Economics of insurance fraud

The economics of Insurance fraud in graphs I worked in the Insurance industry for many years. From time to time, we heard someone got caught doing something to defraud the company (usually auto insurance fraud). Since the penalty was pretty high I  would ask why would any rational person do it. If they were so… Continue reading Economics of insurance fraud

Investment accounting for an insurance company – a strange job

My overview of  a job in investment accounting for an insurance company One of the strangest jobs I had been the manager (director or whatever the title inflation is these days) for investment accounting for OneBeacon insurance company. Insurance accounting is a strange and funny world. The purpose of this post is to tell you… Continue reading Investment accounting for an insurance company – a strange job

Insurance fraud

The following is a series of facts and stories about insurance fraud.  It is a bit of a collection of stories from my life in the insurance world and what I have seen.  Many people are wondering what the penalty is for insurance crimes and what are the chances or getting caught. It is more… Continue reading Insurance fraud