Why and how to opt out of healthcare.gov

I opted out of the Universal health care mandate. I did it legally. Why did I do this and how is the purpose of this post.

I opted out and I am glad I did. I choose not to be part of the system because of moral reasons, but I also found a better alternative.

Why Universal health care is so expense – for people who work

It is because you pay for others who abuse the system, a layer of newly added bureaucracy and people who generally are hypochondriacs, overuse of drugs in the US, opportunists in the medical system that know how to profit from the system or like many people who leave it up to their doctor to make the healthy,  rather than being proactive in their own health.

For example, if you have a job you pay for people like my neighbor on his 11th operation and on meds and is out fishing every day (he is 35). You pay for all the people who live promiscuous lives, smoke, drink, do not exercise and live on processed foods take advantage of the system. You pay for the doctors who charge just to charge.

I am a consultant and entrepreneur. I need to buy insurance so I do not get hit with a tax penalty under current US law. The company I work for has some plan that costs a lot and offers little. On healthcare.gov prices are not cheap either, do not believe the hype. I was about to pay over $600 dollars for a high deductible bronze plan.

Why I do not support Social medicine in the USA

It’s not the rude treatment I got on healthcare.gov numerous times or the economic idea that social medicine is inferior and results in a lower level of care ( I lived in a socialist country for many years).   It is not that it is one more way for the government to put all your life data in their matrix.

The reason I refuse to be part of the system is I object to where my money goes. If I want to contribute to a charity I do it, but not to people using my money in the wrong way. Remember charity is only charity if you freely give.   I could pay the Obamacare tax but I choose not to for moral reasons. I do not like the things it supports from abortion to birth control pills as I am a Christian (Roman Catholic). I do not like the idea of being forced to pay for things I do not believe in if I can.

What do I do to cover my family medically?

So instead I do something similar to a media-share PPO run by a Christian Care Ministry.

It is based on Christian ideals. The members share the cost. I can go to a doctor just like anyone but is base on a different ideal. It is just like insurance but does not cover things like abortion, which I find an abomination.  And you know what, it is a fraction of the cost for the equivalent plan in the health care system. The reason I think is the people in the pool live a cleaner life based on Biblical principles. For example, you can not have relations outside the context of marriage. Since I am loyal I have no problem with that. My total cost for my family for a good plan is about $250 dollars a month. It will be under $200 if I get a physical to prove my body weight and height are proportional. Even that is an incentive to have a healthy life.

Crazy things insurance does that actually harms you

People base their medical choices on if it is covered by insurance, however, that is not the optimal choice for long term health in many cases.

A lot of the things medical insurance covers but I do not want are medically useless or harmful.  For example, US insurance usually does a CAT scans first ( that is like 100 Xrays of radiation) instead of an MRI. I would rather pay cash for an MRI then get a deadly CAT scan. I would rather pay 250 dollars cash for an MRI then a CAT scan on some split that will be just as expensive to me and skip the radiation.

US insurance covers back surgery, in contrast, I paid cash for stem cells and it worked. Yes, some guy in my office is 30 something and did a couple of back surgeries in a few months. Insurance picked up the bill but it was expensive and he was happy about it even if it did not really work that great.  In contrast, I did stem cells to repair my back. I think I am better off.

My daughter was at the doctor for a sore throat. The doctor recommended steroids to help her breath. She has no trouble breathing she said, the doctor also agreed, but just in case. It was a sore throat that went away in a day. This is US medical coverage. Who gives steroids to a healthy five-year-old, just in case.

General US insurance plans coverage pays for oodles of drugs and painkillers and many outdated aggressive medical procedures. I believe in science, for example, stem cells that are more progressive. I do natural things like taking allergies quercetin for allergies (I live in Florida) and find it more effective than the side effect laden drugs written by doctors.

Take charge of your health

I did 23andme.com to get a complete genetic profile of health risks. I do complete blood work and pay cash and it is a fraction what you pay. I exercise and eat right and stay skinny. We all grow old and die why punish your body with many outdated scientific ideas pushed by special interests. You have to really conscious of the medical choices you make.

I would have no problem going abroad if I had something that was too expensive here or too regulated. medical tourism is another thing not covered under Obama care.

God forbid if I get cancer or have to go to the ER of course my plan covers this. It works like insurance. It is just that I am not paying into a system I ethically and objectively do not see of value. My plan pays for office visits and surgeries like any other plans. But because of the cost savings in the monthly premium, I can channel this to other things a healthy lifestyle.

I think healthcare.gov does more harm than good and I find it morally objectionable, that is why I opted out.

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