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  • Investment strategy – defensive or offensive?

    Offensive or defensive investment strategy, which one will yield a greater ROI? That is the question. This is not a post based on statistical research, such  as asset allocation and diversification but more personal reflections and I am more looking for answers and asking questions. What does it mean to be a defensive investor versus […]

  • Currency Trading – Should you trade Forex?

    Forex trading is written about all over the web. The question is should you trade currencies? The objective of this post if to give you my personal perspective. The reasons I do not trade currency directly for profit are: Currency trading is zero-sum – It is a zero-sum game (or slightly negative minus transaction costs […]

  • Bullionism – Economics of Gold Accumulation

    What is Bullionism? Bullionism was an idea that circulated in the courts of Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries. Why is it important? It is very important as many people today have the same idea about their own lives and it keeps them poor. The idea of Bullionism was closely connected to mercantilism. It […]

  • How to Trade Currency on Fundamentals

    Forex on fundamentals If you want to trade FX, people recommend trading on technical indicators. However, as many fundamentals (looking at the relative value of the currency instead of the trend) in currency markets have a terrible reputation, I still think with study, you can make Forex trades a profitable investment strategy in the long […]

  • How to invest in gold or silver

    What is the best way to invest in gold or silver? I have a definite view on gold vs. silver and how to invest.  I do not think you will like it but read on. Before buying gold or silver first ask yourself why do you want to invest. If this is a small part […]

  • Investing books

    Investing books – what I really want. From an investing book, I want Excalibur. I want a supreme tool to lead me to victory on the investing battlefield. I am not saying this sarcastically. I, like everyone else swinging away out there is looking for Excalibur. However, in the back of my mind I know […]

  • Develop an investment strategy

    Drawing up your personal investment blueprint Computers are useless they only give you answers – Pablo Picasso Too much investment information clouds judgment and this is what Internet investment data gives you. Your head will spin around because of too much choice. What you need is a strategy for buying and selling assets to make […]

  • Are CDs a good investment?

    Certificate of Deposits at the Bank as an Investment The purpose here is to answer the question “are bank CDs good investments”? Further, what about CDs vs. Stocks. When I was a stock broker one of the most common ways to hook a new client was asking them what return their CDs were earning at […]

  • Why gold is a good investment

    Gold is a good investment if you invest for fun. That is it. If you are investing because you like to hold gold coins for the feel of it, it is an excellent investment. It feels great and secure to have a few in your closet to show your friends. However, do not expect to […]

  • My Disciplined Approach to Investing

    In theory, I take a disciplined approach to invest. I have a basic system I follow and it has been very good to me. I have never calculated my returns however, my investment accounts have steadily increased and I have basically avoided the recent downturns in the market in the last few years. How I […]