How to save money

This is the only guide you will ever need to save money. I do not believe being thrifty and frugal will make you rich. I believe in income generation for wealth creation.  However, many people are struggling economically and I thought I would create a guide on how to save money when you have none. […]

Zombie Economics review

My review of Zombie Economics by John Quggin I enjoy reading books on Economics. Zombie Economics by John Quiggin (an Australian Economist) is a well written book from an entertainment standpoint. Even the title is a little flashy as is the book’s cover, zombies coming back to life.  Its value is drawing people into the […]

Is deflation bad?

This post asks is deflation bad or good? Deflation is good when: It happens because technology and capital investment improve the production process and increase producer output, causing more supply of a good at a lower costs. For example, AI and Amazon delivering in 1 or 2 days. Computers in the 1970s were millions of […]