If Government helps the Rich then get Rich

Do you feel the government only helps the rich? My wife and I were debating politics and economics the other day. She has a masters in political science and I have a masters in economics, so these are usually good debates.   I am generally pretty libertarian, however, in a moment of weakness, I say it seems sometimes the government only bails out the rich and helps the rich.

Examples of how government helps the wealthy:

  • Bailouts of companies – These are senseless distortions of the market than make the US less competitive.
  • Deductions for those with money – Liberal tax deductions on businesses expenses and loopholes for wealthy people.
  • Corporate Welfare – This you can not deny if you know anything about the political process in Washington, D.C. lobbies and special interests rule.
  • Military – this is the largest special interest.
  • Social Security for the upper class – I know many wealthy people in Florida receiving nice Social security checks.
  • Real Estate surprisingly helps the rich – many laws and tax laws benefit homeowners and not the poor, who rent.

My wife’s reply was, well, if that is true then there is one solution. I said oh, yeah what? This was her reply:

If you feel that the government only helps the rich, then we better get rich

With the above statement, she is right. In a free capitalist economy, the primary reason for people being poor is wrong thinking. I know this sounds radical or New Agey but it is not. With an average intelligence and the right attitude, you can get rich in a free society. The only thing preventing you is sloth. Being mentally lazy and not exploring ways you can make money by creating value for others is the reason people are not rich. Yes, there is luck involved but if you really spend about a year brainstorming I think you will come up with an idea besides going to work. Start with reading books on why the rich have money.

The issue is thinking is the hardest work there is, that is why so few people do it. Dare to think. Do not be afraid to be creative by making money with what you really love.

Why people complain about the rich

People complain that the government only helps the rich because there is a lot of truth to their complaints. However, you can not wait for the world to change. You have to change.

Why do people wait about for the government to help them? Why do they complain the system is geared towards the wealthy? Or proclaim you need to be rich to make money. The truth is in a capitalist economy all you have to do to be rich is create something of value and own the process. In my economic blog, I explain a lot about how to make money in a capitalist economy. How to be rich.  Stop complaining about not having money and saying the system favors the rich. The reality is if you feel only the people in power only help the rich, there is an easy solution. You better get rich.

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5 responses to “If Government helps the Rich then get Rich”

  1. david

    The idea of being rich is right. Just think, get an idea, create something valuable and own it. But usually you need money to start it and most important you need the contacts or the net to reach the market. that’s why so many good ideas don’t have success.

    1. Mark Biernat

      For example, a few of my friends took a few years to write books. The did research on interesting subjects. They print things locally and sell it themselves. No contacts needed, no capital or little. Remember intellectual capital is always worth more than real capital as the market values things subjectively based on the laws of supply and demand. Therefore, the value of intellectual capital is often worth more.
      Write software, writing a book, start a website become an expect at something there are a million ways to develop your niche with little capital.
      But like anything count on years of hard work. If you are willing to do that I think that you will succeed.
      Some people get rich fast, others years, but I believe if money is your goal, you do it though ownership rather than work. Careerism is for suckers in my humble opinion. Maybe I am wrong, but I did well in my career but it did not make me rich.

  2. Rory

    You are thinking of getting rich from your position. What if you were so poor that you could’nt afford food. How would you feel then? Do you know that CEO`s makes millions of dollars a year, while the average person with a high school/college education can`t even make $100,000. When you are poor it is obviously going to be very hard to get rich. Suppose you saved $50,000 over a period of 5 years, and you get sick. All your money is gone. Do you know how hard it is mentally for you to lose all your money just like that, after you have worked years, and years for it, and you see rich people making that type of money in a month for doing 80% less work than you. That is very disheartening, and it just goes to show how bad the entire system is. Why cant we act like real human beings, which are one! The rich does not want to even pay a little more taxes. They label it as “socialism”, what would really happen to their millions if they pay a little more taxes? The other funny thing is that it is plain as day that the politicians are so corrupt, and no one wants to do anything about it. The big CEO steals millions through loop holes etc. and they don’t even get a slap on their wrist, yet the little roadside man sells a little gr_ss and gets 10 years in prison. The bottom line the system needs to change, and humans need to start treating each other like humans, as one, not by the color of your skin or by your social class. It is really quite simple put yourself in place of the poor person. How would you feel that the system makes it so hard for you to get rich? would’nt you just choose the easy way, and go rob, and k_ll people? It is a fact humans like to take shortcuts/the easy way out.

    1. Mark Biernat

      I hear what you are saying and thank you very much for the comments.
      Here is the thing and I hope people read this and understand it. All of what you say might be true, but that does not put money into your pocket.
      I know politics in the USA are exhausting, but so what.
      I know it is hard in life, but did your mama ever tell you life was going to be easy?
      I am not being hard. I live in Poland. People with families live on 500 dollars a month. My wife when in the 1990s went to a shop and was looking at a chocolate bar, she was studying it and did not know what it was. This was because the shops only sold vinegar and had never seen something like this.
      Most of my friends grow up in a one room apartment with 8 people and many sleeping on the floor. This is hard. My family in Ukraine has to still bring water from the well.
      The reality is American is easy. I know it seems hard but compared to my experience in Poland and Ukraine it is a very rich foofy place., even as a poor person. I am sorry come live here for a few years.
      That being said, forget about abstract economic and political concepts and ideas and start focusing on how to make money yourself to get rich.
      You and any person can do this. In fact some of the richest people come from the most humble challenging backgrounds.
      Study why people get rich.
      Study what it takes to make money and get rich. My friend who had a back injury and had to lay in bed for ten years is now one his way to be a millionaire. His name is Dave and I can give you his story if you want.
      The reason people get rich is they think about the process and apply their talents effciently to a path that will lead them to wealth, rather than doing what others do.
      Economics being a postive sum game means anyone can do this and we all win.
      You can do it.

    2. Mark Biernat

      I do not mean to sound heartless. I think anything we have on this earth is nothing more than a loan and the more is given the more responsibility.
      But if you want to make money, working for a company and saving is a long hard way to do it. You can do this to pay the bills but, start thinking of other ways to own the process.

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