Best stock picker

There are many free resources and stock screeners for stocks. However, there is one key resource a supercomputer that can pick stocks better than anyone out there.

Stock picker with the best record
Pick stocks based on reason and good research based on analyst ratings.

Hot fund of the month

When I worked at as a stockbroker there were always mutual fund representatives coming through pitching the top fund (equity or bond) of the month. Every month they ‘work over the data’,  statistics and analysis until it confessed that their fund was the best fund and the manager was the stock picker you could count on.

  • To follow a stock picker choose one that has a ten-year or greater record.
  • Choose one that has free open information and disclosure, not one that only shows you their best portfolios. This is a common tact.

Who is the best stock picker?

You.  Always trust your own yourself. Look at companies you shop at and would personally buy from. Look at their inventories. Perhaps you have a hobby or an interest that is unique. I know gardening and farming and I can tell you the companies that are operating well and others that are not.

What is your hobby? You are that stock expert.

How most people invest

I think most people who do not just sink their capital into the managed fund have an independent streak to them, including myself. I research the markets and make trades based on my own judgment. Each person has an insiders perspective based on their own personal experience. For example, I live in Krakow, Poland. I know things that people living on Wall Street do not and visa Versa.

Best stock picker as a reality check – During the research phase of your next target investment, I think your goal is to have a few trusted sources to build your own ideas. The Internet gives too much information. Less is more and with investing information this is not the exception unless you are a full-time investment trader who inhales with the upswings and exhales with this downturns, uses a few trusted sources. If you are like me, a long term experienced investor who seeks high-level analysis read.  I recommend a few resources like MSN stock Screener, Valuengine.

Let me know your experience with stock pickers and who you think is the best.

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