Don’t vote for Trump

I voted for the guy twice. But I will not vote for him again.

  • He does not impress me as a man of faith.
  • He does impress me as a womanizer unfaithful to his wife.
  • He does impress me as a man who built a casino empire.
  • He does impress me as an elite living a life of luxury in Palm Beach County, Florida.
  • He does impress me as someone who stirs up trouble for political gain.
  • He has sung praise to despots who are trying to reshape the world without faith as their guiding principle.

The bottom line is much of the political center and right (and left) are people of faith. I feel he used good people who could have voted for a candidate that would change the world in a positive direction. Someone who could unify and build bridges, and this includes the plurality of beliefs.

Instead, his campaign is built on conflict.

It is not built on, “and they will know we are Christians by our love,” as the song goes. He is a false prophet.

Trump is, on the other hand, the favorite of Putin. Putin is banking on Trump winning. Putin uses good people of faith in his country also but is nothing more than a champion for the oligarchs and a destroyer of other people’s lives.

I am thankful he was pro-life, eliminated visas for the nation of Poland, and dismantled the previous healthcare idea. So, I will not take that from him. But he wants to negotiate with a despotic Czar that alone could create disharmony in the world that would echo for eternity.

This is the time of hope for humanity, with AI, communication breakthroughs, space travel, green energy, and people leaving ideas like racism behind.

I left the GOP and became non-affiliated because of Trump. I will vote for Biden. At least Biden is a churchgoer and tries in his limited way to transcend. At least Biden supports Ukraine, a brave democracy and country of faith. Biden is not perfect, but he is a churchgoer and supports Ukraine.

If the GOP ran a person of faith as their candidate, maybe Pence, Haley, Scott, or DeSantis, for example, I would vote for them as long as they were faithful and supported Ukraine. For me, it does not matter what faith it is as long as they walk the walk.

We need a Ronald Reagan Republican—a unifier, a communicator, a person guided by a higher ideal. Someone who builds bridges, not creates discord.

I am studying economics, trying to get a PhD, actually. Trump’s play is he claims to hold the key to economic prosperity. That is not correct based on the data of the last several years. He is thinking in terms of a mercantilistic economy of the 1800s. Mercantilistic capitalism will lead America into a less-than-optimal growth path because it is not based on the idea of comparative advantage. As difficult as it is to understand sometimes, even for me, when there is free movement of labor and capital, we all get rich. This is Adam Smith. Trump is not about Adam Smith. He is more like a mercantilistic close-door economy, think Spain in the 1700s. How did that end? It does work to an extent because people are innovative and find ways to prosper in spite of the restrictions. However, it is not prosperity for all. It is another form of a controlled economy. Yet, I am not arguing based on economics but on the idea that faith and higher ideals and principles based on action, not words, need to guide humanity to a better future.

Bottomline: Trump will not win in 2024. The reason is he lost in 2020, and people like me, people of faith, will not rally around him like they were doing because of his behavior, evidencing actions and words incongruent with a person who is guided by a higher power. The polls will spin it as a close match, but there is no way I and other people who voted for him before will vote again. I hope people’s eyes are open.

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