5 signs of a bad President

This post is not about our current President and leader but any President Republican or Democrat that is a bad leader.  It is a post in general about what makes a bad President? What are the five guaranteed warning signs you have a bad president and leader?

  1. Increase taxes – “No nation was every taxed into prosperity” – Ronald Reagan. Taxes are simply a statement that bureaucrats know how to spend and invest your hard-earned money better than you. It is an inefficient transfer of money. The result is you wind up working for your neighbor’s wife, who wants to remodel her bathroom with government housing credits or none market loans (your money).
  2. Increase debt –  Government deficits and debts are nothing more than a heavy tax and burden on your children. But it actually something more.  The US debt affects you today because it crowds out of the private initiative in business, therefore, increases unemployment and decreases competitiveness.  Increased government spending is moving the US towards a collapse because fixed mandatory spending will exceed anything possible to fix. I am not a doomsayer, but this is collapse is as shown under various budget projections by the congressional budget office.
  3. Increase government waste – Government wastes more than private ownership. I know you are saying, this is not true, but the presidential stimulus plan includes such things as golf carts, massages, studies college girls causal encounter behavior while partying.
  4. Increase unemployment – Distortions in the market always lead to prolonged unemployment. If you prop up the economy with bailouts you do not let the markets work. You spend the money of hardworking people to prolong and exacerbate unemployment by allowing inefficient businesses to exist and crowd out the opportunity for new innovative people to create jobs. If you want unemployment to go down, let the markets work.
  5. Increase in blame – When a president and leader of a country says,  the last president or it is some greedy man or bank is the cause, this is blame. The real problem is not a person or scapegoat but actually, the government trying to micromanage the economy instead of letting the market punish and reward the bad and the good. If a bank is bad, let it fall, do not bail it out. On a large macro-scale economic problems are caused because of government mismanagement. Whether fiscal policy mismanagement by a  policy of tax and spend or monetary central bank policies by allowing easy credit to people and companies that were risky.  In the words of Ronald Reagan “Government is the problem”.

Markets work because they are run by normal people like you and me. That is the aggregate action of our behavior is the market. This is a democracy and a free market. There are wisdom and safety in the collective minds of individuals acting freely, that is greater than the wisdom of a leader trying to manage the economy from above.  Economies fail because of government leadership under a bad President.

A bad President and government micromanages the economy

This current economic crisis was caused by easy credit from the government central bank and government agencies like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and fiscal policies (and transfer of toxic debt from private to public hands) deepened and prolonged it. The Government should not be in the business of microeconomic management. Rather the government should protect the liberty of the people of a country against foreign and domestic threats to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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On a large macro scale economic problems are caused because government mismanagement. Whether fiscal policy mismanagement by a  policy of tax and spend or monetary policies through polices of easy credit to people and companies that were risky.  In the words of Ronald Reagan “Government is the problem”.  Markets work.  When you reduce the burden of government and the government micro or macro management of the economy, markets return back to natural equilibrium.

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10 responses to “5 signs of a bad President”

  1. steve

    Looks like Bush fit this test. stop being Brainwashed by Fox, Limbaugh and Hannity.

    1. Mark Biernat

      I do not live in the USA so I do not watch or listen to what you reference. Please state your ideas is a clear way so we can debate this objectively rather than just comments that have no basis.

    2. Jody

      And to Steve’s comment, go back and read #5. All Obama supporters ever talk about is Bush. Why don’t you talk about Obama? Tell us why he is so great, I’d love to hear why you think this man should be re-elected. Its always somebody else’s fault, but I’m so tired of hearing about Bush. It was over 31/2 years ago. So you have 4 years to turn it all around, hope and change, what a poltical joke. What has Barack Obama done since taking office?

    3. rick

      I agree. For some reason Democrats think Republicans agree with bush This is not the case I believe that bush was warm a Democrat and republican! I did not agree with the bush policies one example would be the war in Iraq, I would have went to protect a the people Saddam Hussein gassed 300,000 people, I know liberals want to protect from geniside. Obama’s war on well is a rooms. Even if he were to get a tax increases on people making over $250,000 to hear that. Only produce 250 billion dollars a year the Democrats know. This will come no where near making up the difference on a budget.

      1. Steve

        @Rick- Did you graduate from high school? Learn to spell for goodness sake, Your post is barely readable and does not make sense. You believe Bush was a warm Democrat and Republican? What is Obama’s war on wells about? I’m in favor of some forms of genocide. I would favor ignoring people who are essentially too unintelligent to be allowed to express an opinion.

        1. Jay Holand

          First of all Obama refused to do what is needed to fix this mess who ever caused it. He wants to paint pretty pictures. Reagan is a perfect example of the right way. History proves this. The country is buried in dept. Our credit rating is down, unemployment is worse that before his election. Growth is a pitiful 1.3 percent. He squandered billions on worthless “energy jobs” He can’t take responsibility for anything. He’s a liar, He depends on the ignorance of people like you that refuse to acknowledge the obvious, Your pet monster is ruining this country. I’ve said this before The social dependant, ignorant, uneducated, or those that lack life experience will vote for him again.

  2. Tom

    Excellent articles and web site. The 101 reasons are now 201

    Please consider writing a new article/

    How to pick a president, top 10 things to consider.

    What is most important in picking a president. Is it character, experience, personality, individual issues etc.
    To many people treat picking the president like picking a football game, emotionally. If there were a specific guide, maybe more people could rationally and wisely choose better.

    Tom Barrera
    Romney supporter

    1. Mark Biernat

      This next election, is a serious turning point for the USA. The USA has tried Keynesian economics as an alternative to free market economics. That is has state manipulation or fine turning of the economy been sold and is electable for the American people. A vote for Obama is a vote to blow the dust off of the John Maynard Keynes books which recommends the government needs to prime the pump to get Americans working again. I vote for Romney means Americans can do it themselves with their own initiative. I believe the latter.
      Romney is tending to be more fiscal conservative, however, I wish he would pay some attention to the role of the Federal Reserve. Government growth slows the real sector but the Fed sure causes nasty boom must cycles that have real impact on the economy.
      At this juncture I think I will vote for Romney. He is free market and of good moral character. Obama is not amoral, but some of his views are not congruent with my understanding of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  3. David Rafael

    Wilson, Truman, Johnson, Carter… Obama

  4. Steve

    One Big Azz Mistake America

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