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The purpose of this post it to give you the a tool that will give you specific price  information and data on different cities of the world. All over the web you find recycled “cost of living” comparisons. You find lists of cities. However, the problem is these list do not show any usable detail.  Everyone’s budget is different. I want to know for me, the specifics prices on items compared to one country or city to another.

COLA cost of living
Example of some price comparisons from

If you want to travel and sample the world from the comfort of your easy chair, the tool I recommend  to explore is the below cost of living comparison tool. It is based on user-generated input of actual real world prices. There is not way that every entry is 100% perfect but I find it useful.

Go here  to try it-> cost of living comparisons tool

I think a Polish Google employee working in Ireland made it. It has the signature of an IT geek. Nothing flashy but useful.

You can compare the price of dresses at H&M or Nike or the price of milk or bread.

A personal quest for lifestyle

What inspired me to find something like this is not only my interest in inflation, prices and economics, but something on a personal level. I am moving to the USA from Europe.

If you have read my website, I do not have or need a job. I have a dual US and EU citizenship so I can living in many countries legally in Europe and North America and even South America as some countries are EU members.

Since I grew up in a large family and have Skype, therefore proximity to my parent’s family is not as important, as we all see each other some who.  So the issue is where is the optimal place to live based on lifestyle and prices and weather.

I am looking for a place where I can get the a bang for my buck and still enjoy a high quality of life. It is not just what you earn, but what things cost. I need somewhere I can work from home and allow my family to get some fresh air.

With a global economy, consumer goods can be obtains anywhere with an Internet connection so if you are talking about Europe and the USA it is all the same in the basics. Besides, I am not hyper consumptive, I am more into reading books and classical music.

Why people compare cities – People want to know for job and income comparisons or just to know for a fantasy.  Income not just price is a factor and the ratio between the two. Also real estate investors like to look at property ratios. My favorite part of this site is real estate comparison. It has important ratios like price to rent and price to income ratios.

  • If you were really had extra capital on hand you could in theory do something with this property data.
  • Most people use it for fun or when they consider relocation.
  • You can use it when you are considering a vacation and renting an apartment for a month and living on local food.

Let me know what you think of this tool and some of the conclusions you have from it. Do any of the prices surpise you?


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