The peculiar homes of Florida

Florida homes from a foreign perspective

Why do I have a perspective regarding the unusual homes of Florida? Because I live in Eastern Europe and have not been to the USA in many years even though I am an American citizen. Coming back to the USA I have a fresh impression on things that residents might not see if you are around it every day. If you have ever considered a residence in Florida, please consider what I write and leave a comment.

The first impression of Florida homes – stratification

Florida homes give people the impression that society is very stratified between the rich and poor. I just go back from a vacation visiting my family in Jupiter Florida. Both my brother and parents have a luxury apartment in Jupiter Island and Jupiter, Florida respectively. I think Jupiter Island is the richest town in America. In fact, Tiger Woods is building a home on Jupiter Island in Florida down the street from my brother. I told him why don’t we turn around in his driveway. My brother chooses another driveway. Tiger’s Florida home looks like a castle. On the other hand, there are people living in trailer parks not far away. Florida home tells a strange and interesting story. There are many people who are rich and have always been rich. There are many people who are poor. In fact, I have never seen such stratification until I went to Florida.

Florida retirement communities are not for me

There are other people that live in retirement communities that will soon be abandoned Why? These people moved in as a group when they were 65 and now they have all grown old and can not even play golf. The young retirees choose newer retirement communities to live in and those Florida homes have little value. Therefore like the 19th-century shaker communities, the only way you could grow the community is to get new converts. Many of these little retirement villages are built in the middle over know where. People here every year about a few in the community who have gone to the great beyond.

For me, it would be a bad dream to live like this. I guess it was a particular generation, that dreamed of working for one or two companies their whole lives than taking that they had and retiring to Florida in a community. There is nothing wrong with this at all. I just prefer people of all ages and walks of life. I think life is for living. I want to be part of a community of young and old my whole life. I would rather life in the Polish village (I live in Poland now) than some Florida retirement village.

If I live in Florida I would live in a normal city like Miami, where there is action.

Why a large house in Florida is a bad investment

The large homes are equally unappealing to me. I have to believe these are built as investment assets because even I had 10 billion dollars I would not have a need for a Florida home with 27 bathrooms. What a decadent waste of money. Look at Warren Buffet, who lives in a simple humble home. Large Florida homes are the worst real estate investment as they are very personal in style. Bit homes are everywhere and they are a lot to maintain. They are ostentatious and showy. I think it is a waste of productive capital that could be used in a better way. They are not cozy.

On these wealthy Florida streets at 8 Am you will see a legion of workers, gardeners, maids and cooks, almost a traffic jam.

Gated community living

The modest rich all live in gated communities. My wife asked what do these people do for work. My brother replied, nothing. These are moneyed people. Again very boring and isolated from society. If I was going to live a secluded life I would prefer a village or small town, not a gated community of retirees. This is very boring.

My advice on buying a home in Florida at any age

Living in Florida is fun because of the sun and ocean and there are many things to do. However, you really have to understand the types of home that people live there and the why they live in them are not for the usual reason. The best way to live is to find a Florida home that is in a normal town with a balanced economy. Live with people of all ages and origins and social classes. If you do this, rather in some gated community or castle of a house or retirement living, you will have a richer life in the sunshine state.  This is my advice about Florida homes.

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2 responses to “The peculiar homes of Florida”

  1. Egbert (Cayman)

    Your article on “The peculiar homes of Florida” is hitting a nail on the head; Florida is my second home; however, as much as I love the elderly, your article made me realize that I could not live in a retirement community, even with my desire for peace and quiet, I would prefer the mixture of people in the sunshine state.

    1. Mark Biernat

      I think I found the town, and that is a place like St. Augustine, as it has a mix of young and old. I call it one of the last towns in the south (before it really turns into Florida). I would say on the Island where we live it is mostly families. Other parts of Florida is nothing but an endless seas of gated retirement communities. I think there are nice places to find a mix in Florida but you have to look. Even if I was 99 years old I would not want to live with anything other than a normal town with young and old. I just makes me feel more connected to life and the real world.

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