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  • States rights – Why the tenth amendment matters

    States rights – How Americans ignore the US constitution, the 10th Amendment, systematically lose their freedom, rights and liberty and apparently do not care Under the 10th Amendment States have the right to keep all power not specifically given to the US Federal government written in the US constitution. This idea was crafted into the […]

  • Is the income tax legal – Taxation immoral and Unconstitutional?

    I turn my ear up to a 45 degree angle to hear better when someone say “the income tax is unconstitutional or illegal”. I listen to their arguments, but they never convince me on legal grounds. Further, I find it curious when intelligent people do not file tax returns and get caught. Lastly I take […]

  • Who is to blame Wall Street or Washington?

    Who is to blame for the financial crisis and the US economic problems? Wall Street or Washington? The simple answer. Do not read some egg head NY times economist or some economist in Washington with fancy degrees and on a policy board or maybe even a Nobel prize. I will explain the situation, clear and […]

  • Why I am a Libertarian

    The problem with political parties are they are an abstraction. Rene Descartes wrote ‘ every abstraction is a distortion of the truth’.  Therefore, if you are like me you never fully felt comfortable wearing the hat of a Democrat or Republican.  A particular leader from one party might inspire you, but how often do Abraham […]

  • US foreign service jobs – questionable value of the US embassy workers

    Most US foreign service workers are glorified postal workers who are living out a fantasy of living abroad on the tax payers dime. I have been an expat for a good part of my life and every time I ever dealt with an US consulate abroad it was nothing more than arrogance and paperwork. I […]

  • How to balance the US budget

    The Heritage foundation has producted a video which explains in simple terms how to balance the US budget and how to return the US to growth and prosperity. Please watch it below as it is as entertaining as it is informative. I wish President Obama (debt man walking) would watch it. The US budget deficit […]

  • Government raw milk raids

    As a political issue Raw milk raids by Federal officials may not seem that important. However, from a personal liberty, function of government issue, it is important. Further, it is  yet another waste of government resources to track down and arrest harmless US citizens and police your life. If we are not even free anymore […]

  • What is Washington, D.C. really like?

    I know this is a bit of a rant but the news of the US Federal budget is wearing on me, so here goes. I would never live in the Washington, D.C. area, our nations capital. Why? It is filled with, G-men, government workers, people feeding off the government and making careers off the Federal […]

  • Government spending and the Federal Debt are like thieves

    Debt driven government spending is like taking things off the shelve at the store and not having to pay for it. Well in some abstract theoretical sense the Federal government tax payers, do have to pay for the spending but since the debt is being pushed out  ad infinitum, then lets be honest we really […]

  • The war powers act – What’s up Mr. President?

    Rand Paul and five other US senators have asked in a letter to President Obama about: the statutory sixty-day period for you to terminate the use of the United States Armed Forces in Libya under the War Powers Resolution Further, it seems not matter that the President did not inform Congress about the use of […]