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  • Stock market crash prediction

    Markets are hard to predict but economics give insight to the future direction of the stock market. Update: The market has not crashed yet because the Fed keeps pumping money and might do so until after the 2020 election. It is political. macroeconomic data moving averages or trends analysis quantitative valuations I am getting a […]

  • Buy on bad news – sell on good news – Stock trading

    One of my first lessons in stock trading was not to panic sell. When rumors hit the street (now days the web),  I ignore them.  Some people like to make money off the bounce of a stock that has been hit by rumors and news, which are generally oversold. I have not tried in a […]

  • The risks and rewards of penny stock investing

    Penny stocks are a cognitive illusion. Not the penny stocks themselves mind you, they are real. However, your chances to make money from thinly traded, low-priced stocks with little liquid assets, working capital and a lot of dreams are the cognitive illusion. In other words, although there is a chance to get rich from trading […]

  • Stock market and sunspots

    Is there a correlation between sunspot activity on the sun and the stock market?  Yes.  Further, if  such a technical theory has a spokesperson who says it with confidence and a track record, people listen. However, for me personally, the correlation has no meaning. I would also imagine for a serious stock traders, it is […]

  • When and why economic predictions and models misguide our investing

    Can economics or investing be predicted? Of all the great economic and financial investing geniuses getting paid 100s of millions of dollars, few really predicted the crisis. Nor did the leaders of the US government or the US Central bank run by PhD economists. Political leaders understand money and markets, that is they only work if they are free. […]

  • Stock market and leading economic indicator

    I believe in getting a sense of the direction of the stock market using trend analysis.  I use trend analysis to determine if I should be in the stock market or not, specifically the 12 month moving average against the S&P 500 index. However, one of the problems with trend analysis is it sometimes give […]

  • Online stock trading and banking – how protect yourself

    I do all my banking and stock trading online. In fact, I have not been in a bank or brokerage house well, for as long as I can remember. I pay bills, make stock trades, pay by visa and bank cards and transfer money all on the web.  How do I personally improve my online […]

  • Stock market investing tips – notes from a trader

    The purpose of this post is to give you some ideas trading stocks. The first investing tips presented here are general, but useful. At the end of the post I give you some of my own stock trading habits or notes in a more specific way. One thing that always annoyed me about talking to […]

  • Trend analysis – Limitless

    Technical analysis 101 This post is to inspire you to consider trend analysis when trying to predict financial markets. Trend Analysis is seeing order in chaos – the film Limitless Trend analysis is a tricky thing when economic indicators give you mixed signals. However, consider one of the ideas found in a film (Hollywood is […]

  • Wall Street the Movie – 1929

    Wall Street film Here is a Wall Street movie on the great crash of 1929. It is worth the investment in time just based on old photos. If you have an interest in Economic history than I do, then you will like it. If you have an interest in the stock market, you will love […]