Government takeover

This post is better called how the government will make you rich. Please read on.

Government takeover

If you think government take overs will make things better for you and make your rich or save things, think again. Governments are very poor managers of assets. I live in Eastern Europe. I am American. People in Eastern Europe are some of the brightest in the world, however, when the government rank the banks all was dark. Government takeovers are very scary. The government does not know how to run assets. Think about the DMV to get your license to drive a car. Think about the Post Office. No way, do I want the government to take over assets. government says bailout but this will mean trouble. Long term trouble for the US economy. The US is basically saying I give up. The economy can not be run by the people but the government should do it. government’s government take overs in the US Economy are very bad for the economy in the long run.

Never was an economic crisis

Read my lips, there is no crisis. I am an American that lives in Eastern Europe. People 15 years ago had no food on the shelves and no gas for their heating their homes here. 4 years ago unemployment was 21%. People live now on 500 dollars a month and prices are about the same as the USA. And people here are not talking economic crisis like Americans. Well feed Americans with cheap gas and nice roads and heat for their homes and shopping all the time, almost everyday for something all they talk about is crisis. Economic crisis.

Economic Crisis and spoiled Americans

I love America but not this crisis, panic media drive mentality that was like the ‘rice crisis’ or ‘bird flu’ or whatever the media throws at you. What happened to rugged individualism? Hacking a life in the ‘wilderness’, however you define ‘wilderness’, with you own bare hands. This is what America was founded on. Not mass manipulation by the media into panic about hard times. Go to Africa. You will see hard times. Go to Ukraine, go to India. See how people live who are not crying about crisis. Americans are spoiled.

What if the sky falls with this economic crisis

What if there is a meteor that falls from the sky. Sure you can worry about end of the world,job loss and depressions, but if you are a strong person you can find a soultion.

You lose your job in the Economic crisis

What if you lose your job? Be strong and say I can handle it. Sell your car, all that you own, move into a 1 room flat and use your own imagination to make money. This is how your grandparents survived the real depression. Americans are spoiled. There is no economic crisis. When there is 30% unemployment, no food, on the shelve to eat, no real medical care, no gas to heat, your homes, old people carrying water from wells down the street, if America comes to this, like what I saw in Eastern Europe, then maybe you can complain a little about crisis, economic crisis.]]>

There is no economic crisis, only a redistribution of wealth. The government bailout is nothing more than a reinforcement of the status quo. That is the people who have power. Yes when the government helps large companies they hurt me. I have been someone who has been conservative and has cash. If the bad companies fail, great, I can buy assets from people who took too much risk and then own a house and my own company as everything would in the country would be at fire sale prices.

When I moved to Poland there was 21% unemployment. 6% in the USA is not a crisis. 21% is hard but 6% is a media driven crisis and a cry from the people who have control to ask for tax payers like me to reinforce the status quo. I would love to see the hard working and people who save their money be given a chance to buy these cheap assets and reorganize the companies in more efficient ways rather than the fat and inefficient companies get rewarded.

Long terms its bad for all of us. That is the real economic crisis.

Shrinking middle class

Regarding the shrinking middle class and the end of America, maybe this redistribution of wealth called ‘financial crisis 2008″ will fix that. The super rich will go down and wealth will flow more back into the hands of people who create wealth rather than speculate on wealth.
I am a big believer in the free market for correcting the problems of economics, including the lack of a middle class. Because anything government does private people can do more wisely and efficiently. Adam Smith was a religious man/moral philosopher and wrote his book to help others.

The stock market swings is the market pricing value and redistributing wealth. Let it work, if it crashes, so what – buy value in the weakness.

How the government will make your rich

If you think someone from the government will knock on your door and make you rich you are living in a fantasy. I live in Eastern Europe. I see the effects of social engineering and government enrichment programs.

Government policy will not make fix your life

Anything government beaurocrats do, free people can do more efficiently. The problem is not that we have not enough regulation and government, its that we have too much. No one from the government will improve you life as much as you can fix your own problems.

Quotes about government from great Americans

  • Jefferson “The government that governs least governs best.”
  • Kennedy “Ask not what your country can do for you…”
  • Reagan “Government is the problem”.

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