Why should I Vote

Why should I vote? Is it important to vote?  My view on this is simple if you don’t vote my vote counts more. So really the purpose of this post is not to encourage you to vote, in fact, ironically I prefer you don’t vote.

My view on voting and politics

Therefore, my world view will come closer to reality if you do not vote.  Are you sure you want this?  Therefore, I recommend you look over my blog on political economy and decide if you support the same ideas that I do. If you do, exactly the same ideas, then and only then do suggest you vote.

Voting is all about awareness

Of course, I’m being ironic here, and the purpose of this blog post is really to encourage you to vote. Even if you don’t have the same views I do, the act of thinking about, and being aware of the issues will make you a better person in a humanistic sense.

My background is in economics, as I have a master’s degree in this subject. My wife has a master’s degree in political science. And believe it or not, together we have pretty similar views. We’re married and we live I would consider a normal middle-class life. The reason my blog is interesting is that its purpose is to raise awareness about specific political and economic issues which you personally can vote on.

Perhaps I’m idealistic, but I believe this political process of elections, democracy, and voting, this whole debate of the issues advances society and our civilization, even if we don’t come to an agreement.

And therefore, it gets me back to my original point that is many people think why do I need to vote? My answer is because the process of exploring and thinking about the ideas involved in the current political process and our society will make you a better human being. It will make you more aware of others they share the country with, and different solutions for your own life.

In conclusion, what I am saying is yes it does matter who is elected, but in a democracy, it’s more the process and the debate that advances the society more than the result of the election. This is because even politicians change their mind, and their direction once they are elected.

In fact, this seems to be more the rule than the exception. Politicians change their minds because society as a whole changes their mind. And maybe with time, the minds of our current leaders, who are nothing more than the reflection of our collective unconsciousness will change.

If our leaders are truly a reflection of our collective unconsciousness, and they might be, then we should focus more on changing ourselves and raising society’s awareness then worrying about who is elected so much.

The question why should I vote? is answered.  It is an awareness thing more than a result thing.  For a Republican, many of you are saying this is not possible, but I am a Republican.

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3 responses to “Why should I Vote”

  1. JoSe

    You have to vote because, if you don’t vote against him this clown will be our President for four more years and it will destroy our country. I am glad the illegals can’t vote because then he would win by a landslide since he would pay them back by letting the parents stay too. Oh, they are already here since the first day they arrived, so they will stay here forever and work, and get paid cash under the table. Isn’t America wonderful or is it Obama.

  2. Camille Huntley

    Number one reason to vote is to hopefully get Obama out. Yes, I do wish there was an other choice, but there isn’t one that can defeat Obama at this point except Romney. Unless you are satisfied with the status quo, then by all means please don’t vote, because it will make my vote that much greater.

  3. JoSe

    Well, he won and we have to accept is as we did four years ago. This time maybe he’ll do something for us ( the true Americans ), but don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen because it’s not going to occur. He is there for the lazy poor, all the illegals and for himself, and no one else.

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