Working long hours

Working long hours is stupid

If you are working 12 hour days, quit your job. Why? The only way you will ever do anything more than tread water in a capitalist economy, is by being capitalist yourself.  Not working for another man, not working for another man’s bonus and in essence for another man’s wife.

Many people take pride in working long hours. I did. Saying “I work 16 hour days” or “I work nights and weekends” is like a “red badge of courage”. It is a sign that you are a corporate warrior and willing to make sacrifices for the company in corporate America.  While the truth is corporate America sucks. People do not care or remember you, except usually in a bad way.  Your job can potentially make you a bad person.

Working 16 hours or 12 hours  a day and night and weekends will destroy you

First and foremost you hurt your family.  Your children need you.  They do not need money for college, they need you.  IQ is determined from 0 to 8 and emotional stability from 8 to 18.  After that, to teach an old dog new tricks is an uphill battle.  So forget about sending your kid to an Ivy league school, spend time when they are young.

What about your wife or husband.  You promised this person to spend your life with them. Spending your life with them does not mean nights and weekend.

What about your health.  You will be in for a short one if you work too much. And remember:

Life is short and your dead a long time.

Who am I to preach about corporate America and work

I stay at home with my family and work from home. I found a way. I used to work for the best companies in America, and of course earning more than $100,000 a year.

What more important job can there be in the world than having a happy family.  I am not rich. I am poor.  I make a few thousand dollars a year, under 10k.  But have the courage of your convictions. With time, I hope,  I will make more than I ever did working for a living. I will do it honestly and by working smart, with my family by my side.  But even if I do not, so what.  No corporate stock option could reward me as I am being rewarded now.

What are the options to working long hours

Well, the first thing people say is ‘sell something’ or ‘start your own business’.  How does it make you feel? Fired up, but that advice also leaves you empty. And forget typing in ‘make money online’ etc. Learn a lesson from Adam Smith. Modern advise experts often can not compare to classical books.

Adam Smith’s lesson on how not to work 12 hour days

Adam Smith was not Ann Rand.  Ann Rand touted the virtue of being selfish. Adam Smith said you work to serve others. Smith believed in value and virtue. Start with thinking, how can I help other people, by creating something of value. Start with thinking about what you loved when you were a child before corporate America forced you to work long hours.  Then say to yourself, how can I develop the skills and make the connections that will lead me to use my God-given intellectual capital for the best service to others.  If you think about value and service to others, rather than profit, you might have a rich life.  If you work for corporate America, please do not work long hours

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