Make money when you have none

People often say it takes money to make money. This is not true. You can be rich no matter what your circumstance in life is. I am not selling some cheesy affiliate marketing products. I will give you a specific way to get rich if you are poor. Most sites give you nothing but inspiration. In this post, my purpose is to give you specific tools you can use, that I personally use to make money. They do not cost a dime. Plus I want to reinforce the basic idea of how money is made by the wealthy.

The basic idea of wealth creation – The first thing you need to realizes is intellectual capital will usually pay more than physical capital or tangible goods. Think of Microsoft or that search engine, what is it called again, that you use every day. What about authors, painters or entertainers. Intellectual goods pay the most.

If you want to get rich on your spare time start to develop intellectual goods.  Read about why the rich have money.

An important point in this selling of intellectual goods is selling your own. Be an owner. In a capitalist system, the only way to make money is to be an owner. Own the process, own stocks, own something but focus your work energy on your product, not someone else’s products. No one will watch out for you in this economy.

Getting set up to make money when you have none – the tools

Too poor to even have the right tools to make money? Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Do you have a beat-up old computer from 10 years ago? The hard drive does not work?  Even if you do not have one, you could buy someone’s piece of junk computer they think is broken for a couple of bucks or most likely they will give it to you.

  • Step 1 Free computer and OS that works better than anything on the market – Download  Puppylinux – This OS will work if your hard drive is broken and your computer is 10 years old. It’s about 100mb and loads into your RAM. You only need a CD-R for about 30 cents.  This means it will work faster and better than your neighbor who just dropped $2,000 on a new Mac or Sony computer.  If your running it from a CD it is about 100% safe from any attack or virus. I do all my online banking and stock trading from this OS as on a CD I know its secure. It will be faster and more stable.  I am a geek I know what I am talking about. Yes, it will be faster than any computer you can buy on the market.  If your computer is only 7 years old get peppermint.  It will fast but feel real nice and GUI like Windows 7.5. No Internet? Do most work offline and just connect to free hot spots.
  • Step 2 Free software –  Check out all the free software you can get.  Instead of dropping $700 dollars on Photoshop, just get GIMP. You can be a professional and use GIMP, I do. Get Open office or other  MS Office clones, I like Abiword and Gnumeric instead of open office because it loads faster.  All the tools you need are open source and free. I do my work with these tools. I can afford to pay, but I do not as I am frugal and think these products are actually more efficient and productive than Windblows (just joking the new version is not bad, but everything costs). And yes I am sure you could get none legal copies of everything, but when you play by the rules, I think you have a better feeling about yourself and more energy to do good.
  • Step 3 Free Website tools for making money – I run all my websites off of WordPress, it’s free to download.  You can run a site like the Wall Street Journal off of this software. There is almost nothing better in the world for having a website.  It is pretty well SEO-ed right out of the box. I use an SEO theme and a couple of plugins. If you do not have 4 bucks to pay for your server, get a blogger account.  But if you can pay for your own server its about 40 bucks a year and should pay for itself fast.  But why don’t you have your own website?

You do not feel like you have the gift for computers? I get up very early and learn. I take the time to learn and there is not much to learn really at a basic level. Everything you need to know about techy stuff you can find online on YouTube. Fill the void you have. Information is what separates the rich from the poor, not talent.

So now for no or little money, you have a computer, the tools, and a website.  You can create and market your intellectual capital.

How to make money if you have no intellectual capital?

Brainpower – Everyone has a brain and can use it. What if you lack confidence in yourself or brainpower like the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz? Do 100 hours of image streaming by Win Wenger. You can find his website I am sure. It’s free of course. This will increase your brainpower no matter what you think of your relative intelligence. Maybe it is a little hype, but you know what, it will increase your confidence and in my opinion is the best thing there is to increase brainpower.

Website – Why do you not have your own website? I mean it, what is your excuse? Better than renting space for a shop and hoping a few customers walk through the door, have a website that gets 10,000 new people a day every day.  I have one of those.  The first thing I would do is start blogging about something you love. It takes years, but so what. Then make money with some ads like from that search engine company, you know the big one that starts with G. It is ethical and honest. Your goal should be about $1000 dollars a month. Write from your heart and do not read too much about how to make money online. The best websites are those from writers who write because they love it, not to make cash. Be ethical and do not break any rules.

Your project – Next start your project.  Your project should not be spammy or affiliate type marketing. It should take years to create. It should be an extension of you. If you have no time, do it at work at the office. Do it for a few minutes in the morning before people come in. Be patient. I personally know web millionaires. They basically did something they love and I would not say they are the sharpest tools in the shed. You do not have to make money online at all. You could do anything, however, the market place is only growing on the web and the cost efficiencies speak for themselves when it comes to marketing your product.

Specific examples of turning what you love into income – I love languages so I write language learning software. My friend Erik loves Amish, so he writes books on the Amish. I have another friend who makes maps and another comic.  I have another friend who just blogs about his life and he has paid for his house in cash. You can search for him he has a website called the ’45-year-old millionaire’. He even has articles on how to make money when you are disabled like he was for ten years. He was laying on his back disability, but still is on his way to riches. I also love investing especially in the stock market, so was thinking of doing something with that. It would be rich to invest return data to back up my ideas, or I would write something general.  It does not matter. If it is something you like chances are someone else out there does too.

Doubts about making money– What if you think it is too hard or too competitive? Never take counsel of your fears. You have something unique to offer the world.  If you do not think so get religion. Realize that God created you and only you for a unique purpose. That is not what religion is about, but on the other hand, God does really make us all unique. Do not know it in your brain, know it in your heart. Do not be afraid to express your spirit.

The above ideas are just some ways to make money, on or offline.  There are many ways to achieve your dream, but read my lips again: do not be afraid to live your dream. I promise you, if you are willing to work hard on your own project, and not just at your day job, you will not have to worry about money. It may take a long time, but if it takes time, let it take time.

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2 responses to “Make money when you have none”

  1. stephen guthrie

    I am interested in making money and interested, because I have nothing to loose but try. I am in a homeless veterans home, no longer have a home to return to anymore, and must go for or go broker in the process. I am going to try and do something if I’m able to think of something a place to begin.

    1. Mark Biernat

      There are a couple of things you need, but can be obtain by donation or begging. Begging is a time honored activity and gives both the giver and receiver utility. You need a computer. If could be an older version. But you need to get a computer and even if it is slow and outdate you could put OS like Puppy linux. With Puppy Linux the oldest computer’s run fast. There is a slight learning curve but it will be worth it. If you a computer that is modern use Linux Mint rather than some outdated version on Windows.
      Next you need to be able to set up a paypal account. This requires an address, even if is your friends.

      From here you can make all the money you need.

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