Leave the USA to get rich

Why do I advocate for leaving the USA and living in a foreign country aboard? The job market is not great and how many reruns on TV can you really watch anyway? Political and economic news is boring after a while (except for my website, please subscribe). You check your favorite sites on the Internet, whether it be the Drudge Report or Huffington post. You have seen all the good moves on Netflix and you are waiting for something good to come along. Is this what your life is about? Commuting 8 to 5 and stressing about your job. On the weekends going to Wal-mart (or maybe WholeFoods).  It is not a bad life if you are really settled in. However, if you have ever thought of leaving the USA do it and you will become a richer person. My advice is to leave the USA now.

Leave America to leverage your capital and be an entrepreneur

Being an expat, that is living aboard,  is the ultimate leverage of investment savings, income and time. I am an American living in the country of my grandparents, Poland. I love the USA but my life is better abroad than in the USA. Every dollar you have will be worth two or three times more aboard, in most cases. This is financial leverage. This is being a real calculated risk-taker, a true leader. Go east or west young man, but go.

Cost comparison of living abroad

Krakow, Poland is a modern EU city with as much if not more things to see, do and buy than living back in Boston where I am from. The only difference is everything is about 1/2 the price of back home. An apple is an apple. An Apple is the same commodity in Boston as it is in Krakow (I think the ones in Krakow are more organic but that is another story). However, where I live it cost 1/3 the price of the USA.  Watching HBO or ESPN in Krakow is the same as HBO or ESPN in Boston.  The same apartment to rent is about 1/3 the price. Some things like computers are about the same price, however, generally, I would say that my costs are less than half of the States, and I have a better standard of living than I would have in Boston.

Everyone tells me things like oh but Boston is such a European style city, I say why not just live in Europe?

Do I not miss Wal-Mart and Target and 90% made in China products? Not really, and they have the same things abroad as in the USA if you really want your life to be about that. Are you not a little bored with your life in the USA? Be honest.

What about family connections once you leave the USA? When I want to come home to see my friends and family, I just take a flight. I almost see them more now than when I lived in Boston because I have more time ( I am not working long hours). And the time I spend with them is real quality time, not just fighting the traffic on Thanksgiving.

I am not spending as much time working for the same exact standard of living (actually better). Time is the most valuable good on this earth. Ben Franklin said ‘time is the stuff that life is made of, do not waste it.’  So you are saying to yourself the challenge is how to make money. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, it is the same game anywhere in the world, only cheaper when you leave the USA. I did and so can you if you have questions just ask.

If you can find a country that you have a connection to, as I did, I highly recommend this as a way to leverage your investment savings.

What if you do not have a connection to another country to escape the USA for?

If you do not have a connection to any country many people find Mexico or other exotic places like these nice cheap places to live and adventure.  If there is a will, there is away. You can always find away. Live your life now, not in future undefined point in time. If you can be an entrepreneur or have investment income to live on, you can live well, with a cook and maid and nice clothes and vacations for about 20,000 dollars a year in most countries, besides Western Europe or the USA.

What about living in a cheap place in the USA like some small town in the middle of nowhere.  My reply is if that is what you want to do, but it could be incredibly boring.

It is what you save not what you earn and how you live. You need to always look at things from the perspective of how much can you bank each month. Also consider your free time and added expenses not needed abroad, including your community, traffic, business clothes, and dry cleaners, these things are not needed in other countries, etc. There are a lot of extra fees and costs for living in the USA that you are not aware of, including opportunity costs.

Advantages of leaving the USA and living aboard

  • Cheaper
  • Leaving the USA is an adventure and your life will be more interesting
  • Gives you experiences that if you come back to the USA can be applied to business
  • You might find your other half if you are single, I can almost guarantee this
  • The USA will be there anytime you want to come back
  • More chances to start your own business as markets are not as developed and your investment capital goes further
  • Many other reasons for living abroad but I think this is something you have to find out for yourself, remember you only have one life

I am not a backpacker or sailing the world on a boat.  I have lived with my family abroad for many years.  Many people think that if you leave the USA you will fall off the edge of the earth. The earth is not flat and the water is warm so come on in. Whoever you are you have to ability to live and survive in another country and get rich doing so. If you have any thoughts about living abroad and do not know where to start just ask.

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  1. Yasmine Taha

    I am 20 years old with no degree just HS diploma and I want to leave the US. How can I do this?

    1. Mark Biernat

      To start with you can teach English in a high paying country like Korea. You might want to see how you can get a quick degree in the USA.

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