Am I underpaid?

Am I underpaid at my job? If you ever thought you are not getting paid enough, you are right. I have been in positions controlling salaries and costs for many years. It was one of the worst parts of my job because I always could see how low most pay scales were compared to how […]

Work for yourself

Have you ever thought of working for yourself but do not have the courage?  You will always make more money working for yourself than a company. The purpose of this post is twofold; one, to appeal to your emotions on why you need to start your own company and the second, is a logical argument […]

Why I do not work

Why work? Clarification: I work, I just do not have a job.  I am an American and live in Krakow, Poland. – Update, I live in the US now and go to school in Poland for a Ph.D. I teach at a college. Corporate America Imagine that in Poland 100 years ago people use to […]

Working long hours

Working long hours is stupid If you are working 12 hour days, quit your job. Why? The only way you will ever do anything more than tread water in a capitalist economy, is by being capitalist yourself.  Not working for another man, not working for another man’s bonus and in essence for another man’s wife. […]