Is capitalism ethical

In our genes are is encoded from the beginning of evolution the idea of survival of the fittest. When humans were becoming modern between 200,000 years and 50,000 years ago in Africa, only the strong survived. This is found and imprinted in our DNA . However, people have extend this idea of Darwinism to the economic… Continue reading Is capitalism ethical

Treasury Vs. Federal Reserve

What is the difference between the U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve? The U.S. Treasury mints the coins, while the Federal Reserve Bank controls the currency and influences the purchasing power in the economy through the use of the interest rate policy tools. Beyond that definition, I wrote this post is to clarify the confusion… Continue reading Treasury Vs. Federal Reserve

How to fix the US economy

GOP and Democratic economic fixes do not impress me at this juncture. Why? They are about slowing the leak not fixing the hole. Anyone who understand how to solve the economic woes of the USA are nit picked and labeled as fringe. Even respected economists debate in their ivory towers while the ship is still… Continue reading How to fix the US economy

Mixflation – Inflation plus delfation equals biflation – What?

Mixflation Or everything you need to know about prices changes, but were afraid to ask. Biflation or mixflation is when, somethings on the store shelves are going up in price and somethings are going down in price.  This makes sense, yawn. You might say this is a normal situation.  However, what we have now is… Continue reading Mixflation – Inflation plus delfation equals biflation – What?