for space exploration? Why again does it have to be done through a government office? Why not just nationalize all the airlines? The old barriers to entry connected to capital contrasts at the start of space exploration are gone. entrepreneurs are starting to explore space and they will do it better than the government. Why must I give my hard-earned money, though the force donation system called taxes, to ventures I do not think are efficient. Give me some tax money back and I will invest in private space ventures. Check out Spacex.com
  27. Minimum wage increases – Why? Less hiring and higher youth employment. Obama supports this. Why does the government have to get involved with this basic market price? Like Unions they empower the have, the people with jobs and the ones without are left in the cold. I mean if employers have to pay some high school student over the summer 9.50 an hour to serve fries, then a lot of kids will miss out on the lessons of earning money early on.
  28. Expansion not the privatization of social security – The easiest way to fix social security is to privatize it.Yet like everything else Obama wants it managed by the government. There is now way out of this hole if you look at the math.
  29. With all the talk of government and cleaning up the free market, it is not real– It just makes for more paperwork. SOX and all the added layer of reporting does little in the real world. Regulation does little to stop dishonest people because they work around the law.

    the rich pay their fair share economics
    Socialists manipulate your dark side emotions of envy. The dark side leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Be aware of this. You label people as ‘them’. And this objectification makes it easy to feel anger, because it is not longer an individual but a class or group. I believe in the individual.
  30. Government revenue collection is a mess and expanding – What good are laws and talkt, if they are only symbolic?  My rich American landlord who does business all over Europe, I am sure does not pay taxes on overseas income, because he does not report my payments.  Yet, I am a small fish and just keeping my head above water and the IRS audits me. It was fine once I provided more paper, but it is a real lot of work. I think they should focus on the big guys not the little guys who are honest. Or better yet simplify the tax code. A lot of money is being hidden abroad from taxes, companies the rich and little is done. A lot of middle class people paying honestly and rich are not. Obama was supposed to clean this up, but from my research it has gotten worse. The cracks get bigger. Obama’s IRS does not really enforce taxes on the rich and the above is an example.
  31. Federal reserve needs to be audited – The partial Fed Audit reveal 16 Trillion loaned to banks.  This is no small money. A lot of money going to Europe, you know via the banking system, that is your money. The Fed is a disgrace. It manipulates markets and hurts the poor more than Obama’s bailouts can help. It is like the central bank creates the problems then the executive office of the President has to clean it up. Why did Obama not just clean up the Fed?
  32. 5 Billion on modernizing homes for energy conservation – Sounds great, but in reality it means I am paying taxes so my neighbor can improve their home when I do not have one. I am working for another man’s wife. Can you not see how unfair all this is? What sounds good is really taking from the productive.
  33. 90.9 Billion spent on school modernization and pay increases– My daughters elementary school has only Apple computers that I personally could never afford.  Yes I am sure they got a sweet discount, but why spend all that? They have to buy software too.  I use Linux.  It does everything and is free, as is the software. Maybe students should learn more about creative thinking and problem solving, or being frugal rather than create the next generation of kids addicted to gadgets. It seems again like a nobel thing, but it is a waste of your dollars. Have you seen Ubuntu lately? It actually runs faster than the Mac OS by the way and the Firefox browser and Chrome faster than Safari. Is it not better to teach kids to do more with less than have it all and really not change much?
  34. 2 Billion spent to help people buy foreclosed homes from banks – Or the banks could just lower the prices and problem solved.
  35. 7.2 Billion for WiFi public access – I turn my wi-fi off at night as there are studies saying this causes cancer. Why do I have to pay to help pollute the air? Of course people could always go to StarBucks and use it there. But again should government be involved with everything?
  36. Obama is anti-Reagan – Supply side economics works, demand side is lifting yourself up by your own bootstraps.
  37. Throwing money at a problem – is not a very effective way to burn cash.
  38. Heat on full with the windows open – In Boston I rented a place and heat was included. I often had the heat on and the window cracked. I liked fresh air in the winter. Well this is what the government does. I am ashamed I did this but I did because it was a free lunch. It is human nature.
  39. Government multiplier effect vs private multiplier effect – There is reasonable economic statistical evidence to show that government spending has a negative multiplier if you factor in crowding out while private spending has a positive multiplier effect. For each dollar spent in the private sector it is use more for reinvestment while public consumption.
  40. In my town there is one park with 14 tennis courts and 4 baseball fields and always empty  – This is just one park of many and was a taxpayer expense and a small army of people to maintain it.
  41. C+I+G = GDP only in the text books from the 1970s –  That is the Keynesian model of consumption plus Investment plus government expenditures equals our national income is maybe a truism at best but not a prescription to turn up the dials on one of those or else why not just crank up G and we would all get rich?
  42. Deflation is a bad thing myth– This is ta myth perpetrated by those in power. If prices come down we all can buy things cheaper. I will argue any PhD economist on this to the end. It is the market adjusting. If houses were cheaper my family would have their own home, it is so unfair what Obama has done.
  43. Liquidity trap –  Another fear driven Keynesian myth. The IS-LM curve and all, nice models but the reality is if markets are allowed to work, people will take action and work.
  44. Disequilibrium in the money markets can not be corrected with fiscal policy – the Swedish economist Wicksell outlined effect of the misjudgment on the marginal productivity of capital on the cumulative process of price changes the Austrian economist developed this into a theory of business cycles. Monetary disequilibrium can not be corrected by fiscal stimulus if the underlying condition still exists, that is the Marginal productivity of capital is still lower than the money rate of interest.
  45. Rich free market Poland VS government controlled Poland of the past – I lived in Poland and many generation are still paying the price of the idea that government can help the economy. It is almost impossible to get the government bureaucracy to do anything fair.
  46. Obama did not do enough – To have a real impact he would have to have spread the money to every town and household in a meaningful way. Not for select industries and people. He would have had to give every household like 30,000 dollars. This would have made a difference.
  47. Middle Class tax cuts are meaningless – He has plans to cut taxes but they equate to a few hundred dollars per family. Not enough to do much with.
  48. Better than the Obama stimulus would have been to give every person in the US a one year tax holiday. It would have really rocked the economy and moral and would have been cheaper than his stimulus. Many people do not realize how much they pay in taxes, it is not the amount you send at the end of the year, it is taken out of their paycheck all year. You pay thousands in taxes.
  49. Some states are fine while others are in the tank – A lot has to do with state not Federal government. California is high tax and encourage speculation, while North Dakota is low tax and was not so reckless..
  50. Four years later the unemployment rate is high – A lot of people out of work because government polices cause price instability.
  51. Four year later the foreclosure rate is high – I do not see things improving.
  52. Obama has divided the nation – Never good for economic optimism. he betrayed the Liberal ideal and the conservative, he still has supporters but it is a nation divided. This has a dampening effect on the economy.
  53. Stimulus does little to address the real issue of relative competitiveness arround the world – The real issue is China and India are raising and we can not expect compete unless we are better. Fiscal stimulus does not make us better. It makes us worse. In a free market economy you have to be the best you can be and depend on yourself. Only this way through individual initiative and innovation can the US ever hope to compete with a billion hungry to advancement Chinese and a Billion hundred for advancement Indians not to mention the rest of the world. It is all about relative advantage.If the Chinese build a better mouse trap when my neighbor is collecting two years of unemployment than the US deserves to go down.
  54. Statements coming from the Obama are feel good general statements – They have no substance since a market directed by government is a misallocation of resource.
  55. The economy improves in spite of government not because of government. – Government stinks.
  56. Jobs were created but not quality jobs – they were concentrated in old industries like the auto sector, not future technologies. Not high paying long-term growth jobs.
  57. You can not tax a country into prosperity.
  58. Fiscal and monetary stimulus exacerbates trade cycles because of the lag time. The stimulus has an effect latter when it does not need it. It is hard to sync these things exactly.
  59. Prosperity is about four components – Both for the individual and the country –  Creativity, risk, hard work, technical knowledge – By expanding government Obama the way he did maybe pushed out the technical knowledge but not as fast as private people do running their own business, creativity, risk were suppressed as well as hard work.
  60. Too big to fail means  US loses competitiveness – By not allowing  punishing reckless business with market mechanisms – it sends a message to the market that risk/reward is distorted by government.
  61. Chinese – No matter what we do, the China will rise economically. We have to make the more creative and innovate business via entrepreneurship, not government. Government did not create all the gadgets like iPhones reap profits from in the USA for example.
  62. Equilibrium is  achieved at the intersection of marginal productivity and marginal cost – If market mechanisms stray from this, there is a decrease in consumer and seller utility. Utility  maximization is the whole point of economics and yet Obama’s advisors are advising against this via non market forces.
  63. There is no such thing as macro economics –  Yes there is the study of economy in aggregate but miro economic theory is where it is at. Macroeconomics mine favorite is more a study of what is happening not a perception for the policy process. Yet Politicians and egg head economist believe they are operation in the world of macroeconomic behavior. New flash the aggregate is just that a summation, an abstraction.
  64. The economy is me and you  – trading with each other and doing business for good a services.
  65. Government Utopian building – is a dangerous path.
  66. Interventionist central bank policy is part of the Obama vision – Obama sees monetary policy and fiscal policy as two hand working together. The problem is central banking is a 18th century monarchist idea promoted by jolly old England during the empire, not for free societies and free people.
  67. Obama budget has waste and pork spending – I could write a novel on this, the plan is so filled with government pork and waste I can do not want to start to list it as it would get me upset. But you can be assured there are millions going to useless studies and more into people’s pockets.
  68. Obama’s economic plan has a moral agenda– It terminates the life of children before birth with your dollars. Are you OK with that? I am not. Despite what you might say publicly, I do not think Obama really in is heart believes in God, maybe he does but what believer would support such a thing? I think he is a secular atheist and it shows with this policy and disrespect for freedom of religion as manifest in his health care plan.  Further, he even has foreign aid going to promote this abroad. This is one point that will turn many moral thinking people against him.

    old economics of free market USA
    What is wrong with being poor and of good moral values? Like my grandparents were.
  69. Obama does not support the micro businesses – I am a small businessman. I went to the government office to see if there was any help I could get. They said no. If I was going to declare bankruptcy, they could get an accountant to help me with excel. What a joke, I am an Excel power user.  But no loans for innovation or anything remotely connected to breaks for me. Nothing, zero. Explain how Obama really supports small businesses. I did pay a ton in taxes and yet we can not afford basic things for my family. The lady at the government office also had a computer problem and I had to show her how to reboot her system. That is help for small business?
  70. Obamacare is the biggest tax increase in world history – That is a fact, will that help me? I do yoga and keep thin and take herbs and I have to pay for my neighbors who sit on the butts getting fat and pop medication and they do not work mind you, is that fair? I will donate to free clinics and private things if I had more disposable income but this is all taxed away. I do go to doctors of course but real cures come from the body naturally or future medicine developed by private people like adult stem cells for tissue regeneration. Not traditional treat the symptoms medical care that Obama care is about.
  71. Economics is about trade offs – You better hope you are on the winning end of the Obama elect. Like the workers in the auto plants, who took my money via the tax system while I can not afford a house. If the auto companies had fallen they would have reorganized into smaller pieces and cars would have been cheaper and you would have less in taxes.
  72. It is really bad out there – I remember living in Poland and seeing woman totally done, with make up and a big car declaring on CNN ‘ it is really bad out there’.  The 1930s was bad. Communism in Poland was bad. WWII was bad. Not some woman who looked like she came out of a spa with perfect hair and makeup and a driving a car that looks like a tank declaring ‘the economy is really bad and we need help.’.
  73. Heartless – Obama’s economic policies are heartless because it favors the landed elite and caters to groups of people who have voting power not the poor.
  74. Military is a job people take –  For me the military is about defining the ideals of the consultation and the US shores.Many peopel join for patriotic reason, I understand and respect this , but now many people see the military and economic opportunity. Further, they come back from Iraq and have to face the job market and it is tough. Obama did nothing to prevent this type of thinking, that is seeing the military as a paycheck job. It is not. The military is not a job it is a vocation for people who believe in the ideals of freedom.
  75. Politicians are still getting paid – If Obama really cared about the economy, what about doing it for a pittance.
  76. When people can not pay the bills – it is a matter of personal money management. One lady told me she had 8,000 dollars a months expenses and really feeling it.  I have about 1,500 of expense for my family a month and do not feel it.
  77. Try fishing and gardening – During WWII people had victory gardens. I do and I fish too. What is wrong with getting your own food like humans did for 1 million years in the wild? I live in suburbia and basically could live off the land and waters. Granted you have to fish, but nothing wrong with that.
  78. Did you mama ever tell you life was going to be easy? – Many people have expectations and they want their needs to be satisfied one way or another. Government or private sector it does not matter. Maybe a little frugality is good for the soul? Maybe we as a society do not have to be so hyper consumptive.
  79. The fundamental problem in economics is scarcity –  However, if you examine your needs most are based on fear and expectations. You do not need that much to live a good life.
  80. S=I That is, not only spending but savings stimulates the economy.  The more you save the more capital is free for investment. Spending like the government did is not the best way. What about work and save?
  81. Protestant work ethic gone  with Obama – Max Weber and all, –  I am Catholic but there is a lot to be said for forgoing current consumption and working, rather than expect someone else to pay for your lifestyle thought he tax system.
  82. Societies with big social programs have small charities – Fact when government is big no one gives. I lived in a socialist country and no one gave to charity, until the yoke of socialism was  lifted. I promise you private charities are better than government programs.
  83. Government is a redistribution enterprise – But is it fair? Why does Obama determine what is fair?
  84. JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs were his biggest campaign contributors and these firms benefited from the Obama redistribution.
  85. Secrete economy and government – The Fed operates in secrete, much of the budget no person will ever read or see, rather the accounting is just rolled up.
  86. Individual self-interestis nobler than political self-interest

    The economics of hard work
    Look at the mental diligence of this person. With hard work and creativity anyone in the USA can live a good life. Anyone. We all more than you could ever imagine. Do not believe the Obama propaganda that you need government to help you.
  87. Government is the biggest employer and monopoly in the USA.
  88. Special favors are the way Washington operates – I do not like it. Read about the Austrian school of economics like Mises and Hayek. Contrast this with Marxist thinking.
  89. Obama argued we need good people in government by raising salaries. but I do not want good people in government pushing paper, I want good people in the private sector creating jobs.
  90. Obama argues for more regulation of the private sector because it is broken – But who is going to regulate the public sector, as that is even worse.
  91. 2007 and 2010 Americans saw a 40% decrease in wealth – That is  not a success, do you want more?
  92. 7/10 teens have no jobs this summer –  This is because the Obamaeconomics did not work.
  93. Obama lives in a bubble – talks in sweeping statements in speaches and lives a life of luxury personally. He made it harder for working guys like me make a living in the USA.
  94. I am thinking of moving back out of the country – Seriously I thought it was easier to live in Eastern Europe economically. I could get a job in a week there, here, it takes a long time. That is because we are not really growing.
  95. Zero interest rate policy to banks by the Federal Reserve – Banks use   take speculative investments on Wall Street and not restructuring loans for people like you and me, as Obama wanted. The only people in better positions are not individuals but the banks. Obama has a love relationship with the banks and it does not trickle down.
  96. People who are unemployed often drop out of the work force – therefore the decline in the labor force participation rate is stalling as people are discouraged and give up.
  97. Obama brags how he help float the economy in places like Detroit – My rebuttal is why not stimulate the economy in some old western near abandon mining town from the 1800s. Demographics change, and economies shift. More people are moving south and west not in the rust belt. They are moving for a reason. Why try to influence demographic and economic movements with government money just because.
  98. Obama’s economic policy is an update of the 1970s ideas of an industrial policy – Central planning, Five year plans and industrial policies could never have conceived of the innovation coming from things like the PC, the Internet. We do not need an industrial policy.
  99. Obama is George Bush on steroids – I consider myself a liberal in terms of economics – And Obama is no liberal. He is no centrist he is a central planner. He is tax and spend. He is like George Bush but many times worse. He did more bailouts for bankers and big business than anyone could have imagined.
  100. Obama main criticism of Romney is tax cuts for business – The US has one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world at 35%. If business has more money they will hire and do R&D. This is common sense. Government does not create jobs people and businesses do.
  101. Economic data does not show a recovery – According to the US Bureau of economic analysis – Real GDP is a weak 1.9%, but the trade deficit is huge. Nothing was done with the trade deficit, in fact it got larger. Unless the US can compete by making better mouse traps, then no one will buy our goods and we will be a consumer driven economy on the road to doom. Look at the trade numbers under Obama.
  102. Obama is a socialist – Do not listen to whiny libs that he is not, he is. He expanded government many fold and wants to continue to implement this plan.  How can you argue with that. If you support Obama, than just be honest, you believe in socialist economics because that is what the expansion of government and social benefits means. I believe in freedom and self reliance.
  103. We will all be pressing each others pants at best under Obamaeconomics with a service driven economy of low paid jobs and debt will increase – real opportunity comes when there is a wave of innovation from the private sector and courageous and creative individuals. Do you want that? A country of low paid WalMart jobs. The reason is markets must be free for innovation to happen. That is why the West won over the controlled economies of the Soviets.
  • I challenge any Obama supporter, Mr. Obama himself or any of his PhD economistts to debate me on his economics. They can not. The Obama economic policy, a crude form of hyper Keynesianism is a path to hell paved with good intentions.
  •  Obama’s economic strategy has been ‘just spend’. It is a failure on both a theoretical economic level and practical application.  It is very unfair what they did to the citizens of the USA and you are being sold that he help. He  did not.  My only request is you share this list. We can not have Obama sow seeds into the economy that will grow exponentially like weeds that choke the productivity across the fruited plains of America.
  • If you are poor or middle class read this – Obama’s campaign strategy is to promote class warfare  I am poorer than you most likely and I have self respect and will not fall for Obama’s propaganda to feed on negative emotions like envy (which is a sin) –  Whereas he pits  ‘us vs ‘them’ to divide the country by using a class as the scapegoat. Fact, this was the strategy of the Leninist during the Russian revolution. I am not rich and you have more money than I.  Look, I just moved back to the USA and I am poor as it will take time for me to get settled. I am not for Obama because Obama is no champion of the poor.  More important than a few carrots of government benefits he dangles before you, so you can roll over and vote for him, is the opportunity to have real private sector job in this country. He is not my savior.  I hope he is not yours as he promotes immorality and failed economic ideas.

[poll id=”21″]

Please add your own ideas and personal experiences how why Obama did not save the US economy or just stop by and say hello or to disagree.  I doubt there will be any disagreement as Obama has no understanding of economics.

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14 responses to “101 reasons Obama did not save the US economy”

  1. Anastasia

    I grew up in Eastern Europe and I have to say this post of economics is correct.

    Why do Americans want to turn the clock back to a failed economic idea? An idea that his been tested time and time again, that is Government guided economy.

    People wake up, it destroyed the people of Russia for many generations and we went into the idea the same way Americans are being lured into it today. That is with good intentions and a charistmatic leader telling us the idea of making the rich pay.

    If they come for one group of people, they will come for you next. Learn from history, please.

    1. Thomas Dye


      Thomas Dye, Here!
      I think you are absolutely right, Just look back on history
      and really study why any country collapsed ! You’ll figure
      it out quickly, Anytime your government gets larger that their
      people it always fail’s every time ! See Below?

      There is a thing called theory of relativity, It exists whether
      you like it or not! If you take any country U.S Russia “Any Country”
      Look at it as a body ! So to speak. Just think of the heart”Your Government”
      And the other part the People as the” The Blood ” That runs the Body keeps it alive.

      What happens when you drain the blood from the body ? You Kill The Body.

      Greed is what kills any country. Money Talks B.S. Walks every time.

      Now you might think this is a simple explanation, Theory of relativity
      exists whether you like it or don’t like it.

      Just look around and look at whats happening and “”Add it Up””

      And see what you might figure it out. Look back on history and
      find out what kills countries. That’s where you will find all the
      answers .

      Thank You- Thomas

  2. Brittany

    I still think the reason people do not like President Barack Obama is the color of his skin. People like to say that unemployment is still over 8% or that GDP is growing slow, but Obama supporters know the real reason, Americans do not like him for other reasons.

    1. Mark Biernat

      How can you say this? If anything I think this type of thinking coming from Obama supporters, discredits the Obama cause. I think even Obama himself wants to be challenged on his ideas and ideology, political and economic, and not play the race card. I might not like Obama’s ideas but I can respect the person.

      If anything as I pointed out, Abraham Lincoln was the first GOP President (I am a Libertarian and believe in the equality of all people).

      The issues at hand are about freedom. I believe in the ideals of the enlightenment. That is people are fundamentally good. If each person is allowed to act on their own enlighten self-interest, pursuing theory dreams and hopes, freely without the interference of a King, Monarch, landed elite or an interventionist President; than the common good in aggregate will be reached naturally. Maximize individual liberties and there is not need for redistribution of wealth and social engineering.

      The common good and greatest utility for society as a whole is reach though the respect for individual rights. American’s fought so hard for this, do we really want to go from a country of self-reliance to government reliance?

    2. mike

      Brittany dear, I will tell you why I don’t like Obama. First of all he is dishonest. They cry, Bush lied. Well Obama lies on a daily basis. The definition of a tyrant is one who wins the approval of the people and then seizes power. President Obama fits this definition to the T. He seized power of industry, banking and health care. He seeks to control people’s lives and does nothing to help them learn to be self-sufficient. Be honest, maybe you like or dislike people based on their skin color, but I was more than willing to vote for Herman Cain if He secured the nomination and not because he was black, but because he had something to offer. Obama has nothing to add to America, he only subtracts from America’s greatness. Get over the color of people’s skin. I have. Vote for the person not for pigmentation. If you vote for a person because they are black you, my friend are a racist.

    3. Plasticmoney888


      You mentioned” I still think the reason people do not like President Barack Obama is the color of his skin”

      Do you know that when Colin Power a Black Republican was a possible candidate for President he was number one in all the polls.
      Did you not see how how Herman Cain a Republican President candidate was climbing in the polls until he was implicated in an affair or how popular Condoleezza Rice is presently?

      Obama if any thing benefited from being black. With your reasoning should we say African Americans are racist because 95% voted for Obama?

      We hear very little of the Democratic Party’s history and there relation with black over times but after the civil war and for a very long period Democrats have made registration very complicated and basically stripped blacks from the voting polls. In those days all Blacks in the South voted for Republicans. Several had been elected to congress. Democrats Southerners certainly did not like it at all and seriously harassed both whites and blacks if they where republicans in those states. Democrats hated republicans that wanted the blacks to vote freely. And Rest assure that this is an understatement.

      Sorry but a men is a men and his color has nothing to do with the fact that he should not be criticized if he does not do a good job.

  3. Rakesh Kasba

    My God,

    Looked just like a post on India Government. We were worse off but a small dose on economic improvement done in 1991 saved us. We look further to go American way but the present Congress Government. In India is pushing in the Government. Jobs and doles and heavy taxes hidden and visible just for vote politics. Maybe Obama has taken a learning from the Indian politicians. It is called vote politics no love for nation or its people is considered in the cold math of being in the power again. Vote politics promotes mediocrity, poverty, idle doles, illiterate population, class divide, corruption, drop in moral values, lack of creativity, and an impotent population.
    Americans save your Country from such India type politicians and policies.

  4. mike

    There is no other conclusion to come to why America is headed in the wrong direction and why Obama’s plans have not helped America. The reason is because Obama has succeeded in driving America toward his goal for our nation.

    His goal for America is that She was destroyed. I would be so easy to spur the economy and boost consumer confidence by removing the anchor placed on a drowning economy. Only a fool cannot see this. If Obama would have been captain of the Titanic, he would have plotted a course for the icebergs. Government is a necessary evil, big government is simply evil. Governments like disease ridden articles must either be disinfected periodically or destroyed permanently. However we can’t live without any government, but we will not survive with our present government ignoring our founding documents. All Government has to do is follow the constitution instead of destroy it which is what they took an oath to do.

  5. Kirk

    Lets face it, Obama or Romney, it doesn’t matter, they’re both losers. Both the GOP and Democratic parties need to be searching for, and grooming their respective nominee candidates for either the 2016 or 2020 election – 2012 election year? Sorry, its a lost cause even before it takes place.

  6. Greg

    There is nothing said here that can convince me there is a no difference between either candidate. For 30 years I’ve heard the lowering taxes will improve the economy. And improve unemployment. Low er and lower Federal taxes on those job creators has been the answer given by the GOP. This is broken record politics. And 10% unemployment are the results. Therefore 250 reasons would still not balance the never ending economic lies by both sides.

    1. Plasticmoney888

      There are no tax reductions its a illusion. They have been borrowing them. Look at the size of government to GDP and you have your answer.
      The accumulated deficit is your $140,000 per tax payer differed bill. Enjoy your 30 years of tax deferrals but take note that this bill has just increased by 50% under the present administration and is and will increase every fast every day unless major cuts are made very soon.

  7. Rachel Williams

    I may be only 17 years old as I write this comment today, but in 5 days I will turn 18 & I will give my vote to President Obama.

    I was raised in the Mormon Church, but I have always been bright enough to recognize ridiculous nonsense when I encounter it. As soon as I move out of my parent’s house and start college next year I will make it known that I wish to leave the church.

    I have never believed in the teachings of my former church, and I KNOW that it is absolutely a cult.

    I do not understand how supposedly intelligent people can even think about electing a cult member to the post of the most powerful position in the world.

    It is the thoughtlessness of people like you who were crazy enough to elect a bold-faced liar to the post of U.S. President twice, and I cannot wait until you hand it over to the next generation (us) so we can at least start to get it right.

    1. Plasticmoney888

      Before you do vote take note that the United Sate is not a theocracy.
      There are several religions practiced in those United Sates and there is such a thing called separation of state and religion.

      I hope that you have better criteria when voting for Obama than is religion.

      You mention: “I cannot wait until you hand it over to the next generation (us)”

      As far as I know the US is still not an Ochlocracy and you should know that there is no such thing as “US” or “WE” or a collective brain.

  8. visit

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