US Presidential Election 2016

Who will win the 2016 Presidential election?

Update: Trump won. Even if he is not perfect, Clinton would have destroyed America with socialist policies. I do not like Trump’s spending and debt, especially on the military. This will unfold in another economic crisis. However, Clinton would have been worse.  Trump needs to win in 2020 including a GOP control of Congress or America could slip back.

If I were President I would:

  • Get rid of the Federal Reserve and replace it with a gold standard.
  • Balanced Budget Amendment.
  • Bring the troops back home.

It will be a Trump versus Clinton contest.

The main difference between the two candidates are:

  1. Trump knows business and Clinton knows government.
  2. Under Trump, there will be an expansion of jobs and wages.
  3. Under Clinton, there will be an expansion of government and taxes.

I will vote for Donald Trump, as he promotes economic prosperity in America through a free market and individual liberties.  Both Clintons have a track record of public dishonesty and serving foreign special interests.  We are voting for a leader and honesty matters.  Hilary Clinton is being investigated by the FBI and supported by the political establishment. As of October 29th, 2016, that investigation is on.  Donald Trump will shake things up and stand up for the middle class. Clinton will continue to pave the road to socialism. The mainstream media will paint Trump this way or that, but he has ideas about lowing taxes and helping this country that will have a positive impact on your life.

I will not vote for Hillary Clinton as she will continue to drive up to the US Debt past the 24 Trillion marks (which is the point of no return), promote socialistic policies and decrease the security of the United States and decreases freedoms for Americans.

Hilary Clinton aspires to be the Angela Merkel (Germany) of America.  If you like how Europe has opened the floodgate for Middle Eastern immigration and is wallowing in debt, this will be the future of America after the Clinton coronation. Clinton could even lead to a separatist movement as we see in the EU. For example, would Texas ever have a referendum?

If you prefer a street smart entrepreneur who is a leader and has a common-sense approach who will champion people who work and stand up for Americans, vote for Trump. I saw Donald Trump in Saint Augustine, Florida. His sincerity that he really wants to save America from its slide downhill impressed me. His intelligence and down to earth approach was clear. He will make America great again. I voted for him in early voting.

The election polls go up and down. However, Trump will ultimately win based on the issues and the intelligence of the American people.

Hillary Rodham Clinton – Democrat


After Clinton’s coronation she will continue to trickle Marxist ideologies into the US (social medicine, more taxes, raise minimum wage but not help real wages), flounders on Islamic terrorism and opens the doors for questionable immigration (e.g. Syrians who are mostly men in their 20s with no families or adequate ability for a real screening).


The world will not collapse if Hilary Clinton gets elected President in 2016, however, it will not be a better place and I recommend you consider the reasons.

An elitist waiting for her royal coronation – Are you telling me, in all of the US, there is not a better, smarter more talented choice than a career politician and the wife of a former president? She put up with Bill’s cheating so she could get her to turn to play queen and ruler in power. The US has endless amounts of talented women, I have seen them in business and all walks of life, Clinton is not one of them.

Debt – You can not spend your way out of debt. If you are in debt you have to fix the leak. If the USA crosses the twenty-four billion-dollar mark, that is the end of stability. This will happen with Hilary Clinton as President. Henceforth it will become mathematically infeasible to ever get out of debt, and soon the fixed payments like interest will exceed tax revenues.

One solution would be for the US to start printing trillion dollar bills. Of course, we would all be wearing barrels when hyperinflation kicks in.  People do not realize how serious having a Clinton Presidency would be based on the debt alone.  Economists argue that the debt to income ratio (GDP) is what really matters.  However,  if there is an economic downturn the cycle will be exacerbated as this crowds out private investment and drives up the real interest rate.  The reality is except for WWII, which was an exceptional circumstance, debt too income has never been higher. Furthermore, after the war, the US was the only economy that was not destroyed, so we were able to bounce back. Now we compete against the world on a level playing field.

President Obama has increased the debt more than all other presidents combined.  As a continuation of this policy, Hilary Clinton will cause a serious financial situation. If anyone disagrees please comment and speak your objections. I have been a life long student of economics and it is simple mathematics. If you spend more than you have and your fixed payments exceed revenues, this will create financial shocks that have an impact on the real sector. This is a classic Austrian Economics business cycle. However, this time, the end game is bleak.

Inviting more foreign workers –  This equates to decreases wages for Americans. In my workplace, a significant portion of workers are on visa and they do affect wages. Clinton will expand foreign workers in the USA with some lame excuse.

Endless illegal Immigration –  With 94 Million Americans not working and more people living off the system than ever in US history, it will drain America. Why not follow the written laws?

Focused on changing America’s demographics – Immigration focuses on Syrians and Middle Eastern immigrants, countries that do not have a strong democratic tradition.  I believe in democracy and I want to live in a country with others who do also. Heavy restrictions on strong US liberty-loving allies such as Poland.  My family in Poland, to even visit me for a week, in the US have a lot of visa hurdles to jump through. While illegals and Middle Eastern immigrants have an open the gates policy. At the very least more people means more traffic.

Dismantle the Free market – Clinton wants to engineer and control the market, get tough on private initiative and regulate and tax entrepreneurial activity and replace it with government spending.  The factual evidence is her voting record to vote against a decrease in government spending in 2005 and an increase in government spending in 2008. In contrast, I believe anything the government does, free enterprise and people can do more efficiently. Her health care program is just the start of socialism.

Health care  –  Universal health care is a joke. It has become more expensive and did not fix anything. Her healthcare system is good for having you support other people using excess pain killers but does not cover something like ethical stem cells which fix your body. Premiums have increased and more people are living off the system.

Education –  Sees private school vouchers and school choice as a drain on government-run training centers and school.  Evidence of this is her comments in 2015 that vouchers are unconstitutional. Instead of school choice or private and proctorial schools,  Hilary pushes for expanded governmental education. Government training and lofty feel-good words. Clinton does not get that, Private and religious education as well as home-schooling works, the public schools are often a dangerous place to send a child because of the wrong ideas.  Mark Twain said ‘never confuse school with your education’.

Questionable cognitive function –  Although Hilary has a high level of native intelligence, it is my opinion something has changed. I do not write this lightly, but she seems to have clinical deficient associated with trauma or stroke. Observe her carefully and make your own conclusions.  I want someone sharp as our leader.

Bengazi – “what difference does it make” was her reply.  In 2012 Islamic militants overran the American diplomatic compound and Clinton was the secretary of State. I am not going to rehash this, but people questioned her integrity and ability to lead before and during this situation.
ISIS – Does not have a clear policy.

Secretary of State  – What did she accomplish?

Crime and no punishment – Scandals and lies – Think of any TV series drama from ‘Dallas’ to ‘Revenge’ where scandal and lies are the norms and this could be the Clintons. Come on the thing with Hillary’s private email server. How slippery was that? Her husband Bill and Monica Lewinsky. Also consider Mary Mohane, Vincent Foster, C. Victor Raiser, Jerry Parks, Kathy Ferguson, etc., these you can research. I guess before and after her coronation, she is above the law.

Hilary Clinton is an insider – She will offer nothing new to the politics of Capitol Hill.

SmartPower – Failed. Dumbpower – Showing honor and respect to your enemies does not work. Neville Chamberlain before WWII tried this and the result was World War II.

Feminist – In the negative sense of the word.

Bring dishonor to women – If she is the first woman President she could very well have a scandal. Clinton’s signature is doing things that open themselves up to scandal and dishonor. This would not play into the confidence of women in business and politics.

Anti life – Based on her voting record, including US tax dollars, Clinton has the party line to propagate the elimination rather than the defense of the innocent. What was that taxpayer-funded organization selling body parts? Wow, that money would have better been used for something like prenatal nutrition education for example.

Increase the minimum wage – sounds great, but not the solution for a real economy as some jobs are just not worth 15 dollars an hour and someone will have to pay.

Creates division – Too many people despise her. She is not a warm and fuzzy candidate with a middle of the road following. She will polarize the USA. if anything, Obama had a more uniting quality than Hilary Clinton.

NY senator – Promised to create 200,000 jobs in NY but when she left a net of 20,000 jobs decreased

No path to victory with ISIS –  I personally do not like troops on the ground as an American philosophy, which I have seen since I was a child going back to Vietnam and the cost is a high budget, more debt, and loss of Americans. Yet, ISIS needs to be defeated.

Bad Boss –  If you ever had a really bad boss, perhaps who obtain the position by nepotism or just being in the company forever, that will be what it is like rule by Hilary Clinton. The country will have a bad boss.

Donald Trump – Republican


Flamboyant big mouth – We know this about him. We know what we get, but he is a leader and will help the US return to real prosperity.

Issues: 1) Stop the US debt before 24 Trillion (point of no return) 2) Stop the flood of illegals, foreign workers and immigrants from high-risk security areas.


Not a Washington insider – America you want someone who is not a career politician.  Trump is your candidate.

Simplify the tax code – This alone is a reason to vote for Trump. If you make 50k or less and are married, you pay no taxes.  If you make up to 100k you pay 10%.  I want that. I could put a new roof on my house with the extra money and a new project every year until my house would be good as new. What would you do?

Not enough Americans are working – Despite his non-traditional nature, his focus will be to defend American jobs and job creation. There are two futures for America. One with a creeping unemployment rate under Hillary Clinton and another with a rising wage rate under Trump.

Negotiate with countries for a US advantage – We know how the US has been sold to China and other countries. Trump’s skills in business will reverse this.

Will balance the budget – and start on the path to pay off the debt. Wow, would you not like your debt including your mortgage paid off? It is a real possibility for the USA if we make the right choices.

Pro-life –  Jump up and down and scream if you want, but the defense of innocent life is a real moral issue. It perplexes me that people who defend animal rights are often the ones that are anti-life when it comes to the innocent. I mean come on in the USA so many people would love to have children and wait years to have a foreign adoption.

Trump is an American leader –  standing up for the American people first, in contrast, Hilary Clinton wants to be like Andre Merkel, a leader that is sensitive to even to the world at the expense of the people who she is leading.

Terrorism – Trump will take a no-nonsense approach and stopping the influx of people that are security threats. Homeland Security is more important than diplomatic parleys (Clinton) or military action aboard.


Why and how to opt out of

I opted out of the Universal health care mandate. I did it legally. Why did I do this and how is the purpose of this post.

I opted out and I am glad I did. I choose not to be part of the system because of moral reasons, but I also found a better alternative.

Why Universal health care is so expense – for people who work

It is because you pay for others who abuse the system, a layer of newly added bureaucracy and people who generally are hypochondriacs, overuse of drugs in the US, opportunists in the medical system that know how to profit from the system or like many people who leave it up to their doctor to make the healthy,  rather than being proactive in their own health.

For example, if you have a job you pay for people like my neighbor on his 11th operation and on meds and is out fishing every day (he is 35). You pay for all the people who live promiscuous lives, smoke, drink, do not exercise and live on processed foods take advantage of the system. You pay for the doctors who charge just to charge.

I am a consultant and entrepreneur. I need to buy insurance so I do not get hit with a tax penalty under current US law. The company I work for has some plan that costs a lot and offers little. On prices are not cheap either, do not believe the hype. I was about to pay over $600 dollars for a high deductible bronze plan.

Why I do not support Social medicine in the USA

It’s not the rude treatment I got on numerous times or the economic idea that social medicine is inferior and results in a lower level of care ( I lived in a socialist country for many years).   It is not that it is one more way for the government to put all your life data in their matrix.

The reason I refuse to be part of the system is I object to where my money goes. If I want to contribute to a charity I do it, but not to people using my money in the wrong way. Remember charity is only charity if you freely give.   I could pay the Obamacare tax but I choose not to for moral reasons. I do not like the things it supports from abortion to birth control pills as I am a Christian (Roman Catholic). I do not like the idea of being forced to pay for things I do not believe in if I can.

What do I do to cover my family medically?

So instead I do something similar to a media-share PPO run by a Christian Care Ministry.

It is based on Christian ideals. The members share the cost. I can go to a doctor just like anyone but is base on a different ideal. It is just like insurance but does not cover things like abortion, which I find an abomination.  And you know what, it is a fraction of the cost for the equivalent plan in the health care system. The reason I think is the people in the pool live a cleaner life based on Biblical principles. For example, you can not have relations outside the context of marriage. Since I am loyal I have no problem with that. My total cost for my family for a good plan is about $250 dollars a month. It will be under $200 if I get a physical to prove my body weight and height are proportional. Even that is an incentive to have a healthy life.

Crazy things insurance does that actually harms you

People base their medical choices on if it is covered by insurance, however, that is not the optimal choice for long term health in many cases.

A lot of the things medical insurance covers but I do not want are medically useless or harmful.  For example, US insurance usually does a CAT scans first ( that is like 100 Xrays of radiation) instead of an MRI. I would rather pay cash for an MRI then get a deadly CAT scan. I would rather pay 250 dollars cash for an MRI then a CAT scan on some split that will be just as expensive to me and skip the radiation.

US insurance covers back surgery, in contrast, I paid cash for stem cells and it worked. Yes, some guy in my office is 30 something and did a couple of back surgeries in a few months. Insurance picked up the bill but it was expensive and he was happy about it even if it did not really work that great.  In contrast, I did stem cells to repair my back. I think I am better off.

My daughter was at the doctor for a sore throat. The doctor recommended steroids to help her breath. She has no trouble breathing she said, the doctor also agreed, but just in case. It was a sore throat that went away in a day. This is US medical coverage. Who gives steroids to a healthy five-year-old, just in case.

General US insurance plans coverage pays for oodles of drugs and painkillers and many outdated aggressive medical procedures. I believe in science, for example, stem cells that are more progressive. I do natural things like taking allergies quercetin for allergies (I live in Florida) and find it more effective than the side effect laden drugs written by doctors.

Take charge of your health

I did to get a complete genetic profile of health risks. I do complete blood work and pay cash and it is a fraction what you pay. I exercise and eat right and stay skinny. We all grow old and die why punish your body with many outdated scientific ideas pushed by special interests. You have to really conscious of the medical choices you make.

I would have no problem going abroad if I had something that was too expensive here or too regulated. medical tourism is another thing not covered under Obama care.

God forbid if I get cancer or have to go to the ER of course my plan covers this. It works like insurance. It is just that I am not paying into a system I ethically and objectively do not see of value. My plan pays for office visits and surgeries like any other plans. But because of the cost savings in the monthly premium, I can channel this to other things a healthy lifestyle.

I think does more harm than good and I find it morally objectionable, that is why I opted out.


I love my job – in the new economy

This post is about my personal transition from career purgatory to loving my job.

I have a Masters and was making 100k plus easy before I moved to Poland to live another life.  Yet since my return to the USA, I really never got my career going again. I was waffling. Some of it was the US economy had stalled and the location I live (on an island in North East Florida). Yet that was nor reason, it was not for lack of opportunity (I was even talking to my old company, but they relocated to Minnesota, burr)  but rather, life events and life choice.

I have been somewhat disconnected from this website for a while. I was not feeling well as some drunk guy in the park hit me in the head and I had a serious concussion a few years ago, and some other things, I moved across the Atlantic Ocean to the USA, I have been slaving away in corporate jobs with commutes that were in a word ‘ridiculous’.

Working at a job that is not making your rich or giving you happiness, well you might as well be breaking rocks as least you get in shape.

It was slowing dawning on me, and then I realized in an epiphany,  that I had not made much forward progress in my life despite a good income. My nice income just provides enough for basic life. The more I made, we spent more to compensate for the stressful work life. We were rocking the malls and using credit cards to enjoy life when I was not in the pressure cooker of work.

I did some soul-searching and quit my job. If you add up deprecation on your car (it really wears down and you have to be able to buy a new one), fuel, the opportunity cost of the commute (I talked to a guy last night who is in his car 4 hours a day). You will pay with your health and time if you are not getting rich. You are really not doing much more than paying for your lifestyle.

My wife and daughter who are from another country were sitting at home all day waiting for me, without the support of my wife’s family. The apartment I live in was a little smokey from some trashy neighbors who moved in our condo complex and in a word, working was not doing anything but making everyone tired.

I have always said if you do not like your job, leave it. Just walk out. Like Darryl in the TV show The Office (he called it pulling an Irish exit), you just sneak out with no long good-byes or drama about whys, if you are not happy or it is causing you to stress just leave. It is that simple. This is from a guy who missed work for sickness one day in my life, and some years did not take vacations.  I am a workaholic but at my ventures.

So I walk, the walk, and really do what I believe. I left my job without a job.

How I spend my time without a job

I started to get consulting and other job offers that paid even more. But I am not about money.  The money will not buy love, or happiness or more time with my family and rarely does much for health as much as low stress and exercise.

I  am refocusing on my language software and websites that were neglected and were becoming obsolete.  It will take a year or more to dig out of all the piled up work I am behind. I hope to release one or two programs in software this year, something that has been on the table for about eight years.

I happily toil from morning until night, yet not on a career path but as an entrepreneur.

In a week I was studying for my RE exam, taped up with duck tape the ventilation to stop the smoke, started exercising, analysis my stock positions again as well as my websites. I did more in a few weeks than many years when I was working the grid.

For a hard-working responsible productive person, a job is one of the worst things you can have.

My real estate career

I was a stockbroker and in the investment world for years. I decided that since I live in Florida I would get my real estate license.  The North East Metropolis is about paper assets, being a Floridian is about real assets. So when in Rome. I did this in about a few weeks. I am a realtor.  This never would have happened if I had a job. I started a little website (under construction just holding pages). So if anyone has an interest in Florida real estate let me know.

I interviewed a lot of companies. You know the big names and they were all fine, but have been around the block to drink the Kool-aid of working for a big-name firm. I am with a small start-up on the Island where I live.

The company I work for now is Endless Summer Reality, it is perhaps the first company where I really believe they put ethics first and foremost. I have never worked for a company like this. Some companies talk about teamwork but these guys freely share theirs secretes with each other.

The new economy has allowed me to help me live the dream

If it was not for the new economy, with remote virtual offices I would never have been able to live the dream. I am not in super economic shape now as I reposition myself, from careering and high paid consultant back to entrepreneur again but I do not care. It was a bit of a waste of time and money to be distracted in my life and focus on other people’s vision of my life. It is the advancement of technology that has allowed me to be so full of myself about my work life. I mean my dad had to go to work. He could not be networking with guys in India doing business in the virtual world. So the new economy has pros and cons, but for me, if I can make money it will be mostly pro.

Now I love my work plain and simple.

I work from home, I am an IT consultant for my own programs and websites, I will start to invest in the stock market again and trade more actively. I will also ramp up my real estate side because I work with such a wonderful company. Most of all I have a family that supports me with unconditional love.


My job sucks – in the new economy

Yes, it is true my job sucks – What about yours? There is a difference between toil (having a job) and work. Toil is what you do to pay the bills. Work is when your vocation and avocation are aligned. The issue is most of us, but not all, are still stuck in phase I that is toiling away at a J.O.B, or just over broke. Yes, it is the economy. Unless you are living on St. Thomas More’s ‘New Island Utopia’, where sloven and scarcity are mitigated by a six-hour workday and no commute, mind you,  drudgery for a meager living is not the way to go.

In the end, all jobs and human effort are noble. It is the way we serve each other. It is almost a virtue to do some boring labor as society needs someone to do this. The point of this post is simply saying start thinking about being an entrepreneur.

You have two options:

  1. Flounder around going from sucky job to sucky job
  2. Take action and start working on your own idea to sell to others
At the office there are so many puppet masters, it is either, plays or be played.

Your author is still doing both. Update, I left my job. It was too stressful and not worth it.

Yes like everyone I need to pay the bills while working on my own venture. Yet if your day job is affecting your life adversely hold you back, take a risk and leave.

Below are some reasons I recommend to start thinking of your own entrepreneurial ventures. The main reason is, in the new economy there is more chance of you giving yourself a raise then anything spectacular bonus from industrious servitude to your overseer.

Working is fun but jobs today seems to be either

  • Chaotic jobs – The last guy left your current position for a reason. If he felt slighted (usually the case) human nature kicks in, and he did not go out of his way to set it up for you. Your predecessor gets a slightly twisted pleasure to hear about your struggle through the grapevine of co-workers. This will validate their worth. Even in my current job the last person who had the job before me gave me no training but just jumped ship. When I got there it was pure chaos. Of course, my boss did not tell me this during the interview.
  • Crafty Puppet masters at work – It is now part of corporate culture in America to have puppet masters who stir the pot and play the game of corporate politics at a new level. Take a look at the guy in the cube to the right of you and the left of you. One of those ‘team players’ is really just a player. The best corporate puppet masters are those who act innocent, but plant the seeds and step back and what it all unfold from a distance. Machiavelli takes notes.
  • Co-workers are petty – Since companies do not pay well, the human brain will crave stimulation that is lacking outside their work life. This is because lack of R&R and money to spend on real fun. It is the new economy. For example, people take their kids to corn mazes in the county instead of a month at the beach or second summer home to regenerate. Therefore, to compensate they thrive on the drama at work and gossip too.
  • Ridiculously underpaid for the cost of living – What is my evidence? The housing market, the amount of disposable income and savings people have. Sure I know companies do not have money, but they actually do. See it is just the variable cost of labor is an easy place to squeeze more productivity per dollar so those management’s bonus kick in. I have been on both sides of the fence and this is how it works.
  • Education does not matter – Yep forget the 100k you or your folks invested in your graduate education. It seems for stability all you need is a six-month certification from an online or local school. Sure there are still a lot of professional jobs out there, I am a professional, it is more about very specific skills for a concrete duration, rather than a career and a gold watch anymore. Get an education for your own humanistic enrichment, not for your career. I mean come on an average CPA makes like 60k a year. Why not just get a certification in IT security and make double that. I could work at the outlet mall as a manager and make 60k. What is the point in getting an education? Personal enlightenment.
  • Boomtowns require relocation – Oklahoma and North Dakota are booming for example. But for me a preppy New England-er to move to the Midwest and watch the corn grow, I think I would rather move back to Europe. I looked at my old company that is relocating to Minnesota. Yep, F-ing Minnesota. Yeah right, I can see talking my wife into moving there from the semi-tropical island where we live on now, to be glued to in MI, anticipating the next Canadian arctic air mass. Therefore I am stuck in the local economy which sucks.
  • The economy should come back soon. Why? Why should it? Markets are not in equilibrium and we have more debt than ever. Prices were not allowed to deflate and people do not have money. Just because we have had a prolonged recession or slow growth does not mean anything. Look at Japan, they never came back. Their middle class works too much and live in small quarters and eat a lot of rice. Do you want that? Time is not a factor in economic recoveries if markets are in disequilibrium.

Hot jobs I do not recommend

  • Military – In my area, it is the Military or DOD connected or with defense. Not my cup of tea. People get sucked into this career and after they are out, they drift. I was talking to one ex-Marine Colonel who out in the real world is an assistant manager a KFC. Then he quit and went to work for a security firm in Afghanistan. Once they have you, they own you in many ways. A see a lot of tattooed Vets who can not compete with a wunderkind in IT, for a job. Sure Vets get 10% discounts on everything in the USA but they have trouble integrating back in the workforce. Many are on partial disability and have TBI. Do not join the army, yes it is a quick fix to your personal economic hardship and an ego inflator, but the army, really. Better is to hitchhike around Europe and chase girls and find yourself, reading books on philosophy and learn graphic design. When you get your feet back on the ground, your brain will be expansive and you will be an entrepreneur or employable. In the military, too much programming and you will have a hard time competing when you are out. Also, I know US history too well.
  • Government jobs – Met a guy last week that his first job out of school was for the government and worked 30 years of ‘public service’ and that was his life. He had zero personality. Yes, you too can have a boring, mind-numbing hopeless, white-bread life living in a D.R. Horton home (actually these home are not that bad) if you work for the State or Federal government.
  • Retail – Sure that is my dream, be a retail slave. Folding clothes made in China for low wages not enough to really have a life in the USA.
  • Cell phone companies and sales etc – These are hard jobs, commission-based. It does not matter what you sell, your boss will pump you up in the interview telling you top producers make over 100k. Troll Craiglist and ask yourself why there are so many sales jobs out there.
  • Careerism – Marketing, banking, insurance – not bad nor good. If you are starry eyed 20 something saying ‘I love my job”. Or like girls often say, ‘you have to love your job’. This is OK. Good for you. I love my family and I love God. Work is noble but a corporate career is not to be equated with virtue or goodness. Watch your back. It is just a paycheck. Do not forget the work/life balance.
  • Management – After working in management most of my life, I would rather be a senior analyst making 80k a year with low stress than make 100 +k and have everyone dump on you. The only real jobs are when they give you equity ownership in your efforts.

What jobs are good

  • Hospital or medical – Taking care of the sick is a calling and noble. It pays also. Not a bad profession.
  • Consider alternative careers where people are happy – I would say yoga teacher (only 200 hours for certification), massage therapist, writers, tour guide. Things that are really fun to do. Not for the money, so when the economy does bounce back you will be happy anyway. Find something that is fun for you. You will never get these years back, so you might as well do something fun.
  • Your own company – The only way to make money in a capitalistic economy is to be a capitalist. Own the process. My friends, make a cookie, another make popcorn, has a tour agency, sells hotdogs, makes sandwiches, another a yoga studio, and another daycare. They all do fine.
  • Anything – This post might seem a bit jaded because I have been working in corporate America, but there are many paths to a happy employment life.

What to do?

  • Pray – Do not give up. You can not give up. Ask God to help you in your life and work and your financial situation.
  • Read books – Read investing books and ideas to make money outside the traditional workplace. Books take time to write and a lot of thought has gone into most. I think you can read your way out of most problems in life as they are distilled wisdom and experience. Look everything can not come from China and Americans do not want it too. Use your imagination. Even I have entrepreneurial ventures in the fire.
  • Wait until the answer reveals itself to you. – Be patient. Do not factor in playing scratch lotto as part of your financial plan. Just know there is an answer to every problem. Money issues in rich America are not on par with financial problems living in the third world for example. Count your blessings.

Recession this year

The US is 23+ Trillion in Debt, we have pumped money, and the magic show will come to an end. Perhaps at the end of 2020 after the election.


  • Washington can not stop spending.
  • The Fed can not stop printing money.
  • Corporations are in debt and have used this to push up their stocks.
  •   There are asset bubbles.

Well, I do not like to be the one to spoil the surprise, but there is a brave new world, a new economy is around the corner waiting for the US, and Washington does not have the answers because it is beyond their control.  I am talking about the the great recession.

The blame is on the people of this country who hailed our leader when he speaks in the forum of the “new, wonderful good society” which will the change our country will see, which the people believe will mean he is leading us to  “more money, a easier and secure life for all” while we living fatly of the industrious – Cicero 43 B.C.

  • The good news is the economic balloon has already deflated. Crashes come after bubbles. We now are just stuck in the mud.
  • The bad news is the long run trend line is down because of global competition.
People are looking for political solutions to an eroding economic base. It is like we were a hot tube of water and now with global competition, cool water values are open and can not be turned off.

Democratic strategy – If you liked the lackluster growth of the past four years, hold on to your hats, some excitement ahead, but not the good kind. The financial cliff President Obama will lead us over. If we reach this financial cliff the economy will shrink by .5%. It is simple mathematics. The Democrats want to choke growth by a new taxes, transferring money from the productive to the entitled.

GOP Strategy – In contrast, the Republicans wants to hold the line on taxes to prevent us from sliding back into the 1970s (considered the economic Stone Age by economic historians). However, they are for the Empire.

Which economic scenario will play out this year? – The intoxicating Democratic promises that won the election will bring us to a new reality. When neither the new math or the old math can reconcile the budget and the debt which is at a dizzying high, we will go into another deeper recession in the future. Now this is not for certain as GDP is recovering and progress in the private sector has been made (entrepreneurs will always discover away), the question is is this sustainable? Can we get out of this mud or will it be another year of spinning our wheels?

Moving political chess pieces in the background –  The Democrats and the GOP will fight out the budget which is really about congress and some compromise will be reach somewhere in between regardless of the President. All the power in Washington is about the allocation of the budget, anyway (and the Federal Reserve bank). Symbolically it is a blow that Obama got re-elected, but the President needs the House to really move forward.

However, that being said will any of this really matter if the problem is not only in Washington but we are no longer the big isolated island of the USA, you know the one that was portrayed in the old  TV show Happy Days?

  • The reality is we are in a global market and the competition will only increase as more of the world is educated and connected. The only way to make the US wealthier is to let the markets work by giving entrepreneurs the most opportunity to compete, that is a small government sector and low taxes. We need to pursue more Libertarian economics or the whole country will be left behind.
  • China and India are not as rich as the USA, but that is not the point. The point is, the people there are bright and capable like Americans but get paid at a fraction of the cost. You do the math.

Recession factors

  • Monetary policy – Easing or no easing we have basically negative rates of real interest. This does not seem to help, it is like pushing against the wind. The interest rate environment could not be any better. If the economy is not moving there is a reason, a ghost in the machine. That is the machine of the economy should be working one way, but some speculative unknown force controlling and dampening the actions of economic progress.
  • Fiscal stimulus – Rob Peter via debt, deficit, spending and the tax system and pay Paul.  In fact what if Paul is lazy and Peter is a job creator? Then we have a problem. This transfer of wealth engineered by the brain trust in Washington is not the best idea.  Yet even with turning up the dials in the C+I+G=GDP equation, the machine is not moving in the right direction or in a predictable way. More like a Frankenstein economy.
  • Global markets – Enter the specter, China, India, Latin America, etc.  Why pay you $40/hr (that is an $80,000 dollar a year job when someone abroad can do it cheaper. I am not talking about making toys to be placed in WalMart. Since the Internet and the fast seamless transfer of information, the interconnection of the human brain on this planet a fact, there is a transfer of information and skills without the need for physical presence. Even if you do not feel it or see it, specialization of labor on an intellectual level that does need to hurdle import laws is happening. Jobs are outsourced and someone smarter can do your job better and cheaper. There is nothing wrong with that, it just is the reality of the world, called global competition.

After WWII and with communism, the world was in ruins. In the USA we were all winners and our fathers have secure jobs and pulled in the driveway at 4:30 in the afternoon, they retired to Florida with something called a pension.

Now the world is cheaper and we have more toys, but the job market is not secure and I see a lot of people carrying debt, car payments, mortgage, and multiple credit cards.

What is left in the US economy?

Jobs that can not be exported easily.

  1. Retail jobs
  2. Medical care jobs
  3. Work for the Sheriff’s department
  4. Government workers
  5. Military
  6. Teachers
  7. Restaurant jobs
  8. Security guards
  9. Insurance companies
  10. Bank jobs

The problem with these jobs is they are not creating jobs. They do not create much value, but rather more service. They will not move the country forward.

Sure on and Indeed you can find some boring senior analysts positions specializing in vendor software or a project manager, but even those the price has deflated.

So do not expect to search Craigslist help wanted and find that dream job. Take a look at your hometown, does the above pretty much summarizes it?

How to protect yourself from future economic problems in the US?

  1. Smart people always will prosper, you have to just use your creativity, which is almost synonymous with intelligence. Brainstorm, look around you get up early and search the web for hours until you think of some skill or asset you can offer.
  2. Do not think in terms of money but rather enjoying your life. If you think in terms of money, your life will be only a chase for something that takes years to achieve.
  3. Do not put too much hope in Washington, rather create your own opportunities.

Wicksell expectational business cycle model

Knut Wicksell developed a model for understanding price movements based on the divergence of the observed bank rate of interest and marginal productivity of capital or let us say the profit rate. variations of this idea were developed by the Austrian school of economics to explain business cycles. That is disequilibrium in the monetary markets create disequilibrium in the real sector, a business cycle.

A simplified version of Wicksell’s theory of price changes

Although Wicksell was more concerned about explaining changes in prices caused by the divergence of the general profit rate, the rate of return of an entrepreneurial activity in relation to the bank rate of interest or the charge for business credit, I look at it as a very good explanation for why an economy experiences a boom and bust cycle of recession. His economic theory was a framework for modern business cycle theory.

If I were to choose one explanation for why we are in a great recession, I would nominate, the monetary shocks cause disequilibrium in the real sector. That is the Federal reserve lowing the rate of interest so low, that the economy bubbled and burst. When the Fed and Fiscal action tried to inflate the balloon again, with similar measures, it would not inflate because there was a hole in the balloon.

The basic idea of why markets go crazy and why ‘in the day’ we were all winners and borrowed even after signs of weakness in the economy; not because we were irrational about our choices, but simply the expected profit was greater than the cost of borrowing.

Enter Wicksell’s theory with rational expectations. If you extend Wicksell’s theory of prices to expectations of the marginal productivity of capital, that is the expected profit rate, rather than an observed profit rate, then entrepreneurs do not want to expand based on the uncertainty of profit in the future. The more uncertainty there is it has a dampening effect on profit.

For example in simplified terms, if there is a current 10% profit on capital, and interest rates are 5%  you would think there might be growth. You could borrow at 5% and earn 10%. Yet investors are leery and do not go to the bank to take a loan.  Why?

This is because the term of a loan lets say 30 years and expected profit over the life of the loan is only 6%, yet the variance caused by uncertainty might be 3% to 8% and since investors are risk-averse (statistically),  business owners would rather not take the risk. So it is not the profit rate today that counts but the expected profit rate, but also factored for uncertainty.

Ways to prevent trade cycles

  • The only way for a market to achieve long term growth is by letting the markets work. This could include the elimination of the central bank and free money.
  • If the government really must monopolize the money supply a gold standard would provide expectational stability and lessen the chance of a monetary shock.
  • Business cycles would come about even if the monetary world of interest and prices were in equilibrium because economic research shows statistically there are most likely a number of causes to business cycles. However, I would nominate monetary disequilibrium with an expectational component as the primary cause.

What Wicksell really said about business cycles before the Austrians expended his price theory

Wicksell’s theory of business cycles was based on real factors and was somewhat Malthusian. Wicksell explained recessions and recoveries a function of shocks and variances in technology, discoveries, population, and the capital stock. Remember the economic theory of Knut Wicksell was concerned with Wicksellian ideas like the natural rate of interest, the cumulative process, the neutrality of money, in the short and the long run and a pure credit economy were discussed to explain problems of deflation. It was Gunnar Myrdal and Erik Lindahl that developed the idea of monetary equilibrium. It was Misses and Hayek that extended this.


If you do not like your job, quit

I am not talking about quitting your side job, but your day job, leave it if you do not like it. What is stopping you? In my book, there are only jobs or following your dream. I guess jobs are good for temporary income to get you out of debt, but you better commit yourself to your dream path or you will wake up one day years later unhappy, really unhappy and resigned. So resign from your job before you resign from your life. Just escape. You do not even have to give notice. Do not resign your life, leave your job.

I left my career to live in Europe for ten years and found my princess, I now live on an island in historic St. Augustine, Fl. I did not start living until I left it all behind and followed my dream to study the Polish language. Life was not always easy, but it is beautiful. I write software for my own company and also a director of a Luxury golf resort hotel. It is all fun. If you are not having fun why are you doing it?

Ask yourself what would you do if God gave you a superpower to do anything. For example, you could be a rock star or astronaut. Then examine skillsets similar in the market place. For example, if you answered rock star maybe you should be in public speaking or music or a rock star.

A lot of people complain about work, the economy and life. They live quiet lives of desperation and feel like their life is out of a chapter in The Grapes of Wrath. Their boss sucks as does their work environment. I tell them to quit. If you do not like your life, ask yourself, what are you going to do about it?

Quit your day job nothing will happen. I remember when I was out of work early in my twenties, I was thinking nothing good will come from that, I am broke. Actually, during that time, I got ideas that I am still acting on today. People stress out over their jobs way too much. You will notice how many people are ‘out of the workforce’ when you go shopping in the middle of the day and the grocery store is full.

  • Think fun paycheck not a career – Stop thinking about your forever career and defining yourself by your career, think of every job like a paycheck nothing more. But find a paycheck generating gig you like spending eight hours a day at. There are not careers only jobs.
  • Think fun not money. – Consider alternative jobs, for example, I would not mind being a DJ. A lot of my friends moved to Europe and are Djs in foreign countries. I am an accountant and write software, yet I love music. It is just one alternative life. I moved to Europe for almost a decade and did various things. So can you. I moved my family back to the USA to Florida because I like the weather. Think fun, not money.
  • Will, it hurt your career to take a break? – It took me about a week to find a corporate job once I started looking, after goofing off in Europe for about ten years, and I live in a depressed area. If you have confidence and courage in life and have to spend it living an authenticate life developing your spirit and mind, I believe there will always be a job for you.
  • Do you feel too old – I just hired a 65-year-old lady in my office and she will do better than the younger whippersnappers there. She is great and doing the job for fun, as the other 68-year-old lady in my office. I could not find such talent in a younger person as these girls have experience and great with the clients, a lot better than me. How old was Ronald Reagan when we life of
  • People are afraid of their bosses. Why? Do you feel guilty to tell your boss you quit or need an excuse to quit? Or do you get stressed out, when your boss is around? I often have my resume on my desk (top). As long as I am doing my job and exceeding expectations, what I do with my life is up to me. How ridiculous is that you are afraid of your boss.
  • Tell your boss off. I read in What they do not teach you at the Harvard business school, to avoid Showdowns. This is true. But if something sucks tell them. I have always had heated arguments with my bosses over the way things are done. I am not hired to be a yes man, but to be painfully honest so the process is improved. Do not have showdowns but call things the way you see it. Challenge your boss, but always let them save face in the end, as it is not about ego but shaking things up a bit.
  • Some jobs are good and some are bad, but what do I care about the next guy. Stop comparing yourself to the next guy. Everyone has different life circumstances they are born into. What do I care about some laborer getting paid 8 bucks an hour working hard, while another self-impressed bloke in wingtips shoes is getting paid seven figures a year pushing paper for some Wall Street firm? Any power people have in this life given to them from above. Each of us is here for different reasons. Stop looking at the next guy. Focus on you.

The bottom line is if you do not like your job, leave it. Leave it today. Find something that you feel is interesting to you. Money is not the ultimate motivator in life. If you do not like your job you are not doing your employer justice anyway.

What about the bills?

First, look at your expenses. When we first moved back to the USA after living in Eastern Europe we had household expenses of about $1200 a month for a family and felt we were living quite well. Of course now a year later I have doubled that with opulent living. But I live on a semi-tropical Island in historic St. Augustine on the beach. I think our family expense could be about $900 in another part of the country if went to austerity measures.

  • The bottom line does not let your ridiculous lifestyle imprison you in a job. Cut expenses. More is less.
  • Your priory is your kids and needs money for them? Prove it. Teach them chess. Chess not with a computer but with pieces and a book, it will develop their cognitive diligence. You want to enrich your children, go to the Library and spend time with them more than sending them to some expense daycare. Do not buy food in packages, just potatoes and apples and greens, and meat or go fishing. They will be healthier than processed food you are buying.
  • Cars, do you really need them, it is debatable. When we got a car, we started shopping all the time. When we did not have one we bought what we needed.
  • You can survive, on less. Focus on doing what you love not to be a slave to your expenditures.

You do not have a good idea of what to do?

Then go back to what you loved when you were younger. I loved history and languages and write language software. Find some interaction with what you liked. If you liked history, work for the park service, that is a great job, or write books. If you need a job coach, go to and hire some experienced professional for job coaching. There are a lot of talented experienced people who can guide you to find your next step in life even if you do not see it.

I mean there are a lot of jobs you are not even considering. I am doing property management right now to pay the bills. It is kind of a fun job, I run a resort hotel on a few famous golf courses. I like to golf, I like hotels, so I am the director of a resort. I could go back into accounting and eventually will finish my software but for now, this is a fun job. Think along the same lines. Do something fun.

In conclusion, I can not take responsibility for your life, but I can for mine. I choose not to take counsel of my fears but rather live with confidence and courage in the job market because in the end, it is just a job.


Cost based pricing vs. Value based pricing – How naive are you about economic justice?

I believe the heart of the misunderstandings about economic justice and fairness is a misunderstanding about what a price is. Many people on all sides of the political spectrum have passionate views about economic justice and what this represents? It determines who to vote for and how the economy should develop. The central question is what is a fair price? And this includes the price of you are paid at work or your wage.

Cost of construction is almost the same for homes on the beach in contrast to a few miles away in the country but the price is several times more. People put up little cheap houses on the beach and yet demand a great price. This is because of the subjective theory of value.

Example of how naive people are with economics

There is a real estate agent in my office who sells high-end homes on the side. I am looking to buy a home and said I would work with her if she goes for the best possible price. Her reply was “I do not want to insult the seller by offering too low a price”. I was surprised at such a naive answer.

I questioned her as to why she has such a view. She explained how foreigners were coming in and low balling the prices and driving them down. She continues to explain that the price was a function of the cost to the owners, which was in tern a function of the cost to the real estate developer. The price should be fair. It is unjust if someone pays 400,000 dollars for a home and someone buys it for 200,000. My Initial reaction was what century is this lady living in. It certainly was not the 21st century.

  • St. Thomas Aquinas believed in something called a ‘just price’ based on cost and a just profit. This was in the 13th century. I am Catholic and, one of my favorite thinkers but he did not have a clear understanding of supply and demand.
  • Karl Marx believed there was an objective measure of value, such as the cost of labor put into the object. This was in the 19th century. Started a revolution in thinking that cost the human race 100 million lives not to mention economic poverty for Eastern Europe.

What do I care what some bloke paid for something? All that matters is what value is it to me. He could have paid 1 penny for it, but if I find it of value I might pay 100 dollars. This is economics.

Finding gold example

For example, if I find a gold nugget in a river, should I sell it for what it cost me to pick up and then a 10% margin? Value is always determined subjectively, that is by the price a customer will pay for something. Value is subjective. Value is determined by supply and demand not cost. Not even a little.

Crude artistic example

Another example, if some person, offers to tattoo your chest with a dadaist images of an upside-down toilet with a flower in it, but it will cost me 100,000 dollars because of his artistic skill and the cost that went into obtaining that, would you do it? Of course not. I would not do it for 1 penny. In fact, I find both objectionable. Price is determined by what a person will pay for something, nothing more.

Even if marginal cost equals marginal product is the microeconomics understanding of price, it still comes down to a subjective understanding of value.

Rules to remember about price

  1. Buyers do not care about your cost – I bought some stock and the price is down, when I sell it in the market, the largest auction block in the world, the stock market, no one cares about my personal acquisition cost.
  2. Cost-based pricing impedes your ability to differentiate based on satisfaction, the customer suffers. For example, I like ballet, when I go, I pay for cheap seats because that is what I can afford. Yet richer folks pay for better seats. Now the cost of the seat is the same for the builder, but and owner, but the price is different based on the view. Similarly in Real Estate the cost of a home in a cornfield in Nebraska or Detroit, Michigan is different than in Florida on the Ocean even though the cost to build in Florida might be cheaper, as it does not have to be prepared for winter.
  3. Profits are limited as is innovation with cost-based pricing. – Imagine someone develops a way to make a smart phone thinner, lighter and more user-friendly than the older model, but the same production cost, as an old-style cell phone. Are you telling me I can not charge more, to the consumer who wants a clearer picture and more fun with communication? Where is the incentive to innovate?

Cost pricing is something stuck in the heads of accountants but in the real world, you are paid what someone thinks you are worth and you purchase something based on the same idea. The idea of justice and economics come into play as there is not a fair price for work or goods. Fair is something in a game or gentlemen sport. But economics, says nothing about fairness one the price level.

Where the ideas of economic justice do come into play are giving people the chance to develop their potentials in life and providing a safety net for those disenfranchised in life. I believe this is both a private sector with charities and government initiative and on an international scale.

  • But the price, no, there is no such thing as an unfair price or wage. It is a free county. If you do not want to pay for it and if you are paid to little quit your job.

Consultant or Salary which is a better position?

I like to work, but I do not like to work and not get paid. When I was making over one hundred thousand dollars a year plus a nice bonus, I worked all the time and had a lot of stress and responsibility placed on my back. I was signing all types of documents I was potentially liable for. I had to make choices about people’s lives with regards to hiring and firing. I was owned by the company.

  • Does 60k mean living the dream?  I see many jobs which are offering 60k a year in a major city like Boston. Can work for 60k a year really do it for you? A job stands for ‘Just Over Broke’. You could be a controller for double that if that is what you really want to do.
  • The opportunity cost of life – If you are not going to start your own business, there is an alternative to being a corporate rat in a maze. In contrast, consultants get paid more, with all the overtime you can eat. My consulting friends that have been in the game for a while making 200k + a year and less stress flying beneath the radar. Some even engage in overtime competitions who can clock the most billable hours. One guy I know billed 100 hours a week for three weeks, all real work mind you, but he made about 30k that month with dinner provided by the client.

As a consultant, I site in a cube and people are nice and walk by me without asking me a question every ten minutes. I am out of the crossfire. I work mind you, and with diligence, however, consultants tend to not be in the crossfire of the politics, and fire drills of corporate America as much. They know their jobs will have a start and endpoint based on a task done and work efficiently.

I have more time free time to spend with my family as a consultant and less stress. Can you imagine me walking around in the afternoon with my family when having a boss dangling the salary carrot in front of me with deadlines? As a consultant, I work and get paid when I want. Life is all about lifestyle remember that and lifestyle is all about family.

A consultant is:

  • More flexible – With time and location.
  • Fairer pay – Get paid what your worth and have no illusions if you do not produce you are out.
  • Less stress – See the below elaboration.
  • Does not get routine as you see more varied situations – A big part of work in the USA  is routine and boring tasks.

Corporate accounting planning and  budget determine your raises –  more than your performance in  your ‘permanent high paid position’

In contrast, in a job with a salary,  the bag of salt they pay you at the end of the moth in wages is not worth your marginal product contributed to the company. No one will ever compensate you for what you are really worth in a full-time salary job unless you are in top management or work for the government.

You will get your increase based on corporate accounting planned budget more than your contribution. Trust me corporate accounting has a budget and that is what your pay is about, you are just working to keep your job, rather than really make progress in your career in many cases. It is all about the budget. If they need to they will fire you to make the budge fit. It is all about the budget, not you personally.

Further, as a company yes man you have to be ready at all times to chase paper and produce paper. In the company a ‘VIP’ – VP call fire drill day and night which people get immune to. It is like if the Police always drove around town with their sirens on.

  • Not all jobs are like this. If you have a government job it is pretty easy.  Guys I know in government are asleep at the wheel and still collect. The government employees I know are milk toast and could never work in the real world. But I think you have to basically sell your ideals if you work for the government. I think my testosterone would go way down if I had some government position.

However, a salaried job in the private sector, a real job if you will you have to work your butt off.  Your only downtime when you kiss your wife good-bye for the day is when you are in your care on your commute and you are listening to National Public Radio. The rest of the day you will be stressed out. If you have a job where this is not so, write to me.

That is why I prefer to be a consultant or contract job. Maybe that will change someday.

For now, I enjoy living an anonymous life doing SQL queries and Excel pivot tables under fluorescent lights in a cube.  A ghost cube, with a name plate of some former employee that no one can remember after a series of cut backs. Doing consulting you have to work hard and smart. You can not waste time or you are out. However, they paid you for your time and the stress is less.

Usually, companies cut too deep to show value-added by some steering committee that is making the big top-level decisions for the company and then they bring in a swarm of consultants to help. It is perfectly logical. So there are many opportunities to get these positions if you have skills.

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My approach to consulting and what to expect in Accounting and IT consulting

In Accounting consulting 50 bucks an hour might be a normal rate – When I get in the first few days I try to get an understanding of General Ledger and start from the highest level P&L and work backward. These things are always frustrating at the start because you want to hit the ground running but there is always ramp up. But eventually things make sense and you feel good.

My guess is at most clients they know it’s a mess. That’s why you’re there. You make the most of it and think of it as an opportunity to shine. The pay rate does often not match a salaried job in some cases, but if you make a contribution that the client values, you can try to hit up your employer for a raise. Once you have this first assignment under your belt, you will be an ‘expert’.

If it is a public company, at the end of the clean up the get an accounting firm like PWC to bless it.

IT consultants get paid more like 75 to 100 bucks an hour in their pocket as a freelancer, although if you work for a consulting firm they will bill out over 100 easy, plus travel expenses.

Technology jobs get paid more than accounting jobs and it is more about implementing some system. You know, PeopleSoft – SAP, etc. Some recruiter will find you if you have those keywords on your resume.

The reason IT gets paid more is fear. The corporate guys are afraid they will not be able to turn on their systems and access data or it will be a mess. In contrast accounting consulting jobs are more pivot tables and analysis which is more tangible and understandable to the Accountants that run companies. But SQL and deep programming are like wizardry and they paid consultants for a level of security. If an Excel workbook is bad, that is one thing, but if the database is wrong the accounting team is at risk. That is why IT gets paid more, it is not that they are smarter.

Usually, in the contract, you can not talk to your client about your pay or get hired until a certain time is up.

The calculator of wages and salary and benefits

I like working per hour. Then it is clear. When I worked salary I had to work 24/7.   100,000 dollars a year = 50 dollars an hour on a 40 hour week. But they pay you 100,000 you must work like 60 – 70 hours which brings your rate to 25 – 30 dollars an hour.   When you are a consultant you have less stress and ownership. You just sit in a cube off the radar and do some project. When you are a salary employee you work all the time. 50 dollars an hour is like a 100,000 dollar a year job with no overtime or weekend. 100 dollars an hour as a consult is like 200,000 dollars a year.

  • Most of my consultant friends are rich.
  • Most of my employee friend do OK.
  • My friends that are owners of a process or company are monied – this is why ultimately you want to be an entrepreneur.

I like a nice ‘safe’ (yeah right) salaried jobs but have no illusions

In contrast, I think salaried employment in many companies is a scam on par with a sales job that makes promises that not one really sees.

Do not get me wrong. Most of my life I worked with a salary. Nothing wrong with that, it pays the bills and more. It will help you pay the mortgage with the stability of cashflow.

My point here is considered there is another way because in a steady job companies will not pay you for what you are worth.  At best your marginal cost will equal your marginal product, but I rarely see this. Being a consultant is getting paid for work done rather than and an endless stream of work being piled on you.

I like working per hour. Then it is clear. I work and I get paid, I do not work I do not.

When I worked salary I had to work 24/7.   100,000 dollars a year = 50 dollars an hour on a 40 hour week. But they pay you 100,000 you must work like 60 – 70 hours which brings your rate to 25 – 30 dollars an hour.   When you are a consultant you have less stress and ownership. You just sit in a cube off the radar and do some project. When you are a salaried employee you work all the time including nights and weekends. If you do this as a consult you bill them and you make a lot.

Ah, but salaried jobs give you medical benefits, right?

The hook is that in a salary job you get medical benefits.

Well, I most company plans are now basically the same price as if you went to Blue Cross.  Blue Cross is 100 dollars a month on the cheap side for a family of 3 and 350 a month for the expensive side depending of course what you want etc.

Check your pay stub, I bet you pay at least 100 dollars for medical coverage? Maybe I am wrong. But unless you are older and sick I can not imagine more than 350 dollars in medical bills a month. So I just prefer the least expensive plan, which is often even 80 dollars a month. Just in case type plans and pay at the walk-in clinic if I have to go. I also believe nothing beats being slim, even skinny and fit and taking vitamins. This helps but of course is not the answer for more serious problems.

Also, there are many other options, all doctors discount for cash or lower-income and even in my town of St. Augustine, there are free doctors and free clinics.

I paid 35 dollars to get ten staples out of my head at the walk in the clinic by a real ER doctor. He was just working at the walk-in clinic that day.

But let us say you get a 300 dollar a month plan, from Blue cross that is a good plan and not bad.  In a company, you have to pay a part of your own insurance anyway. And is the marginal cost worth the stress.
Marginal cost being the difference between a company plan and a private. 300 dollars is usually less than one day of consulting and in some cases one hour.

Further, for good or bad it looks like we may have some form of Obamacare in a year or so.

In conclusion, do not quit your day job but if you are stressed, being a consultant is an option

A salaried position Vs. being a Consultant your choice, just be open to the idea there might be more to life than your boss and his budget. Bing a consultant is another option at least they will pay you for those hours and they let you work from home often or at the office. you can run a salary calculator or compassion all day long but being a freelancer gives you economic freedom.

If you do not have the skill set for the market, go to the Internet and learn what you need to do and know. Practice at home and learn. Most skills are not that hard to pick up. No one is a genius, rather I see people succeed because they do not give up or berate themselves.

We all can say no to corporate America and take our skills directly to the market. Or better yet understand how money is really made in the USA and be a capitalist or else you will find yourself working for your bosses wife.

What do I do for work since I moved back to the USA? I work on my own company and ideas at home. I believe entrepreneurship is the best way. But I still from time to time take a consulting job. You can see my LinkedIn profile by searching ‘Mark Biernat LinkedIn’.


101 reasons Obama did not save the US economy

One of the arguments Obama supporters say is “Obama saved us from an economic depression”.  They usually say it with a simultaneous gaze to the heavens and a voice tone turned slightly higher. Obama supporters then get a serious look on their faces and in a deeper voice say, ‘Without his injection of 1.5 Trillion dollars in fiscal spending coupled with Bernacke’s monetary policy, the US would be in deep economic trouble’. Or they say in a cliché flip tone – ‘He helps the poor and middle class’.  My reply is ‘because of the Obama bailouts and stimulus we are in trouble, big trouble’.  Are people nuts? Obama nuked the economy.

Please take a minute and scan my list of 101 points below, and spread on the Internet.  They start below the old fashion image.

My immigrant grandparents who lived through the great depression, conveyed, they lived simple happy lives. They did not want to turn the country from self reliance to government reliance. What is Obama doing to the spirit of America? – Can you imagine your grandparents saying ‘ just get some government money’.

  1. One of the top search terms on the web is “How to get government money” – or some variation of that. That alone should tell you something. I discovered this while researching keywords for my political economy website. Is this what you want the USA, the home of the free and the land of the brave  to become?
  2. ‘Just spend’ was Obama’s economic stimuous plan,  then why not spend more? – If government spending really helped the economy, why limit the government at all? Why not just triple the spending Obama has started? Why not increase the debt 100 fold, we will all be rich. Does not work on an individual level, so why would it work on a state level?  Keynesian fairy-tales perpetuated by irvory economist and politician in Washington (the richest area in the country now). You can not spend your way to prosperity.
  3. 500 billion in tax increases is not a balanced approach – Obama claims a balanced approach. Nonsense he partied, now someone has to pay. Well actually it pays for little as in 2012 is 1.1 trillion deficiet according to the office of the CBO. This is the leak in the ship not the debt mind you which is like 13 Trillion. Obama destroyed our future. It weights down on future generations without their consent. Debt crowds out job creation.
  4. A civil service career is now a respected on par with a private charity worker or entrepreneur (which is now a dirty capitalist) –  I polled my friends in school and 3/4 of them believe being a civil servant is a position of honor. In fact, they got excited at the prospect of working for the government, like it was a way to extend their adolescence. One of my friends just dreams about getting a new assignment in the foreign service, can not image her functioning in the real world. I know a lot of people just taking up space in civil service jobs.  Civil servants are mostly for people who can not compete in the real world and want to live a life of ease. I took a letter to be mailed to Poland to the post office today, the guy was rude as anything. Do we want to push this frontier out and create a class of government workers?  We have, the government was the biggest employer in the Soviet Union and not the USA. I saw this when I lived in a post communist country. It takes several generations to get rid of civil servant jobs. Thank you Barack.
  5. Government creates positions not jobs, they create positions that need to be financed by you. For example, in my county of St. Johns  in Florida , according to the chamber of commerce official website, the top six biggest employers by a long shot are: the public schools (3,449 employes), military base (1,300), the county government, (1,206 ), hospital (1,689), a defense contractor (900), and  a state school (650).  That is messed up. The largest private employer has 636 workers . Can you see the difference? Government controls the jobs and they tax private people to pay. In the USA the government is also the biggest employer in our land.
  6. Obama is effective in selling interventionism to America – ‘The players are driven by the spoils which includes power and control over people’. – Bill Butos – Economist
  7. You are working for your neighbors wife – The stimuous is based on helping some, but not others. For example, you work and pay taxes, so your neighbor’s wife can remodel her bathroom on a housing upgrade credit from Obama. Think about it when on your next commute to work.
  8. 147.7 billion dollars increased spending on health care – Gulp. My neighbors on ‘disability’ are drinking it up on cheap beer and smokes. I kid you not. In fact I am paying for it and they are rude to me usually because they are hung over. Is that personal responsibility for health? My other neighbour on ‘disability’ is at the gym pumping iron everyday;  while I have horrible pain in my back, but work day and night. Yet, I pay for his life of leisure.  That is messed up big time. More government more mess I promise.
  9. My wife was a farmer in Eastern Europe, my great grandparents had a farm in Southern Pennsylvania. Even though economics life was not always easy there comes a sense of self-worth from not looking for the government to help you; but rather, growing your own food and living on your own wits. Everyone in the USA can do this. Life has a beautiful quality if you realise this.

  10. The Obama commercials are not true – They paint him as saving the middle class and taxing the rich. Untrue.  He did not help me. We all are taxed  especially the poor and middle class, as the economy is on a long-term slow growth path,  because of the negative externalities of the expansion of government.  Obama looks at accounting magic to promote his position of saving the middle class, but the reality is we are on a long-term slow growth path now, with Obama and that is fact. That will take more from your budget than any accounting tax magic by Obama will ever. If you get a job, a good private sector job, paying 20,000 dollars more a year, created by a job creator called an entrepreneur, who cares about a 453 dollar a year tax savings from Obama. Promote job creators not government ‘bread and circuses’ as the Romans called it.
  11. Why you can not pull the wool over my eyes about ‘poverty’ – I lived in Eastern Europe for a good part of my life,  and the poor in the USA are like the super rich in other countries. The mantra ‘help the poor’ is really a code expression for ‘enrich the bureaucracy’. Sound heartless it is true and look at my next point.
  12. Is it about money always or does liberty have to be factored into the equation of economic success? I mean what would you do for money? Would you sell your body? I would not. Why sell your ideals and the ideals of this country for peanuts to an opportunist politician. What about the ideals of the revolution and the founding fathers? I mean government could achieve full employment by declaring martial law and everyone must dig ditches. Economics is not about some aggregate number. It needs to consider intangibles like liberty.
  13. ‘A thinking persons translation for – Yes We can’– translation:  We = I + Obama’s government institutional help.  In stark contrast I believe:  We = I + God + family’.  What do you think ‘we’ means? Values of dependency replacing self-reliance?  His policies have a huge psychological dampening effect on Americans. In the collective unconsciousness there is a shift from ‘I can do it with hard work and self-reliance’ to ‘you just can not do it without help’, blame is a big factor in this’ Do you know what that will do to the American spirit.  Is this not what Obama ment by ‘we’? We meaning you and him? What about. We meaning ‘I and God and family’? It is a subtle shift but it is happening and people do not see it.
  14. No evidence – What evidence can anyone one give me that Obama’s stimulus created jobs that would have been greater than if the markets were left to adjust?  To be honest you need to compare two economies one free market and one Interventionist. Yes you can create jobs out of thin air, but again Ceteris paribus, is this a better way than simply creating jobs in the private sector? It is not about job creation, but the “crowding out effect” on private economic activity. To say that Obama’s economic plan created jobs, you would have to have two economies side by side and compare (like North Korea and South Korea). One with a free market path and one with the Obama way and track it over a period of say twenty years. However, to say “Obama save the economy from a deep depression” is a reckless statement.
  15. The New Deal did not work in the great Depression, why do you think it is working in the great Recession? Can anyone out there economist or Obama supporter show me statistical evidence? Zero. He gave money to the rich and I pay a lot in taxes and not we have debt. Why not bail out every failing pizza shop? Who is he to play central planner?
  16. Let the markets work– Markets need to adjust, market distortions like government intervention leads to prolonging and deepening of the pain, though non-price rationing.

    Obama economic and political campaign is based on US vs them – make them pay – class divide – It was tried in the Soviet Union. In my personal ethic envy is a sin and yours?

  17. Monetary stimulus is counter productive to long-term economic growth. The Fed’s reckless polices created the Internet stock bubble of the 1990s, the Real Estate bubble of the 200os, the great Depression etc. It has not fixed the crisis here or in Japan after years of pushing against the wind. Why do people still have faith in the Federal reserve?
  18. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – Looks beautiful on paper.  Even I am dazzled at first glance. Really, more money for the everyone. I really do like the idea.  Answer this question, how is that different from you going out an maxing out your credit cards?
  19. Help the poor mantra of Obama – I did taxes this year for people. I did them for rich and poor and did not see any evidence that Obama helped the poor. He helped the elect or a select few who, but not the poor people I did taxes for, at least not in a meaningful way. On a case by case basis if you were to analysis it, it would have been better to create jobs for people by freeing markets. I only saw the poor, and no help from the government. Did he personally put money in your pocket?
  20. Contrary to the fake smiles on real estate agents faces – The housing market is still over priced relative to earnings. If the his HUD and Federal housing programs did anything it slowed the market adjustment in the housing sector. Deflation is a good things if you are floating in a bubble. In the 1940s some lady working for the phone company as a switchboard operator could buy a house that, you as a professional can not.  I can not buy a house today for my family because of Obama’s housing stimulus. How is that fair?
  21. Aggregate economics vs real economics – Obama’s eggheads advisors are looking at things in aggregate and trying to push out the C+I+G curve on some macro economic model they learned in the 1970s from their Keynesian economic professors. The economy is me and you. When you start to treat it as something to be manipulated it is a dangerous idea and will result in a less just society most of the time.
  22. Ideologically less freedom – Even if the stimulus helped some people by taxing and spending and increased debt the economic policies of Barack took yet another step to erode the personal freedom of the Americans. The USA was founded on rugged individualism, but a welfare state from the cradle to the grave.
  23. Military is no stimulus – Each generation has some old foogie saying – ‘the best to stimulate the economy is start a war’. It is so untrue because eventually you crash and burn and die by the sword. Germany in the 1930s knew they were on this path. They wanted to take a little more time before the war started but economically they were about to collapse.  They start the war to prevent collapse. But what kind of stupid thinking is that. People at home suffered to feed and supply the troops abroad. You create bombs instead of innovation to push out the frontier of technology in the private sector that would actually help people. We now have a generation of huge mandatory payments connected payments to soldiers who are disabled and gave up their lives for what, defending our shores? What a mess. It was not Obama’s fault of course but he did not help anything, rather he continued the Bush-Obama doctrine. Military is no stimulus except for the arms dealers which are called ‘defense contractors’, yeah right.
  24. Debt is a tax and he is raising it on the middle class – He talks about tax decreases but because of the crowding out effect debt is tax and it does have to be paid off. Obama is destroying the country with debt (FV tax). Obama is raising taxes on the middle class by way of increased public debt which is a future payment of tax with interest
  25. Government funding for education helps the economy and our future – Public school teachers are paid more than private school teachers. I went to a public and private school and the education was eons better at the private school. Explain to me how the warm fuzzies Obama generated from ‘spending more on education to help our future’ can explain the above mentioned paradox? Education stimulus would be better spend on liberating the minds of the young by encouraging private not public education. I have taught in private schools and the quality in my experiences is excellent. I applied to some public schools,  the application process is Byzantine and bureaucratic. A lot of forms and papers to show something is being accomplished when I see a lot of students not up to par.  That is my perspective as a teacher on the Obama educational stimulus. Smoke and mirrors to create warm fuzzies and get votes but private education is better and more efficient than public. Home schooled children perform better on test and are not corrupted as much by the stuff that goes on in the public schools. And if you are a parent you know what I am talking about.
  26. NASA and the space program – I love science and space exploration.  Some of my friends are Trekkie to this day. However, what about private ventures for space exploration? Why again does it have to be done through a government office? Why not just nationalize all the airlines? The old barriers to entry connected to capital contrasts at the start of space exploration are gone. entrepreneurs are starting to explore space and they will do it better than the government. Why must I give my hard-earned money, though the force donation system called taxes, to ventures I do not think are efficient. Give me some tax money back and I will invest in private space ventures. Check out
  27. Minimum wage increases – Why? Less hiring and higher youth employment. Obama supports this. Why does the government have to get involved with this basic market price? Like Unions they empower the have, the people with jobs and the ones without are left in the cold. I mean if employers have to pay some high school student over the summer 9.50 an hour to serve fries, then a lot of kids will miss out on the lessons of earning money early on.
  28. Expansion not the privatization of social security – The easiest way to fix social security is to privatize it.Yet like everything else Obama wants it managed by the government. There is now way out of this hole if you look at the math.
  29. With all the talk of government and cleaning up the free market, it is not real– It just makes for more paperwork. SOX and all the added layer of reporting does little in the real world. Regulation does little to stop dishonest people because they work around the law.

    Socialists manipulate your dark side emotions of envy. The dark side leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Be aware of this. You label people as ‘them’. And this objectification makes it easy to feel anger, because it is not longer an individual but a class or group. I believe in the individual.

  30. Government revenue collection is a mess and expanding – What good are laws and talkt, if they are only symbolic?  My rich American landlord who does business all over Europe, I am sure does not pay taxes on overseas income, because he does not report my payments.  Yet, I am a small fish and just keeping my head above water and the IRS audits me. It was fine once I provided more paper, but it is a real lot of work. I think they should focus on the big guys not the little guys who are honest. Or better yet simplify the tax code. A lot of money is being hidden abroad from taxes, companies the rich and little is done. A lot of middle class people paying honestly and rich are not. Obama was supposed to clean this up, but from my research it has gotten worse. The cracks get bigger. Obama’s IRS does not really enforce taxes on the rich and the above is an example.
  31. Federal reserve needs to be audited – The partial Fed Audit reveal 16 Trillion loaned to banks.  This is no small money. A lot of money going to Europe, you know via the banking system, that is your money. The Fed is a disgrace. It manipulates markets and hurts the poor more than Obama’s bailouts can help. It is like the central bank creates the problems then the executive office of the President has to clean it up. Why did Obama not just clean up the Fed?
  32. 5 Billion on modernizing homes for energy conservation – Sounds great, but in reality it means I am paying taxes so my neighbor can improve their home when I do not have one. I am working for another man’s wife. Can you not see how unfair all this is? What sounds good is really taking from the productive.
  33. 90.9 Billion spent on school modernization and pay increases– My daughters elementary school has only Apple computers that I personally could never afford.  Yes I am sure they got a sweet discount, but why spend all that? They have to buy software too.  I use Linux.  It does everything and is free, as is the software. Maybe students should learn more about creative thinking and problem solving, or being frugal rather than create the next generation of kids addicted to gadgets. It seems again like a nobel thing, but it is a waste of your dollars. Have you seen Ubuntu lately? It actually runs faster than the Mac OS by the way and the Firefox browser and Chrome faster than Safari. Is it not better to teach kids to do more with less than have it all and really not change much?
  34. 2 Billion spent to help people buy foreclosed homes from banks – Or the banks could just lower the prices and problem solved.
  35. 7.2 Billion for WiFi public access – I turn my wi-fi off at night as there are studies saying this causes cancer. Why do I have to pay to help pollute the air? Of course people could always go to StarBucks and use it there. But again should government be involved with everything?
  36. Obama is anti-Reagan – Supply side economics works, demand side is lifting yourself up by your own bootstraps.
  37. Throwing money at a problem – is not a very effective way to burn cash.
  38. Heat on full with the windows open – In Boston I rented a place and heat was included. I often had the heat on and the window cracked. I liked fresh air in the winter. Well this is what the government does. I am ashamed I did this but I did because it was a free lunch. It is human nature.
  39. Government multiplier effect vs private multiplier effect – There is reasonable economic statistical evidence to show that government spending has a negative multiplier if you factor in crowding out while private spending has a positive multiplier effect. For each dollar spent in the private sector it is use more for reinvestment while public consumption.
  40. In my town there is one park with 14 tennis courts and 4 baseball fields and always empty  – This is just one park of many and was a taxpayer expense and a small army of people to maintain it.
  41. C+I+G = GDP only in the text books from the 1970s –  That is the Keynesian model of consumption plus Investment plus government expenditures equals our national income is maybe a truism at best but not a prescription to turn up the dials on one of those or else why not just crank up G and we would all get rich?
  42. Deflation is a bad thing myth– This is ta myth perpetrated by those in power. If prices come down we all can buy things cheaper. I will argue any PhD economist on this to the end. It is the market adjusting. If houses were cheaper my family would have their own home, it is so unfair what Obama has done.
  43. Liquidity trap –  Another fear driven Keynesian myth. The IS-LM curve and all, nice models but the reality is if markets are allowed to work, people will take action and work.
  44. Disequilibrium in the money markets can not be corrected with fiscal policy – the Swedish economist Wicksell outlined effect of the misjudgment on the marginal productivity of capital on the cumulative process of price changes the Austrian economist developed this into a theory of business cycles. Monetary disequilibrium can not be corrected by fiscal stimulus if the underlying condition still exists, that is the Marginal productivity of capital is still lower than the money rate of interest.
  45. Rich free market Poland VS government controlled Poland of the past – I lived in Poland and many generation are still paying the price of the idea that government can help the economy. It is almost impossible to get the government bureaucracy to do anything fair.
  46. Obama did not do enough – To have a real impact he would have to have spread the money to every town and household in a meaningful way. Not for select industries and people. He would have had to give every household like 30,000 dollars. This would have made a difference.
  47. Middle Class tax cuts are meaningless – He has plans to cut taxes but they equate to a few hundred dollars per family. Not enough to do much with.
  48. Better than the Obama stimulus would have been to give every person in the US a one year tax holiday. It would have really rocked the economy and moral and would have been cheaper than his stimulus. Many people do not realize how much they pay in taxes, it is not the amount you send at the end of the year, it is taken out of their paycheck all year. You pay thousands in taxes.
  49. Some states are fine while others are in the tank – A lot has to do with state not Federal government. California is high tax and encourage speculation, while North Dakota is low tax and was not so reckless..
  50. Four years later the unemployment rate is high – A lot of people out of work because government polices cause price instability.
  51. Four year later the foreclosure rate is high – I do not see things improving.
  52. Obama has divided the nation – Never good for economic optimism. he betrayed the Liberal ideal and the conservative, he still has supporters but it is a nation divided. This has a dampening effect on the economy.
  53. Stimulus does little to address the real issue of relative competitiveness arround the world – The real issue is China and India are raising and we can not expect compete unless we are better. Fiscal stimulus does not make us better. It makes us worse. In a free market economy you have to be the best you can be and depend on yourself. Only this way through individual initiative and innovation can the US ever hope to compete with a billion hungry to advancement Chinese and a Billion hundred for advancement Indians not to mention the rest of the world. It is all about relative advantage.If the Chinese build a better mouse trap when my neighbor is collecting two years of unemployment than the US deserves to go down.
  54. Statements coming from the Obama are feel good general statements – They have no substance since a market directed by government is a misallocation of resource.
  55. The economy improves in spite of government not because of government. – Government stinks.
  56. Jobs were created but not quality jobs – they were concentrated in old industries like the auto sector, not future technologies. Not high paying long-term growth jobs.
  57. You can not tax a country into prosperity.
  58. Fiscal and monetary stimulus exacerbates trade cycles because of the lag time. The stimulus has an effect latter when it does not need it. It is hard to sync these things exactly.
  59. Prosperity is about four components – Both for the individual and the country –  Creativity, risk, hard work, technical knowledge – By expanding government Obama the way he did maybe pushed out the technical knowledge but not as fast as private people do running their own business, creativity, risk were suppressed as well as hard work.
  60. Too big to fail means  US loses competitiveness – By not allowing  punishing reckless business with market mechanisms – it sends a message to the market that risk/reward is distorted by government.
  61. Chinese – No matter what we do, the China will rise economically. We have to make the more creative and innovate business via entrepreneurship, not government. Government did not create all the gadgets like iPhones reap profits from in the USA for example.
  62. Equilibrium is  achieved at the intersection of marginal productivity and marginal cost – If market mechanisms stray from this, there is a decrease in consumer and seller utility. Utility  maximization is the whole point of economics and yet Obama’s advisors are advising against this via non market forces.
  63. There is no such thing as macro economics –  Yes there is the study of economy in aggregate but miro economic theory is where it is at. Macroeconomics mine favorite is more a study of what is happening not a perception for the policy process. Yet Politicians and egg head economist believe they are operation in the world of macroeconomic behavior. New flash the aggregate is just that a summation, an abstraction.
  64. The economy is me and you  – trading with each other and doing business for good a services.
  65. Government Utopian building – is a dangerous path.
  66. Interventionist central bank policy is part of the Obama vision – Obama sees monetary policy and fiscal policy as two hand working together. The problem is central banking is a 18th century monarchist idea promoted by jolly old England during the empire, not for free societies and free people.
  67. Obama budget has waste and pork spending – I could write a novel on this, the plan is so filled with government pork and waste I can do not want to start to list it as it would get me upset. But you can be assured there are millions going to useless studies and more into people’s pockets.
  68. Obama’s economic plan has a moral agenda– It terminates the life of children before birth with your dollars. Are you OK with that? I am not. Despite what you might say publicly, I do not think Obama really in is heart believes in God, maybe he does but what believer would support such a thing? I think he is a secular atheist and it shows with this policy and disrespect for freedom of religion as manifest in his health care plan.  Further, he even has foreign aid going to promote this abroad. This is one point that will turn many moral thinking people against him.

    What is wrong with being poor and of good moral values? Like my grandparents were.

  69. Obama does not support the micro businesses – I am a small businessman. I went to the government office to see if there was any help I could get. They said no. If I was going to declare bankruptcy, they could get an accountant to help me with excel. What a joke, I am an Excel power user.  But no loans for innovation or anything remotely connected to breaks for me. Nothing, zero. Explain how Obama really supports small businesses. I did pay a ton in taxes and yet we can not afford basic things for my family. The lady at the government office also had a computer problem and I had to show her how to reboot her system. That is help for small business?
  70. Obamacare is the biggest tax increase in world history – That is a fact, will that help me? I do yoga and keep thin and take herbs and I have to pay for my neighbors who sit on the butts getting fat and pop medication and they do not work mind you, is that fair? I will donate to free clinics and private things if I had more disposable income but this is all taxed away. I do go to doctors of course but real cures come from the body naturally or future medicine developed by private people like adult stem cells for tissue regeneration. Not traditional treat the symptoms medical care that Obama care is about.
  71. Economics is about trade offs – You better hope you are on the winning end of the Obama elect. Like the workers in the auto plants, who took my money via the tax system while I can not afford a house. If the auto companies had fallen they would have reorganized into smaller pieces and cars would have been cheaper and you would have less in taxes.
  72. It is really bad out there – I remember living in Poland and seeing woman totally done, with make up and a big car declaring on CNN ‘ it is really bad out there’.  The 1930s was bad. Communism in Poland was bad. WWII was bad. Not some woman who looked like she came out of a spa with perfect hair and makeup and a driving a car that looks like a tank declaring ‘the economy is really bad and we need help.’.
  73. Heartless – Obama’s economic policies are heartless because it favors the landed elite and caters to groups of people who have voting power not the poor.
  74. Military is a job people take –  For me the military is about defining the ideals of the consultation and the US shores.Many peopel join for patriotic reason, I understand and respect this , but now many people see the military and economic opportunity. Further, they come back from Iraq and have to face the job market and it is tough. Obama did nothing to prevent this type of thinking, that is seeing the military as a paycheck job. It is not. The military is not a job it is a vocation for people who believe in the ideals of freedom.
  75. Politicians are still getting paid – If Obama really cared about the economy, what about doing it for a pittance.
  76. When people can not pay the bills – it is a matter of personal money management. One lady told me she had 8,000 dollars a months expenses and really feeling it.  I have about 1,500 of expense for my family a month and do not feel it.
  77. Try fishing and gardening – During WWII people had victory gardens. I do and I fish too. What is wrong with getting your own food like humans did for 1 million years in the wild? I live in suburbia and basically could live off the land and waters. Granted you have to fish, but nothing wrong with that.
  78. Did you mama ever tell you life was going to be easy? – Many people have expectations and they want their needs to be satisfied one way or another. Government or private sector it does not matter. Maybe a little frugality is good for the soul? Maybe we as a society do not have to be so hyper consumptive.
  79. The fundamental problem in economics is scarcity –  However, if you examine your needs most are based on fear and expectations. You do not need that much to live a good life.
  80. S=I That is, not only spending but savings stimulates the economy.  The more you save the more capital is free for investment. Spending like the government did is not the best way. What about work and save?
  81. Protestant work ethic gone  with Obama – Max Weber and all, –  I am Catholic but there is a lot to be said for forgoing current consumption and working, rather than expect someone else to pay for your lifestyle thought he tax system.
  82. Societies with big social programs have small charities – Fact when government is big no one gives. I lived in a socialist country and no one gave to charity, until the yoke of socialism was  lifted. I promise you private charities are better than government programs.
  83. Government is a redistribution enterprise – But is it fair? Why does Obama determine what is fair?
  84. JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs were his biggest campaign contributors and these firms benefited from the Obama redistribution.
  85. Secrete economy and government – The Fed operates in secrete, much of the budget no person will ever read or see, rather the accounting is just rolled up.
  86. Individual self-interestis nobler than political self-interest

    Look at the mental diligence of this person. With hard work and creativity anyone in the USA can live a good life. Anyone. We all more than you could ever imagine. Do not believe the Obama propaganda that you need government to help you.

  87. Government is the biggest employer and monopoly in the USA.
  88. Special favors are the way Washington operates – I do not like it. Read about the Austrian school of economics like Mises and Hayek. Contrast this with Marxist thinking.
  89. Obama argued we need good people in government by raising salaries. but I do not want good people in government pushing paper, I want good people in the private sector creating jobs.
  90. Obama argues for more regulation of the private sector because it is broken – But who is going to regulate the public sector, as that is even worse.
  91. 2007 and 2010 Americans saw a 40% decrease in wealth – That is  not a success, do you want more?
  92. 7/10 teens have no jobs this summer –  This is because the Obamaeconomics did not work.
  93. Obama lives in a bubble – talks in sweeping statements in speaches and lives a life of luxury personally. He made it harder for working guys like me make a living in the USA.
  94. I am thinking of moving back out of the country – Seriously I thought it was easier to live in Eastern Europe economically. I could get a job in a week there, here, it takes a long time. That is because we are not really growing.
  95. Zero interest rate policy to banks by the Federal Reserve – Banks use   take speculative investments on Wall Street and not restructuring loans for people like you and me, as Obama wanted. The only people in better positions are not individuals but the banks. Obama has a love relationship with the banks and it does not trickle down.
  96. People who are unemployed often drop out of the work force – therefore the decline in the labor force participation rate is stalling as people are discouraged and give up.
  97. Obama brags how he help float the economy in places like Detroit – My rebuttal is why not stimulate the economy in some old western near abandon mining town from the 1800s. Demographics change, and economies shift. More people are moving south and west not in the rust belt. They are moving for a reason. Why try to influence demographic and economic movements with government money just because.
  98. Obama’s economic policy is an update of the 1970s ideas of an industrial policy – Central planning, Five year plans and industrial policies could never have conceived of the innovation coming from things like the PC, the Internet. We do not need an industrial policy.
  99. Obama is George Bush on steroids – I consider myself a liberal in terms of economics – And Obama is no liberal. He is no centrist he is a central planner. He is tax and spend. He is like George Bush but many times worse. He did more bailouts for bankers and big business than anyone could have imagined.
  100. Obama main criticism of Romney is tax cuts for business – The US has one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world at 35%. If business has more money they will hire and do R&D. This is common sense. Government does not create jobs people and businesses do.
  101. Economic data does not show a recovery – According to the US Bureau of economic analysis – Real GDP is a weak 1.9%, but the trade deficit is huge. Nothing was done with the trade deficit, in fact it got larger. Unless the US can compete by making better mouse traps, then no one will buy our goods and we will be a consumer driven economy on the road to doom. Look at the trade numbers under Obama.
  102. Obama is a socialist – Do not listen to whiny libs that he is not, he is. He expanded government many fold and wants to continue to implement this plan.  How can you argue with that. If you support Obama, than just be honest, you believe in socialist economics because that is what the expansion of government and social benefits means. I believe in freedom and self reliance.
  103. We will all be pressing each others pants at best under Obamaeconomics with a service driven economy of low paid jobs and debt will increase – real opportunity comes when there is a wave of innovation from the private sector and courageous and creative individuals. Do you want that? A country of low paid WalMart jobs. The reason is markets must be free for innovation to happen. That is why the West won over the controlled economies of the Soviets.
  • I challenge any Obama supporter, Mr. Obama himself or any of his PhD economistts to debate me on his economics. They can not. The Obama economic policy, a crude form of hyper Keynesianism is a path to hell paved with good intentions.
  •  Obama’s economic strategy has been ‘just spend’. It is a failure on both a theoretical economic level and practical application.  It is very unfair what they did to the citizens of the USA and you are being sold that he help. He  did not.  My only request is you share this list. We can not have Obama sow seeds into the economy that will grow exponentially like weeds that choke the productivity across the fruited plains of America.
  • If you are poor or middle class read this – Obama’s campaign strategy is to promote class warfare  I am poorer than you most likely and I have self respect and will not fall for Obama’s propaganda to feed on negative emotions like envy (which is a sin) –  Whereas he pits  ‘us vs ‘them’ to divide the country by using a class as the scapegoat. Fact, this was the strategy of the Leninist during the Russian revolution. I am not rich and you have more money than I.  Look, I just moved back to the USA and I am poor as it will take time for me to get settled. I am not for Obama because Obama is no champion of the poor.  More important than a few carrots of government benefits he dangles before you, so you can roll over and vote for him, is the opportunity to have real private sector job in this country. He is not my savior.  I hope he is not yours as he promotes immorality and failed economic ideas.

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Please add your own ideas and personal experiences how why Obama did not save the US economy or just stop by and say hello or to disagree.  I doubt there will be any disagreement as Obama has no understanding of economics.