The best way to illustrate anti-capitalism is to tell you a story. I am an American living in Poland, I met another American ex-pat who just moved here, her name is Agatha. We actually are friends now. One of the first things she did was pull me aside and say ‘look Mark we have to organize the people’. I said what? She said Lenin wrote if we organize 10% of the workers the rest will follow. I said Agatha keep your voice down this is Poland, people fought hard against socialism and many paid for it with their lives. She told me they do not understand.

She replied look around you Mark, all the wrongs in this country were caused by the capitalist greed of the last 20 years. I told her maybe she should hop into a time machine and go back 25 years.

More facts about Agatha’s anti-capitalism

  • She has an illness that requires medical attention, but will not use socialized medicine here but flies to Vienna to get treatment in a private clinic. She believes in social medicine for others but if she needs treatment no way.
  • She always talks about going to Russia and seeing Lenin’s monument in Moscow to honor the communist revolution but is afraid of the East because it is so poor, so instead flies to Paris and Milan and comes back with new clothes and handbags.
  • She talks about how poor she is, but I see her living off her parents and boyfriend. I told her I can show her ways to make money to pay for herself. She looked at me like I was a dirty greedy capitalist.
  • She taught English in South Korea. I asked her what she thought of North Korea.
  • She is a highly ethical person and very caring. Just wants to stop capitalism in theory, however, ironically enjoys all the freedoms and things that capitalism has done for her.

Capitalism affects

In the years I have lived in Poland I have seen Poland transform from a poor post socialistic country to a wealthy capitalistic society. People here are religious and I would not say greedy, rather they are just trying to provide for their families. Is there anything wrong with that? Only in foofy ridiculous spoiled America do we have people like Agatha who is buying into this no capitalism mentality.

anti capitalist statue
Eastern Europe was sold that anti-capitalist nonsense before

People who are against the free market will tell you fairy-tales how everything will be so beautiful with an alternative economic system.

Wall Street greed, anti-capitalism, and zero-sum thinking

Economics is not a zero-sum game, it is positive-sum. When someone is rich that does not mean they took it from someone who is poor. It means wealth was created. When there is wealth creation society as a whole benefit. However, people think because that bastard made money (for example on Wall Street), we have to suffer. It is not true and that thinking is motivated by jealousy. People should focus on their own lives not bringing their neighbors down. People who are against capitalism are jealous of petty people.

Only in a non-capitalistic society can we say that the wealthy took money from the poor, feudalism, kings, communist, socialism, etc.

Eco movement and Anti-capitalism

I am very green and pro-capitalism. Why? I live and have traveled to post-socialist countries and see they are much more polluted and wasted than anything I have seen in “greedy capitalism America”.  When people do not have private ownership of capital and property there is a diffusion of responsibility and no one cares. Everything gets polluted.

Since there was not really any private property people would just dump and throw things everywhere. Please travel to any ex-communist country and lose your anti-capitalism.

Capitalism and religion

There is no connection between a system of economics and religion. Economics is just about trading good and services in the market, hopefully without a G-man interfering too much.  However, economics systems should not be mixed with religious ideas. I have seen capitalist, socialist, anti-globalist, etc try to do this. I think it is wrong. One is about what you have in your heart and the other is about exchanging material goods. Two different things. If you want to read about the morality of anti-capitalism and Adam Smith please do.

Capitalism is nothing more than the freedom to choose your own life and not have the government manage it for you. It is about taking responsibility for your own life and stopping the blame game. It is saying that people are to be respected not treated like cattle by some socialistic government that manages and manipulates people. If you have any doubts that the anti-capitalist movement is a joke please state them here.

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  1. Remsko

    Canibalism perverted Capitalism
    Canibalists would eat you at once at their expense, capitalista are eating you enitre life at your expense.

    1. Mark Biernat

      Ridiculous analogy, capitalism is about freedom to choose and be the best you can be. Try living under and alternative like communism or any other state controlled economy. To look at it from a simple way, play the computer game Civilization and try to run a country under and alternative form of economics and you will see what I mean, people suffer in anything less than capitalism.

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