How to make money fast

Are you out of cash and need to make money fast? I can tell you how. Based on my own personal experience of moving to a foreign country where I did not speak the language and needed to survive, these are ideas to make money quickly.  I am only recommending ways to make money legally, ethically and that work. Further, these are not long-term solutions for your life, but rather until you get your feet on the ground.

I have to also say I have not had a real job in about 6 or 7 years, I am 100% debt free and live an upper-middle-class life. I get up in the morning and I do not have a job, although I make money and pay taxes in two countries, I just do not go to work. When you have the time to think about your life and ask God to show you the way, you will get your answer.

Best ways to make money fast

  • Teach English as a foreign language. – whether you are living abroad or in the States, there are always people who need to learn a language. I think you do not have any qualifications, think again. You are a native speaker. No one is more qualified than a native speaker.  Charge 20 dollars an hour cash. If you are not a native speaker even better teach your own language. Put classified ads in GumTree and Craigslist.  Teach out of your flat it saves time with commuting. Let’s say you teach 30 hours a week that is 30,000 dollars a year. Not bad. A lot of my friends do this.  Specialize in medical or legal terms and you will learn more.
  • Beg. I have never begged for money but I believe begging as long as the money goes to food and survival is a time-honored profession. For thousands of years, people have begged for money. Further, consider all the jobs people do pushing the paper in the office are they really adding that much value to society. With begging at least you make someone feel good that they are helping you.  If I needed to I would do it. However, go to a large rich city, look clean and state clearly on your sign your problem. State clearly you will also accept work. You would be surprised.
  • Be a street performer. One of my friends makes 300 dollars a day.  I think this is a very good income. She is a human statue. This is not your dream career but if you really go all out with your customers and use taste and imagination you will make money fast.
  • Offer normal therapeutic massages. I do not know the laws but many people I know who are students in foreign countries give massages without training. If you are shy just give them to your own gender. I think you can make 50 to 100 dollars an hour for a normal message if you know how to market yourself and are sincere about giving ethical clean service, that is you put your heart and soul into it.
  • Write to make money fast. On the Internet, there is almost an infinite number of people looking for a writer. Even me I have a few blogs and I can never really find someone to write for me. I think people lack self-confidence. However, if you know something and can write about it, from collecting stamps to how to send an SMS people will pay you good money for this. Believe me, this is true, writing in English is one of the highest paid professions. I can not explain it all here but trust me, if you know who to write, even if you failed English, you will achieve wealth. rich.
  • Sell all your things on eBay. I told my wife to sell boxes of books and clothes and things we do not need on eBay and it has generated cash.
  • Do not waste too much time to make money online unless you know what you are doing. Some people can do this but it is a very good long-term solution and I can recommend it. However, it is not a short-term solution.
  • I use to sell vegetables in the market. Easy job, find a supplier and set up a stand and you will earn dollars in a short time. I also took a bus to another country and brought back goods that were cheap there and sold them here. I personally have a farmers market licence and grow in my backyard.
  • Be a waiter or waitress or any type of job that pays a lot, including being a professional fish cleaner in Alaska or where ever. In Europe, people with masters and Ph.D. do very basic jobs and move to foreign countries to do this. Some clean houses but all work hard. Thomas Carlyle said ‘all work is noble’ I believe this. Work is the way you serve humanity. Try to pick a high currency country or state.  Poles work in Norway in a couple of years come to Poland and pay cash for a house.
  • Liquidate your life. Sell everything and put your money into 50% index fund and 50% cash. Then move to a foreign country where it is very cheap. I live in Poland and it is 1/3 the price of the USA. A penny saved is a penny earned. The same apple in the USA costs 300% more as does everything else.  I live a very good life with full cable TV, IKEA furniture, Whole Foods groceries, languages tutors, yoga classes and maids for under 10,000 dollars a year. In Boston, I made over 100,000 dollars to have that lifestyle. If you want to make money fast, liquidate everything from your car to furniture until you are living a zen lifestyle. Then cut your expenses to nothing.
  • Lawncare– It is fairly straight forward. You cut someone’s lawn or landscape. Some people join the military to get free college tuition, I would just do lawn care. I know a few people making over $100k a year.
  • Ride Share – I know this is out dated at this point but I know people that make several thousand dollars a month.

What do you think? Do these sound strange and out of your comfort zone? I am sorry but this is life, no one said you will have a job, house and a gold watch after 35 years of work.  Where is your courage?    I think if you have money problems it is because you think money is important. Since I live in Poland, a country where people lived on nothing during communism. They only had vinegar on the shelves and nothing else and people where happy. I can not understand why Americans are crying crisis. If you have money problems as God to help you and show you the way. Also, consider some of my ideas on how to earn money fast. If you have further ideas or comments let me know as I am curious about your thoughts on this post.

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2 responses to “How to make money fast”

  1. Brandon Connell

    Good post. I can vouch for the online money making route as long term and not short term. I started a service back years ago, and the first year I only made $500. After a couple years, I was making $35k per year with that one business.

    1. Mark Biernat

      I wanted to give more robust examples based on personal experiences how to make money online but I thought it would be better for other people to attest to the fact as it would give it more credibility.
      Thanks for the input. Most people want to make money fast online. But the reality is it is like any other business, something that takes patience and an idea.

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