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  • Food inflation – impact on America

    Just how much have food prices increased? 37% in the last year 234% in the last ten years For me that brings food prices to dizzying highs. I like to eat. I do not like it when I do not know how much this hobby will cost me from month to month. The purpose of […]

  • Mixflation – Inflation plus delfation equals biflation – What?

    Mixflation Or everything you need to know about prices changes, but were afraid to ask. Biflation or mixflation is when, somethings on the store shelves are going up in price and somethings are going down in price.  This makes sense, yawn. You might say this is a normal situation.  However, what we have now is […]

  • Algorithmic trading – How can you compete in the Stock market

    Here is a fact to meditate on – today just under 75% of all equity trades are done with computer programs. For me that is amazing. You will be outgunned by the big traders before you even your stock chart page loads in your browser. If you are looking at investment strategies that try to […]

  • The next ten years – 10 reason the US economy is in trouble

    There are a series of new books out which talk about the next 100 years or the next 200 years, but that about the next ten years? There are short-term arguments for recovery and a stronger dollar, however, the economy is not healthy. The next ten years does not look good for the US economy. […]

  • Price increases – food inflation

    There is too much negativity and conspiracy theories circulating arround the web and media relating to economic meltdowns, inflation and the food crisis.   That being said, one concern of mine lingering out there is inflation. The purpose of this post is to in simple non technical terms look at the possibility of inflation and in […]

  • How to save money

    This is the only guide you will ever need to save money. I do not believe being thrifty and frugal will make you rich. I believe in income generation for wealth creation.  However, many people are struggling economically and I thought I would create a guide on how to save money when you have none. […]

  • Is the US losing its Manufacturing Base?

    What is happening to US manufacturing? My message is do not listen to the politicians who have no clue. They will tell you anything and many have very marginal powers of discernment when it comes to economic issues. My answer to the question about the US production base is, yes US production is shrinking but: […]

  • Free Trade vs. Mercantilism

    Is it better the USA is a mercantile or free trade nation? The populist mercantile argument, of protectionism, is gaining momentum. It is not only harmful to the US economy (you), but President Obama supports it. It is beyond me why our President would lead us down a path of doom with a failed economic […]

  • Capitalism 2.0 is it Good or Bad?

    The purpose of this post is to describe what is happening to our economic system. Where is it going and what is our economic fate. I call this process we are in now capitalism 2.0. What is happening with capitalism Are you wondering what is happening in the US and developed countries in the world […]

  • Zombie Economics Review

    My review of Zombie Economics by John Quggin I enjoy reading books on Economics. Zombie Economics by John Quiggin (an Australian Economist) is a well-written book from an entertainment standpoint. Even the title is a little flashy, as is the book’s cover, zombies coming back to life. Its value is drawing people into the subject […]