Are eBay homes a good value?

Have you ever browsed the listings of residential properties on eBay real estate? I have and recommend you do, if for nothing more than for curiosity factor. What strikes me is the inordinate number of cheap homes listed on this auction site. My first reaction when I see a home for ten thousand dollars is:… Continue reading Are eBay homes a good value?

Real Estate Investing 101

How to Invest in Real Estate The ideal real estate investment is investing in a home that is undervalued. The most undervalued home is a foreclosed home. I am not the Real Estate pro in this article, but rather my old landlord was. It was lessons I learned from observing him amass a fortune in… Continue reading Real Estate Investing 101

Moving to the US

Emigrating to the United States of America I am an American that has lived for about seven years in Europe. This year I might move to the USA. It is a big change for my family and I. But moving to the States is based on a number of factors. The decision to move back… Continue reading Moving to the US

Big homes are a mistake

Too much house – biggest personal finance mistake Do not spend more than you earn. Everyone knows this.  The one exception is your home. I am a Licensed Realtor in Florida. I know what I am talking about.  I should be telling you to shoot the moon, buy big and enjoy your life. However, since… Continue reading Big homes are a mistake

US housing market prediction

There is a strong case that the US housing market will collapse, and go down with a double-dip recession. I have rarely believed negative economics forecasts. I think they are often exaggerated to get headlines because negative news sells more. However, consider these very real economic factors which could substantiate a negative US housing market… Continue reading US housing market prediction

US housing market

The purpose of this post is to give a realistic assessment of the USA housing market. Nothing negative or optimistic, simply reality based on the economics of supply and demand. Why is my house not selling? I have heard people say that they lowered the price of their home 10% or even 20% and it… Continue reading US housing market