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  • Adam Smith was Right

    Adam Smith was right. Ronald Reagan was right when he said ‘government is the problem’. Government and the economy At first, I was for government intervention. I thought maybe the president was a bright, strong leader and will solve many of the problems of the US economy. But it is very clear to me that […]

  • Adam Smith and Insurance

    Adam Smith did not write about much about insurance but here are some thoughts and quotes that are connected. Adam Smith on Risk The contempt of risk, and the presumptuous hope of success, are in no period of life more active than at the age at which young people choose their professions. How little the […]

  • Adam Smith’s view on Government

    Government leaders have never read Adam Smith. I am sure of it. At least not in full.  In fact, if bureaucrats and politicians had read Smith they would understand that small government means small problems and big government means big problems. Or in the ideals of our founding fathers, ‘the government that governs least governs […]

  • Adam Smith – How to Make Money

    Adam Smith: virtue + self-interest = success Adam Smith wrote about economics, but also self-actualization.  If you are going to study about making money, why not meditate on the wisdom of the ‘father of economics’, he spends his whole life thinking about the subject. He was not exactly a self-help guru,  and he wrote in […]

  • Adam Smith’s Philosophy

    Adam Smith was a Scottish moral philosopher with noteworthy contributions to political economy relating to how individuals make the market economy and free trade. However, at the core of his thinking, he was driven by a moral conviction to find how to improve society in a just way. He is considered the father of modern […]