Business in China is a Scam

Doing business in China is less than optimal

My main objections to doing business with Chinese is:

  • Takes the from the US manufacturing base and jobs
  • Poor environmental and human rights record
  • Toxic materials in consumer goods
  • Much of the products are low quality
  • My experience with trust has not been positive when I order directly

My rants about business in China

There are many reasons not to do business in China, such as morals and their human rights record, cost of transportation, very hard to find someone who will not try to take advantage of you, poor quality, and risk to your reputation, currency risk, etc.

However, I think the main reason is if you are a producer, in order to make something of quality you want to be different. Margins are very small is you produce a commodity type good. Besides do you want to create a commodity or something different. To be successful in anything want to create just another commodity, mass-produced in China.

I just bought a hand made wooden chair for my daughter for 7 dollars. It has a stenciled image of a duck on it. This was made in the Polish mountains. It looks great. This is in contrast to the 20 dollar plastic chair made in China I saw in Ikea. So why is China so great?

If you buy junk you will own junk – China

China is only great if you a large company well organized with many people on the ground in China with quality control in place. If you are an entrepreneur my advice is look for markets and unique places others are not looking for. I often buy products made not in China consciously. I think others do also. Why? Because no made in China products are something original. If you fill your house with junk you will not be happy. I would rather have a house of a few things of quality than filled with China. I have very unusual wooden toys and books

Doing business in Poland in contrast to China

People here are honest hard working and fair.  There is no child labor and the laws are clear.  If I ask for a quote people work with me in a fair and just way. It is located in the geographical center of Europe.  If I even want cheaper labor Ukraine is next door.

China is not cheap or good quality

Every time I have ever tried to do business with China or done business with China on every level,  it is a rip-off or people have tried to screw me.  The price quotes may seem good at first, but the workmanship and quality and materials are zero.

I have lived in poor countries and people are generally good and less materialistic. However, there are always some that trying to scam foreigners. If you think just because you are street smart of know how to do business, people will give you a break, think again. You will never get the insiders deal unless you have a relative in China who will set it up for you. China generally is a scam unless you are Nike for example. Are you Nike?

The fact is the prices were not that good either.  They will try to nickel and dime you until the net price is a rip-off.  I would rather have a shop in Alabama than in China. Chinese businessmen have tried to cheat me every step of the way, from transportation to products, to service. Do you like doing business like that? I do not.

If you do business in China The only way is to work with a Chinese person who you know personally.  Then maybe you can get a deal on price, but the quality is poor.  Big companies can do business in China because they work with Chinese on the ground. But I still think things that come from China are the worst.  For example, my parents bought a refrigerator made in America 40 years ago and it works fine.  I think Chinese products last 5 years or less.  I do not want to do business this way.   Maybe you do, but good luck.

Alternatives to China

There are many, try Poland or Slovakia or Czech republic or Bulgaria, I think Poland is the best.  They are all EU countries with EU laws and old-world business values. Old world values mean people give their word and they do it.  They work hard and are highly skilled and educated.  It is very low stress and the products are of good quality. I think there also can be value in the USA in certain regions.

Business is about creating something of real value and quality.  If not for your client or customer for your own values.

I tried to do business in China but can not consider this as an option as they will just take your money.  They are taking the world’s money anyway, just look around.

Remember there are many businessmen in the world that are sincerely honest.

There are a billion honest Chinese so this is not about the people, but rather the current business culture.

My question do you is if you are a buyer does it matter where a product is made?

If you want to import or export goods and services, where would you do business other than China?

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    I well never do business with china with a country that produce junk because you lose your shirt, remember this.

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