Why I do not Work

Why work?

Work to live not live to work. Do not work for a title or more material possession or you will be unhappy. I make a pittance but I am happy. I live in the US and go to school in Europe for a Ph.D. I teach at a college. I also tinker in entreprenural ventures.

There is a difference between work and toil. Toil is when you are not living your dream. Work is when your vocation and advocation are the same. So really this is to tell you do not get trapped in toil or a hustle job.

Corporate America

Imagine how in Europe centuries ago people use to work in another person’s field as a serf.  And the feudal lord or master would keep most of their produce. While they were allowed a humble home and pittance or allotment for themselves.  Hmm, sounds like the world of corporate feudalism today? Does it not?

No one will ever pay you what you are worth.

Remember that. In a capitalist economy, you will never get rich by working in another person’s field. The only way to be a freeman, that is to be a capitalist.  Therefore, I do not want to waste my time,  the stuff that life is made of, working in another man’s field for another man’s wife’s benefit (your boss’).

If I am as smart as I think, I am I would rather spend my free time applying my God-given talents to my own field. After all, my talents are only on loan to me from God. One day my real Master will return and I will stand before my Master and he will ask ‘Mark, what did you do with your life and the talents I loaned you, did you bury them?’

I want to say ‘I tried and failed’ or ‘I created something meaningful with the talents you lent me in this life’.  Ad Majorem de Glorium.

Rather, than say ‘I was a corporate feudal serf applying my talents for someone else’s glory or for the benefit of someone else’s wife.’

My work instead of corporate America

I write language software and programs and teach economics.

You may say, ah Mark I am not you, I do not know C#, PHP, CMS,  etc and I am not a master of Slavic languages like you.  I learned it at 45, by myself. 

God gives everyone a talent. 

And your talent is usually connected to what you like when you were a kid, before you grew up, rather than what you have been socialized to like.  What did you like when you were a kid? I liked Polish history and language.  Therefore, I made this my work. Ask yourself what you liked when you were a kid when you still believed.  This will set you free and maybe you will get some of your belief back.

Working as a corporate serf or working for a higher purpose

The focus of our endeavors should not be displayed with the vanity of our individual pursuits. But to create a lasting legacy which identifies each living individual’s purpose. Feudal systems was a management system of rules to limit the individual sole purpose for serving others. And a place where God’s power is hardly visible and where God’s name is truly used in vain. The gradualism of corporate America has incorporated itself with an open invitation for everyone to take part in a system that slowly reduces our God-given purpose in serving a few with their hedonistic needs. Enlightened people throughout history have always spoken up and resisted these values purely for its denial of human dignity.

One thing I’d like to make very clear is that life is continuous and for me, this means that opportunity and chances are consistently on the horizons of our choosing. Without seeking alternate paths we will till the same soil and never know of greener pastures denying us of enlightenment.

Let me how you feel about why I do not work?

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4 responses to “Why I do not Work”

  1. Tomek

    One correction – 100 years ago there was no such concept as Poland. Or better – was such concept but was as immaterial as your software 🙂

    1. Mark Biernat

      Point well taken. Poland as a political entity did not exist. But there was always Poland. I mean technically there was not Ireland either. But the reality was a King’s map does not determine what is a nation. It is the people, language and culture.
      My software I am working on it. You know how complex software is. Sure you can create quick and easy things, but it can not complete. If you want to create something good it takes time.
      I was thinking of applying for EU funding etc, but I prefer to do it myself.
      I mean Stephen King has the bucks to hire people to ghost write his novels but he does not, because it is fun for him, more than work. And the novels would not be as hair raising.

  2. Tomek

    @Mark: You got me wrong – I meant that software was immaterial in general, and not that anything is wrong with yours 🙂

    1. Mark Biernat

      Thanks for the clarification, but I did not take offense either way.
      I guess you have the same view as I do. Better than working for a living, if you can, even with the headaches of the tax office etc, it is better to try to do something on your own.
      Most of the people I know who are owners make more than people who are workers. Nothing wrong with being a worker, I was for many years, it is not as profitable though.

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