What is Washington, D.C. really like?

I know this is a bit of a rant but the news of the US Federal budget is wearing on me, so here goes.

I would never live in the Washington, D.C. area, our nations capital. Why? It is filled with, G-men, government workers, people feeding off the government and making careers off the Federal government. This includes, analysts, lawyers, silly PhD’s who can not find anything to do with their titles, to consulting firms filled with people who know they are in the Matrix but do not care.

Like it says on W.C Field’s gravestone – ‘On the whole, I would rather be in Philadelphia’

Washington D.C. area lifestyle
It is doubtful George Washington would approve of what the city that bears his name has become.

People connected to government are the laziest, boring, lack of creativity people I know. It is depressing. They are living out their lives and going through the motions to wait for their retirement and perks provided to them by the US government and cry if the ninny bottle might be taken from them. I have personally had experience with them and it was not fun, stifling and frustrating at the same time.

There is so much redundancy in government agencies and departments. Overlaps of responsibility and diffusion of responsibility.

What if the metro area separated from the Continental US and became an independent city state which needed their own economy to support themselves, instead of sucking the lifeblood from the US citizens like feudal lords? I think we would see a wave of recovery in the US states, as tax money outflows from people’s pockets stop. In fact the roads in the US could almost be paved with gold if this ever happened. On the other hand, the lost island of D.C. would have trouble fending for themselves and chaos would break out.

Now as humans beings they might be good honest people.  However, the type of person that gravitates towards a Federal job is,  the signature of someone who does not have the entrepreneurial spirit to strike out on their own and use their imagination.

This almost means a low risk preference, including not doing things like stock trading, living abroad, running our own business or simply living in a unique way, nor learning and trying a second or third career. No sir, these guys have a sweet deal and will ride that gravy train as long as they can. No other employees in the USA get such nice benefit packages. Who pays for it? You do and small businesses whose margins are already squeezed thin.

The professionals in the area are almost caricatures, Khaki wearing men who have Blackberries and iPads from firms like PWC and Accenture, deriving their self worthy from their resume, LinkedIn profile and relative wealth. They are bourgeois and conformist. The women more often than not are quasi feminist American girl libs who you would not want to marry, date or hang out with.

Traffic in the D.C area is horrible, as the industry of big government is an irresistible draw. Homes and lifestyles are over price. Although it is one of the riches places in the nation, it has no industry other than taking the tax money from good people across the USA. I just would not feel right living and working in that type of environment.

If you are there, you are there for a reason, and I just can not agree with that reason. That is big government. For everyone government worker it takes several hard-working American families to support that ‘ward of the state’ called an US Federal worker. Think about it. Add up all the benefits and pay and future benefits that is comes down to the taxes several US families have to pay.

So when I drive up the east coast I prefer to avoid the D.C area and swing through the Appalachian mountains even if it adds two hours to my trip.  And goodness I certainly would not want to live in the metro D.C. area including Northern Virgina, which is a Mecca for  superficial cookie cutter people who measure each other up based on externals like where you got your MBA or the kind of car you drive. The last things on their mind is to fight for reducing the burden of government.

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7 responses to “What is Washington, D.C. really like?”

  1. Adam

    Public Worker is an oxymoron.
    Its more like “La Cour du Roy”

    So called public service employees is a total joke. These are the most ego centrist people in America. Do as little as possible but be entitle to every thing. Its a cancer that has been spreading and is costing America misallocation of Billions and Billions every months.

    Tax loopholes should be eliminated but not to feed and grow the beast but to credit back the tax payers.

    As the gargantuous state is crying for more money health care cost moves up 15% per year. Its sickening that no politician even tries to investigates where all that money is going. Health care could be provided at half if not less the price and cover more people but the Washington lobbyist need more and more to perform less and less.

    The G-men and there leaders are not serving there country they are destroying it.

    1. Mark Biernat

      I have worked with public officials on a number of issues. These people seem to be more worried about covering their butts to protect their jobs instead of serving the public. They did not have the best interest of the public in mind yet the tax payers still pay their paycheck and they still have their jobs.

      Agreed on the Tax loopholes.

      Ron Paul has argued the same point about health care. It should be a fraction of the cost of what it is now. But a Libertarian leaning politician, even from the GOP is still a dream. I do not understand why the country on both sides of the political spectrum do vote to control government. I think the election in 2010 did send a message. However, we will see in 2012 how much follow through this will have. People that are serious about curbing the growth of government are some how label as fringe. I have to balance my budget why should the government not have to.

  2. Adam

    It’s about marketing lies Mark.

    Say that I am a fraudulent person looking to make money out of the misery of poor people in Haiti or a very devastated part of the world.

    I have a very good cause and I always need more money but no one knows that I am keeping 85% for my self.

    For the media Health Care is the cause and it can not be cut but if they would take the time to do a little investigating reporting instead of feeding the political apparatus every one would realize what is realty going on.

    The so call cuts are all political theater. When it all done divide them by 10 tears and most will probably take effect after the election. Its nothing more than “Kick the can” economy again.

    Ron Paul is the exception and I admire his courage.

    1. Mark Biernat

      It is lies upon lies and it is unfair. What amazes me why so many people have not yet with the power of their vote cast objection to this type of behavior. We will see in 2012 what will happen and if it will matter. What do you personally think the direction of the voters will go? What will happen?

  3. Adam

    Sorry 10 tears = years “Kick the can”.

  4. Adam


    I think that there can not be freedom when democracy is at the service of power. It becomes a contradiction and a self defeating mechanism for voters to exercise there voting right since they end-up voting against there own best interest supporting the very same elite that are leading them progressively toward servitude.

    I am afraid that for to many politicians voters have become “Useful idiots”

    As you know originally democracy’s goal in America was carefully crafted on its capacity to protect freedom and avoid a tyrannical form of Government and also to avoid what some have called mob rule.

    Until and unless democracy becomes conductive to freedom most countries are going borrow them self in to certain insolvency no matter what taxation system they use.

    At times, I wonder if democracy has not become the enemy of freedom.

    You are correct is saying that it is amazing that “so many people have not with the power of their vote cast objection to this type of behavior.”

    That is perhaps because there is no space for “non of the above”

    Note that for a country that insist so much on democracy around the world the voting participation is only about 51%. So in fact the president of the most powerful democratic country in the world is elected by about 25% of the population.

    Despite all this I am energized by a few candidates such as Ron Paul (I do not agree on every thing he proposes) but over all this man is a refreshing change from the traditional big Government message ether from the Left and Right that has confused the electors and dilute the original idea of America.

    1. Mark Biernat

      When people make points like you have, many people dismiss it. I do not know why? Maybe they have not taken the time to read about political economy, US history or explore ideas with critical thinking.

      But what you right is is true. It is not alarmist or conspiracy theory. It is something that people should be consider.

      Look, the whole reason we set up the United States it under the ideals of the enlightenment and the idea that if you allow people to make their own choices in life then happiness for the individual and society as a whole is maximized. Adam Smith, John Locke, Thomas Jefferson. Why do people not understand wat these guys were saying?

      You do not want to live in a society where the state slowly takes over or rapidly for that matter.

      It is oppressive and becomes elitist. Freedom is stifled and economic wealth becomes ironically unequally distributed.

      Again not to pull this card out but I live in a post socialist country. Do you think there was a middle class under socialism? No. Only elite and poor. The middle class came only with expanding freedom.

      When society does not care about losing their freedom it will be a hard road for that civilization. Look at Ancient Rome. Its greatness was built during the Republic, it fell during the empire. The USA is becoming Byzantine, and we know what happen to Byzantine and the Roman empire and things chance faster now. Constantinople or Washington DC?

      The USA will lose its power to react to global and local situations because it will lose its edge, which is a society that puts creativity, entrepreneurship and freedom over social benefits and special interests.

      As the election of 2012 approaches if freedom minded people can not score a major victory now, with 9.2 percent unemployment then most Americans will not wake up and the US will really start to become an oppressive empire.

      Ron Paul is might not be right on every issue but generally he is.
      What is so wrong with balancing the budget, defending the USA instead of having our troops in 135 countries in the world including German and Italy. What is so wrong with disallowing the government to try to micromanage he economy and big brother your personal freedoms in the name of the state?

      He clearly understands the issue that government needs to protect people’s freedom, not hassle citizens, tax productivity and creativity and invade people’s private lives. We are not an empire. We are suppose to the a beacon to the world as an example of a free society.

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