I am passionate about investing, the ideas and the theory. This is why I write is a blog. It is an extension of my academic interest in economics.
Although I have experience professionally in the investment world, it is now a personal hobby, not a profession.

Legal investing disclaimer

I am not an investing expert or giving advice on this site. This site is my personal blog, and notes to myself. None of my experience or qualifications mean anything. This is my personal blog and not to be taken as advice or recommendations ever.  I make no claims for anything, no matter what is worded. It is only for reading pleasure and entertainment.

I am not responsible what you do with the information on this site.

If you want to invest or make money, please talk face to face with a trusted registered and reputable financial adviser and understand the risks of any investment decision.

This website political-economy.com is just for fun, for me,  and not for investment advice or recommendations, no matter how it might be worded or implied. This goes for my comments, posts, e-mails, and pages.

Thank you for understanding what I have conveyed here and why I have written it. If you have any questions or are unclear please ask.

I support a culture of openness and peace and love to all people regardless of gender, race nationality or belief.

This all being said, I hope you enjoy my ideas about economics and the world.


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