US Foreign Policy is Wrong

The US is clearly an imperial power. It uses the guise of spreading democracy to justify miltary action in oil rich nations, while it drains you personally economically. It is not Ameria that is wrong, it is the way we conduct foreign affairs.  Can you argue with that?

It is our true policy to steer clear of entangling alliances with any portion of the foreign world. – George Washington

  • I believe the US Congress needs to guide US foreign policy, not the knee jerk reactions from the executive branch based on questionable motives.

The Bush wars (oil wars) were a foolish waste of our children’s resources (debt-financed).  Obama, a peace prize holder mind you, has not the courage of his convictions, and instead, he takes advice from gray hair generals and advisers because he is too afraid. Believe me, this is what is how Obama thinks, he is scared to go against his advisers.

What is the result? The executive branch ignores the original intent of this country, insults your intelligence and disrespect you by getting us into war after war that is draining our resources and burying us in debt.

We will be pulling out of Afghanistan in 2020 by the way. Bush, Clinton Bush, Obama action in the Middle East is 30 years, a lifetime, of Middle Eastern wars.  What is wrong with that? Let me put it another way, every plane we fly off a carrier to drop a bomb cost a fortune and this is money you could use to pay the mortgage. Libya is costing 100 million dollars a day and if you have forgotten we are in crisis. How does that sound to you?

These Presidents can have all the fancy degrees from top foreign policy schools, Harvard, Yale, but it means nothing. Understand the history and read the about why the United States was formed.

The answer is simple: If the executive branch wants to use the US of military congress must declare an act of war.

The President and the Secretary of state have disrespected the intent of the founding fathers and the US constitution by committing US air, naval and ground forces all over the map. We have bases defending other countries, while our country has serious problems at home.

WWII was a  declared war. WWI was a declared war. Why can we not go back to the idea that the President needs to respect the checks and balances of the three branches of government and can not use the military anytime he wants?

US foreign policy costly
Al Qaeda clearly has said it wants to weaken the US with a long drawn out war of attrition. With the US flying million dollar missions every day, is our current foreign policy playing right into their hands? Think about the big picture and ‘know thy enemy’ – The Art of war.

The problem with the US foreign policy is:

  • US foreign policy is all about fighting undeclared wars for foreign people. This is putting American soldiers (our youth) at risk for foreign nations rather than for the defense of the US. This is clearly a violation of the US constitution. The bombing, destroying and killing on foreign soil sure seems like a war to me. Call it a “police action” or a “no-fly zone” or whatever euphemism you want. However, firing missiles at people using our young men and women in US military uniform is a battle, a war. The last time I read the US constitution, war needs to be approved by an act of congress. Read the constitution and tell me if you think this is right?
  • Did you know the USA is spending over 1 trillion dollars a year redrawing the maps of the world? This is a lot of money. Spending 1 trillion dollars a year costs us dearly and weakens the US for the next 100 years. If you want a strong country put the money back in the hands of the people. People give their money back will innovate, create jobs and find a solution to the problems in ways government will not. At the very least this money could be used for homeland security or the protection of the rights of Americans from the burden of government. Defend America, fight crime and terror threats at home (they are real).  Instead, it is wasted bombing people in the desert.
  • Helping the US states out with the money we spend on foreign wars. Yep, the cost of one ‘no-fly mission’ is a lot. Meanwhile, large states like California are sinking. Roads at home have potholes and unemployment is high. Every choice has a benefit and a cost. What is the benefit of bombing people on the other side of the world as opposed to helping Americans at home?
  • Politicians are really clowns – The French, NATO, the EU, the US are all jockeying for power and playing games. They use the term diplomacy but this is a joke. We ignored Rwanda and what happened there but claim oil-rich Libya is humanitarian aid. Obama got authority from the UN and ignored congressional approval (one-world government). The Arab League is upset at another US war in Arab lands. There is no end game to US foreign policy, it is just attacked and takes trillions of dollars of your money to try to make things right.
  • Civil War – We are taking an active side in a foreign countries civil war. Who are we to do this?
  • No-fly zone over the USA – How would you like it if a foreign power put a no-fly zone over the USA?
  • Political maps change – Political landscape always changes. One government falls the next comes into power. Has the US not learned its lesson? Foreign government changes again and again. Who we support today is often our enemy tomorrow. Did you know the rebels in Libya we support have Al Qaeda support, this is what is said? Think about all the foreigner leaders we support one day and they become our enemy the next. Even Bin Laden was a US ally at one time in the war against the Soviets in Afghanistan. The president of Egypt is our friend (70 billons of your US dollars donated to him) until there is trouble, now he is not. We were allies with the Iranians one day, then they are terrorists. Are the Saudis our friends? They have oil. They must be. These wars: the liberation of Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya are out to to control of our empire and oil. Not about the defense of the United States.
  • Large standing armies are wrong – The US can not afford to be the policeman of the world when our streets have crime. This is a clear resource misallocation. For every government worker  (including military personal) it takes seven working families to support with taxes. And who will pay for their pension?
  • Who does this aggressive interventionist policy help? I do not know, oil interests, politicians, the military machine and arms trade. This is not conspiracy theory it is real. This policy drains the US and will make us weak. Next thing you know we will have a budget and debt crisis. Call me crazy.
  • Need more convincing that the US is causing the world harm? US foreign Policy is destabilising the world.

Will the US stick its head in the sand with a non interventionist policy?

Nonintervention and focusing on the problems at home is not isolationist.  Diplomacy, free trade, travel, communication, commitment to ideals and democracy was what the founding fathers wanted.  An active non interventionist foreign policy is the best for the US.

Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations — entangling alliances with none. – Thomas Jefferson

However, endless foreign wars and convert operations makes the US an imperial power no different from any other, including the empire we rebelled against to start this country, maybe worst. ‘Make the whole world England’ was the motto of that empire, what are we doing with our US foreign policy?

I am a US Patriot. I will serve my country and never betray it. However, as a patriot, I feel one of the greatest ways I can honor my country as an American is point out gross mistakes in US foreign policy that are a contradiction to the ideas of the United States. These political mistake destroy people’s lives and also directly affects your life. We will be bleed white in a war of attrition that will weaken our position in the world.

I want to get rich and live in peace (the pursuit of happiness). US foreign policy does not put money in my pocket nor does it for you. It drains your economic power because debt and taxes are paying for these wars. Therefore, it takes the wind out of your sails when it comes to your dream of living a secure happy life. That is why US foreign policy is wrong.

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