Why I am a Libertarian

The problem with political parties are they are an abstraction. Rene Descartes wrote ‘ every abstraction is a distortion of the truth’.  Therefore, if you are like me you never fully felt comfortable wearing the hat of a Democrat or Republican.  A particular leader from one party might inspire you, but how often do Abraham… Continue reading Why I am a Libertarian

How to balance the US budget

The Heritage foundation has producted a video which explains in simple terms how to balance the US budget and how to return the US to growth and prosperity. Please watch it below as it is as entertaining as it is informative. I wish President Obama (debt man walking) would watch it. The US budget deficit… Continue reading How to balance the US budget

Government raw milk raids

As a political issue Raw milk raids by Federal officials may not seem that important. However, from a personal liberty, function of government issue, it is important. Further, it is  yet another waste of government resources to track down and arrest harmless US citizens and police your life. If we are not even free anymore… Continue reading Government raw milk raids