Tea Party platform

Tea party platform mistakes that will lose the election

There are three issues that will derail the Tea Party movement in the Presidential and congressional elections. I hope some leader of the Tea Party reads this or at least understand the challenge. The three C’s that could hurt the Tea Party are:

Tea Party platform
The Tea Party needs to stay focused on the simple clear message of small government and not get mixed up with other ideas like huge military and anti-environment. Simply convey small government and the movement will win the election in 2012.

Complexity of the Tea Party message – Their goal is smaller government and balance the budget. Period, end of the sentence. If they let their message stray away from a libertarian fiscally conservative message, and mixed with other ideas like guns or military or anti-environment, they risk diluting their power, being divided into fractions. The will alienate. This will happen and already the press is trying to divide them.

This is the biggest threat to the Tea Party. They have to keep and ideological clear and simple message, then let people choose the other issues for themselves. They need to unify not divide. Once you go down the road of secondary issues, it becomes a nation divided.

Focus on the bailouts and ridiculous expansion of government.

Complacency in the Tea Party movement – The Tea Party made great gains in the 2010 election and surprised all. The threat of victory has always been to rest on your laurels. You need to have the fighting spirit going into the 2012 elections.

Remember Apollo Creed in Rocky? You can not become complacent. You need to have the fighting spirit and let people know that.

Remember the scene in the movie?

Rocky do you believe America is the land of opportunity? Rocky glances at the ceiling with a little bit on sarcasm and says ‘yes’. Well Apollo Creed does and is going to prove it to the whole world by giving an unknown a shot at the title. That unknown is you.

This is what it has to be going into this election. A real shot at the top. Surprise the whole world, a second American revolution . A small populous revolt in 1773 overturned the most powerful government on earth. This is what has to happen again (in a peaceful way) though the democratic process.

Coat tails of the Tea Party gets muddied – If they let establishment, old non-charismatic GOP leaders try to ride the tea party wave, it will turn a lot of people off. Just like when the GOP dug up that old war hawk fossil John McCain in the last election. Lets see how smart the Republicans will be, I hope smarter than in then past.

Get a clue. People want an outsider or maverick and charisma to champion their message. I do not know who this will be. On a side note, Ron Paul, despite his age and experience is an outsider, charismatic and has a clear message. Sarah Palin, although she is not my ideal, is also a contender. However, I would like to see the next Ronald Reagan ride into town and restore the ideals of the founding fathers.

The platform and issue have to be clear like the poll above.

I agree with the ideals of the Tea Party platform, ‘the government that governs least governs best’. The ideals of the Tea Party are a revival of the ideals of the founding fathers of the United States. Whether they will have an impact or be taken seriously will depend on the three C’s mentioned above.

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