How to save money

This is the only guide you will ever need to save money. I do not believe being thrifty and frugal will make you rich. I believe in income generation for wealth creation.  However, many people are struggling economically and I thought I would create a guide on how to save money when you have none.… Continue reading How to save money

Free Trade vs. Mercantilism

Is it better the USA is a mercantile or free trade nation? The populist mercantile argument, of protectionism, is gaining momentum. It is not only harmful to the US economy (you), but President Obama supports it. It is beyond me why our President would lead us down a path of doom with a failed economic… Continue reading Free Trade vs. Mercantilism

Zombie Economics Review

My review of Zombie Economics by John Quggin I enjoy reading books on Economics. Zombie Economics by John Quiggin (an Australian Economist) is a well-written book from an entertainment standpoint. Even the title is a little flashy, as is the book’s cover, zombies coming back to life. Its value is drawing people into the subject… Continue reading Zombie Economics Review